Aquarius Season Horoscopes January -February 2023

aquarius season horoscopes january february 2023

Aquarius Season 2023, which runs from January 20-February 18, holds a slightly different energy than the years before it.

Back in December 2020, Saturn entered Aquarius, coloring how we integrate the energies of this air sign. Essentially, for the last two years under the Aquarius Sun, we would have felt the sometimes heavy presence of Saturn.

Known as the Lord of Karma, Saturn works to ensure we take responsibility for every choice, every action, every emotion, and every word we speak.

Saturn is a rule follower and wants to make sure we are following the rules, not just of society but also of our own soul contract.

Saturn brings challenges to get us there but also plenty of rewards, and this is something we may have felt amplified during the Sun’s visit in Aquarius.

In Aquarius Season 2023, we start to get a different flavor as Saturn, who is hovering close to the final degrees of this air sign, begins wrapping up any lessons and delivering gifts instead.

As the Lord of Karma, Saturn sees to it that we are taking responsibility for our lives, but also receiving the gifts and rewards that we deserve.

Through Aquarius Season 2023, turn your attention to gratitude. Try to find the goodness, hope, and lightness in the journey you have traveled. And stay open to the rewards Saturn brings your way as it tours the final degrees of Aquarius.

Working with Aquarius Energy

Aquarius is ruled by the water bearer, a symbol that denotes healing and community. The water bearer has the gift of collecting water (which represents our collective emotions and psyche) in its vessel and clearing it using the power of the breath before returning it down to earth.

This act of clearing using the power of the breath or air, is on offer to all of us throughout Aquarius Season. We too, can become our own water bearer by collecting our own emotions and psychic energy and clearing it using the harmonizing power of our breath.

By clearing and cleansing, we not only support ourselves, but also our greater community which is another symbol of Aquarian energy.

Aquarius is all about creating harmonious, healthy communities. The much talked about Age of Aquarius, is a time when we all live in harmony with one another in supportive and well-structured communities that are focused on caring for and enhancing the lives of everyone around us.

The Age of Aquarius may feel like a faraway dream, but as the Sun moves here and especially as Saturn prepares to leave, we can be reminded to create elements of this in our own lives.

Aquarius is also the sign of technology, and rules over innovation and thinking outside of the box to advance our lifestyles. There is strong support when the Sun moves here to innovate and create, especially if it involves technology.

Main Astrological Events in Aquarius Season 2023

Aquarius Season 2023 is also special, as all major planets will be moving direct from January 22/23 onwards. This is going to create some great forward-moving momentum. All the projects, tasks, and thought processes that had felt stuck or sluggish are going to get a boost, helping us to create a shift.

With all planets moving direct, things can happen quickly, and opportunities can present themselves with greater ease. It is a great time to take action on the things that we want to get off the ground and achieve in 2023.

The Aquarius New Moon that falls shortly as Aquarius Season begins on January 21, also brings waves of fresh energy and is the start of the lunar new year. Falling at 1 degree of Aquarius, this New Moon holds powerful vibrations for manifestation work.

The Leo Full Moon that follows on February 5, holds a bold yet light energy, encouraging us to find our playfulness. There is beautiful healing energy on offer under this Full Moon too, as it calls for us to release and clear away all that is no longer needed.

This Full Moon is the first in the lunar year, reminding us to shake away all the old thoughts and beliefs that have kept us playing small. As it falls in the sign of Leo, we can use this Full Moon energy to reclaim our own inner lion and to move from the heart.

Let’s now take a look at your horoscope for Aquarius Season January 20- February 18, 2023. You can read for your Sun, Rising, or Moon sign.

Aquarius Season Horoscopes January 20 – February 18, 2023


The Aquarius New Moon on January 21, opens the door to the lunar new year, bringing waves of fresh, restorative energy. This is a fantastic New Moon to get clear about your goals for the month ahead and what you wish to focus on. With your ruling planet, Mars, now traveling direct, you may naturally experience a boost in energy and sharper mental clarity. If you have suspected something going on behind the scenes, it is likely to come into full view in Aquarius Season, allowing you to know the truth of where you stand. With no major planets in retrograde through almost all of Aquarius Season, this is a fantastic time to push forward on goals and projects you have wanted to get off the ground. If you are working on a project that has stalled, the Aquarius Season energies will be on your side, helping to move things along quickly. You may wish to be prepared, for all that work and effort you have been putting into things may finally start gaining traction and result in many new opportunities coming your way! The Leo Full Moon on February 5 moves in harmony with your fiery nature. There is strong healing energy attached to this Full Moon, especially around matters of the heart. If you have been dealing with some issues that have been tugging at your heart-strings, this Full Moon may amplify things for you. Full Moons usually bring an opportunity to release and let go, so if there is something – or someone- you need to say goodbye to, this Full Moon may present the opportunity. It may also just be that you find yourself saying goodbye to outworn attitudes and beliefs surrounding your relationships or matters of the heart. This Full Moon energy can also create heart activations, allowing you to strengthen your heart-soul connection. Someone special may also just wander into your life. Stay open to opportunities!


