Intuitive Astrology: Virgo New Moon September 2020

virgo new moon astrology september 2020

The Virgo New Moon on September 17, is the first in a line up of three Super New Moons over the coming months. This trio of Super Moons then leads us into a Total Solar New Moon Eclipse come December, which will activate and open a portal to a bright new beginning.

New Moons are the start of a lunar cycle, so this line up of Super New Moons crescendoing into a Solar Eclipse indicates that we are shifting into a new paradigm that will open on Eclipse day.

It seems all the transforming and breaking down of the old that we have been doing this year so far is finally paving the way for something new to emerge.

On this September New Moon, we also experience what is known as a Moon Wobble. This is when the Moon aligns in a 90-degree angle to the lunar nodes. Essentially, this is a time of heightened energy and as the name suggests, we can feel thrown off balance and a little “wobbly.”

Moon Wobbles indicate powerful inner growth and spiritual awakening, but in order to achieve this they can make us feel a little uncertain or unstable.

2020 has already brought a lot of instability, so maybe we are used to it at this point! But this is something the September New Moon may heighten.

With Mars also in retrograde, we may see people more likely to act on this feeling of instability and insecurity by lashing out with hostile words and actions.

While we may see this manifesting in our lives and on the world stage, know that we don’t need to hold our vibration here. Instead, we can shift our awareness out of the tension and hostility that is happening around us and choose to focus on holding the light.

When there is panic and fear around us, it is easy to get sucked in, but it helps to remember that we are not just human, we are also divine beings that are connected to an infinite stream of love, light, and protection.

This divine self is untouchable. No harm can come to it, nothing can break it down. It is eternal and it is forever, and the only tune it vibrates to is love.

This part of ourselves is the Higher Self or the Oversoul- and no matter what happens to us in life or what dark moments we go through, it remains untouched and always connected to love and peace.

By remembering this divine essence that lives within us all, we can raise our vibration, and by raising our vibration we can lift this planet to higher states of consciousness. The highly creative energy around this Super New Moon will be boosting our efforts and assisting us in this process.

Through our personal vibration, we can use this lunar energy to either add to the anger and chaos or add to the light and love. It is through our personal vibration that we hold the power.

So, remember this as you journey through the months ahead. Try your best to turn away from the anger, the division, and the hate, and instead keep holding the love, the unity, and the oneness.

Keep your attention focused on what you want to attract and create in your life, and try not to get distracted by the fear and noise of the outside world.

Hold close to your heart that you are love, you came from love, and you will return to love. Hold close the knowing that things are going to get better.

Virgo is the sign of the healer. Its energy beckons us to welcome the healing power of nature into our lives, through the food we eat or through spending time surrounded by forests and oceans.

Under this New Moon, embrace the healing power of nature, herbal medicines, and plant foods to restore and recharge your energy field.

Virgo also rules over the digestive system, so try to nourish your belly with massages, yoga, and healthy home-cooking. When our gut is clear and healthy, we feel energized and our mind feels clear.

Our digestive system helps us not just process and assimilate the food we eat but also the energies and events that we experience.

What events or situations have unfolded in your life that you need to process and digest?

Just like our digestion can become sluggish from a poor diet, we too have to learn to process and digest our emotions so they don’t fester and cause energy blockages.

We also need to ensure that we are taking the time to process and digest our emotions and the events we find ourselves in, rather than rushing to eliminate them.

Connect with the health of your digestive system and see how it may relate to your emotions or what you are currently going through.

What are you holding on to? What are you having a hard time processing, digesting, and eliminating on an emotional level?

Use this Virgo New Moon energy to support your mind and body. Get out of repetitive or insecure thinking, and into a place of stillness, trust, and knowing.

You are so much stronger than you realize. You know the way forward more than you are letting on. You know what to do. Trust yourself.

Virgo is represented by the virgin- a strong, independent person who knows what they want and doesn’t need to answer to anyone. When the virgin connects with its independence and inner strength, it connects with its fullest potential.

All the resources you need are within, for you have already worked so hard for this moment.

Under this September Super New Moon, under the influence of the wobble and Mars Retrograde, know you are protected.

Know you can choose what to focus your attention on. Know that you have the power to keep holding the light, not just for yourself but the entire planet.

New Moon Ritual is here

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