Abundance Oracle Reading: Libra Lunar Cycle 2020

abundance oracle libra 2020

This article is written by Sarupa Shah, a spiritual business mentor, channel for Spirit, and the creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Discover more here or find her on Instagram.

When I first created the Abundance Oracle Cards blueprint, I looked at what I had written and saw seven principles each relating to an element: Earth, Water, Fire, Air.

The study of elements is part of the universal mystery school teaching and includes nature and the planet. The saying: “We are one” refers to the fact that we are born of the elements and they exist within as they exist ‘out’.

Here, in 2020, the year that changes the world as we know it, there is no going back to the world that was, at least not if we are collaborating with the current cosmic energies.

This is the year that has challenged everything, from the simplest day-to-day to the bigger questions like – Who am I? Where do I belong? What is my purpose? The soul purpose I was born with, not the purpose I have thought of and asked the Universe to collaborate with me on. The last piece being the most difficult to accept and work with.

Other ‘misbalancing’ traits of the old world, which by no means are resolved or dissolved are, logic before intuition; over-giving and not being open to receiving, and secretly expecting rewards for sacrifice to be plenty and abundant.

The focus of materiality before Spirit, and matter as a measure of light are also part of the old world illusions.

None of that is balance. It all goes against the magic of Libra, which is all about balance and harmony.

This New Moon as you journey with the lunar cycle, Libra invites you to achieve new balance and harmony from within.

I have a sneaky feeling that the invitation is less if you please and more you are going to meet where you hold imbalance and be shown so you can resolve it.

One of the ideas that sustains this imbalance is that there is something spiritual or unspiritual about money and my question to you is: where in you does that sit?

How does it play out, and how can you bring balance to the out-of-balance thoughts and ideas about money on this New Moon?

Your Abundance Oracle Card Reading

Libra is an Air element. Air is associated with the mind, with our thoughts, and ideas.

When what we believe and think lead us, there is no room for intuition. When we continue to believe we are what we think before we are soul, we stay stuck in the concrete mind.

When you look at Air with a spiritual perspective the invitation is to connect to the Universal mind.

This month I picked 3 Air cards at random for us to work. Work with each card and it will support you to step into a new alignment with the cosmic energy and into the invitations that this lunar cycle brings.

No. 19 Allowing Abundance, Element Air

As the planet has a grid of energy, the Universe does too. I see the grid as an etheric energy matrix.

This card suggests that as you connect to your heart and soul, ask to also connect to the Universe’s abundance grid.

You don’t have to see it or feel it; just trust it is so and ask the energy to travel from this grid through you, entering at your crown chakra.

Making this a regular practice creates balance.

No. 18 Allowing Abundance, Element Air

This card, while clear in its action, made me smile with a deep certainty of the benevolence that is the Universe and Spirit.

It has come for us this month as we are being asked to change the basics of how we think and how we have let our thoughts control us and trap us in a place of separation from abundance (the light).

The times we are traveling in are chaotic, bringing up so many thoughts all manifesting as noise and once again leaving us in the concrete mind, where we miss the door to the Universal mind.

This card, and why I smiled as I saw it, is asking us through journaling to think differently and change our perception about our self.

The saying is: “if it’s to be, it begins with me” – we can’t build a new world or expect others to build the world we want if we don’t build it within!

Make a regular practice with this card this lunar month.

No. 20 Allowing Abundance, Element Air

The Air element has its own piece of magic: imagination.

This card fits beautifully with Card 18 and invites us to take abundant action. What would your action be today?

I would love for you to share in the comments – what a stream of inspiration we could create!

It’s a deep cycle we are entering, and this year it seems best to expect nothing else but the opportunity to resolve and align to the magic of the Universe like never before, and the Libra New Moon is another piece in the new tapestry we can weave.

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