Things have been moving at a slow pace these last few months, but perhaps this hasn’t been a bad thing. Hopefully, you have found some time to rest and recharge your batteries as things are about to kick into new gear. Under the Aquarius New Moon on January 21, a burst of new energy will filter in, guiding you to bring fresh energy into your life. Use this New Moon to set intentions for the month ahead, and to think about what seeds you wish to grow in your garden. If there is a project you would like to get off the ground, this New Moon will be on your side, sending waves of support your way. This New Moon is especially sending some supportive vibrations your way when it comes to your career. If that is important to you, really use this New Moon energy to make headway in your professional life. The Universe will be on your side to take some leaps of faith and to really put yourself out there. Shortly after this New Moon, Uranus, which is currently in your sign, stations direct, leaving its retrograde journey. With Uranus in your sign, you are moving through some deep changes. Uranus will be in your sign until 2026, and during these next few years, you will be called in different ways and varying degrees to shift, awaken, and welcome the waves of change. Uranus has been in your sign since 2018. If you are born early in Taurus Season, you may have already noticed these changes and awakenings taking place since this time. With Uranus now traveling direct, it leaves us with zero major planets in retrograde. We get a brief window of time where this happens each year, and now is our opportunity. With all planets moving direct, there is fantastic cosmic support on your side, guiding you to move forward when it comes to your own projects, dreams, and goals. With all this planetary energy moving forward, you can also feel sharper mentality and find it easier to make decisions. Things you have felt unsure about or have been indecisive about can suddenly feel clearer. With all this forward-moving energy, you may even get a boost of energy. As we move into February, we are greeted with the Leo Full Moon on the 5th. This Full Moon carries some heart-centered energies, reminding us to connect and work with our hearts. Your ruling planet, Venus, will station retrograde later in the year in the sign of Leo, so this Full Moon may give you a taste of what’s to come. It’s likely whatever heart issues are stirred under this Full Moon may come back around for a visit during Venus’ retrograde later in the year in July.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, has just left its retrograde on January 18 and is now returning to its former strength and speed. Having your ruling planet on your side can bring some clarity your way, and help you to release any brain fog that may have been circling. Mars is also traveling direct now, which will double the relief. Mars has spent a really long time in Gemini, and has been helping you to realign your motivations and to think about how you are choosing to spend your energy. Mars may have also brought some fears to the surface, encouraging you to face them head-on. You may be at a point now where you no longer feel limited by your fears. You may also have a greater awareness of how your fears may be preventing you from living life to the fullest. The Leo Full Moon on February 5th is going to illuminate things for you. If you have had a lot of things feel like they are in the shadows, or a lot of uncertainty, this Full Moon will be like a beacon of light, radiating everything that is important to focus on. It is also a powerful Full Moon for any writing or communication projects. If you have been waiting for a good publish date, this could be it! Before this Full Moon, we also have the corresponding New Moon, which falls in Aquarius on January 21st. This is a beautiful New Moon that brings the start of the lunar new year, and waves of fresh, inspirational energy. You may find yourself shifting into a new state of mind under this New Moon. It will help to clear out any old thoughts or stagnant pathways of thinking that have kept you anxious or restricted. This really is a good New Moon to spend some time in reflection. Turn to your journal and get out all you are feeling on paper. With everything emptied on the paper, you will have space to receive the new gifts the Universe brings your way.


in 2023, you are really destined to step further into your truth and who you were born to be. There is this sense that your life is shifting, but this shift is really a result of you stepping into more of who you truly are. The Aquarius New Moon on January 21, brings the first strong wave of this shift. There is fresh energy attached to this New Moon that will help you to realign your priorities and to focus on what is truly important. You may find your motivations shifting, or perhaps you may have to let go of some outdated dreams and goals that no longer serve you. This New Moon is your opportunity to get clear with what you want and what you wish to be spending your energy on. With all planets moving direct from the 22/23 (this will depend on your timezone) onwards, there is great energy for getting things done and crossing things off your to-do list. This is a great time to focus on projects around the home that need to be done. With this cosmic support on your side, you will find it easier to move through your checklist. As we move into February, we are greeted with the Leo Full Moon on the 5th. This is a highly emotional Full Moon, but there is a strong potential here for the emotion you are filled with to be joy! Expect some good news around this Full Moon. It seems there will be a happy memory or event that you can celebrate. Full Moons represent a point of culmination, so you may find yourself harvesting the rewards of all the things you have been planting in your garden!


Aquarius sits opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac, so you are always going flow in harmony when Aquarius Season comes to call. With Aquarius opposite you, that means Saturn has been sitting opposite you too. With Saturn directly across the pond, you may have felt its presence stronger than most. From December 2020 onwards, Saturn may have indirectly been sending you signs, especially if you have not been taking responsibility for your actions and the direction of your life. While Saturn is not in your territory, it has been watching and sending nudges your way. This makes Saturn sound quite ominous, but really it’s not! Its energy is a gift to help us stay in alignment with our true selves and higher path. Saturn wants us to honor the human journey we are on but also the spiritual journey too. If your life has needed a shake-up or some readjusting, the Aquarius New Moon on January 21 will be on your side, helping you to think about new things you wish to call into your heart and environment. There will be a turning point for you under this New Moon, so embrace the shift! The Leo Full Moon on February 5th is the next major cosmic event of the season, and of course, this Full Moon falls in your sign! Ancient astrologers believed that when the Full Moon falls in your sign, it unlocks your pineal gland, the seat of your soul, and higher consciousness. You may feel more awakened, alert, and in connection with your intuition under this Full Moon. This is a great Full Moon for ritual work, to strengthen your spiritual connection, and to focus on your spirit body. There is also wonderful healing energy around this Full Moon that is connected to the heart, so invite heart-healing energy into your being, and feel the soothing it brings.


Aquarius Season is a time for you to get clear about your goals, dreams, and wishes and what you wish to focus on for the months ahead. With Mars and your ruling planet, Mercury, now traveling in direct motion, you should find it easier to know what you want and easier to make decisions. The Aquarius New Moon on January 21, will be your chance to get clear about what you wish to call into your life. It is a great New Moon to sit yourself down and check in with the direction you are traveling and what you wish to manifest for your future. If you need help or need to relieve some of the load you are carrying, this New Moon is also your time to delegate or release control. As we move into February, we have the Leo Full Moon, which peaks on the 5th. This Leo Full Moon is a reminder to stop taking yourself so seriously. If you need some play and lightness in your life, it will be easy to find under this Full Moon. All through Aquarius Season, there is some beautiful healing energy on offer too, which will be highlighted not just under the Full Moon but the New Moon as well. If you have been on a healing journey, this Aquarius Season will be a pivotal time for you, and one that will guide and support you to access your own innate healing gifts. Healing can look different for everyone, so release any notions of what healing needs to look like, and embrace what is. Chariklo, the asteroid of Spirit Medicine, is very active under the Aquarius Sun too, reminding us of the healing power nature can offer. Spending time in nature and turning to herbal medicines may be beneficial for you at this time too. Aquarius has always been an out-of-the-box sign, so use this energy to think differently about your healing journey, it may just inspire new avenues and new paths to healing you may not have considered before.


Aquarius Season brings some sweet energies your way. As a fellow air sign, you are always going to move in harmony with this time of year. As we begin Aquarius Season, we have this powerful New Moon on January 21st. There are some beautiful, fresh energies under this New Moon encouraging you to focus on what you would like to bring into your life. This New Moon also brings the start of the lunar new year, making it extra supportive when it comes to manifesting goals and dreams. Manifesting can sometimes be confusing. Yes, we are co-creators of the Universe who have the power to draw things to us. But the keyword many people miss is that we are co-creators. We are working in harmony with the Divine order, as well as the order of society and the collective. We also have a soul contract we wrote before coming here, and sometimes what we want to manifest is just not aligned with that. While it is powerful to set intentions, craft a vision board, and to call in what we desire, there needs to be a certain openness and non-attachment. We need to express our wishes, but allow the Universe to deliver them in perfect timing and in a way that is for our highest good. Sometimes what the Universe has in store for us is even better than anything we can pin to our vision board! So keep this in mind with anything you want to manifest. State it, get clear with it, focus on how you want to feel, and then leave the rest to the Universe. With all planets moving in direct motion during Aquarius Season, you may notice a boost to your feelings of motivation and energy levels. The Leo Full Moon on February 5th is also highly energizing and can make you feel a little adventurous and playful. If you have been needing a break or some play in your life, this Full Moon will be your reminder to activate that emotional space. There are also some heart-healing energies attached to this Full Moon, so if something heavy does come, see if you can find a way to stay in your lightness and remember that all things are temporary.


2022 would have brought some significant changes and shifts for you thanks to the Eclipses that fell in your sign. Although 2023 brings more Eclipses in your sign, their energy is not as intense, so it’s safe to say that most of the transformative work has been completed. At the tail end of transformation however, the true magic occurs. You are in this magic now, so be patient and know you will eventually find your feet. The clouds will part, and greater clarity will return. During Aquarius Season, you should feel a little boost of energy. The Sun will shine a little brighter in your corner, helping you to get excited about the possibilities of what is next. The Aquarius New Moon on January 21st, is a fantastic time to get clear about your direction for the next month or so. What do you want to focus on? How do you wish to use your energy? With so much fresh energy moving through under this New Moon, be sure to integrate it into your being. If it helps, take some action by clearing out the closets, reorganizing your room, or taking steps to bring something new into your world. The Aquarius New Moon also brings the start of the Lunar New Year, amplifying the fresh energies that the Universe is offering. As we move into February, we are greeted with the Leo Full Moon on the 5th. There are some strong heart-healing energies attached to this Full Moon, and you may be feeling a little emotional because of this. This Full Moon is your invitation to clear away all that blocks you from receiving the fullness of love that you are and that you deserve. You may have to clear away a relationship or belief that is preventing you from feeling completely loved. Returning to self-love at this time will also be healing for you. Make it a priority to do something that fills up your own cup and reminds you what makes you happy to be alive.


There has been strong reflective energy in the cosmic skies recently. While this reflective energy was guiding us to look back over the past and to review and assess our past actions, it also could have created some stagnancy. If you have been feeling a little stuck or stagnant, Aquarius Season is destined to bring a shift. Waves of fresh energy will flow in, especially under the Aquarius New Moon, which peaks on January 21. This New Moon also brings the start of the lunar new year, so its potential for planting seeds is magnified. Use this energy to set intentions and get clear about what you wish to call into your life. It’s a good time to sit down with yourself and figure out what you wish to spend your time and energy on. If things have been zapping or draining your energy, you may also feel the motivation that’s needed to make the necessary changes. Following this New Moon, Uranus stations direct on January 22, which means we have no major planets in retrograde! The fog will really lift, and momentum will begin shifting forward. This is some of the best, forward-moving energy we will have all year, so use it to your advantage. Whenever we have strong forward-moving energy like this, it’s a great idea to tackle all of those important projects and to make headway on any goals or dreams you would like to fulfill. The nice thing about all this forward-moving energy is that it will help us to feel mentally clear too. Making decisions and knowing the right way forward will come easily to us. As we move into February, we are greeted with the Leo Full Moon on the 5th. This Full Moon carries some heart-healing energies, but you can also use it to expand your mind. If you have wanted to learn something or teach something, this Full Moon carries some great inspiration. This Full Moon is also good for travel, so plan that trip!


The Sun has just left your corner of the zodiac, and perhaps you are missing the warmth of its rays! As the Sun leaves your sign, you may find a new sense of clarity filtering through. Sometimes the Sun’s rays can be too blinding, but under the Aquarius Sun, you may find your full vision returning. This is not just about seeing in the outside world but also your inside world. If you have been looking for clarity on something, especially when it comes to your health or general well-being, you may just receive the answers you have been looking for. The Aquarius New Moon on January 21, brings waves of fresh energy that will feel like a welcomed relief! This fresh energy will be powerful for setting intentions and getting clear on the goals you wish to set for the months ahead. Along with some fantastic manifestation potential, this New Moon will also be highlighting your finances, and perhaps helping you to create some additional abundance or wealth. If you need to get your finances in order, this is a good New Moon for making progress. In fact, if you need to cross anything off your to-do list, the encouraging waves of this New Moon will be a helpful support! Shortly after this New Moon, all the major planets in the cosmic skies are traveling direct, creating a wonderful force field of forward moving energy. This is a rare window that will be short-lived, so use it to plant seeds and focus on projects that are important to you. As we move into February, we have the Leo Full Moon on the 5th. This Full Moon carries some heavy energy for you, and may stir some uncomfortable thoughts or feelings. You may find yourself needing to dig deep to really understand and process all that is coming up for you. Leo energy does hold some lightness, so connect with this if needed. Leo is also ruled by the heart, so following your heart and connecting with your heart is going to work in your favor here too.


Happy Birthday! Welcome to your Season! When the Sun moves into your corner of the zodiac, you are bathed in its nourishing and restorative rays! I hope throughout your zodiac season, you are able to feel this and to welcome the warmth of the Sun straight into your soul! As you have had Saturn in your sign since December 2020, it’s likely you have been moving through some challenges, but with Saturn now at the tail end of your sign, it’s time to receive the rewards! All of the karmic rewards you deserve are now going to be offered to you, and you will see the results of all your hard work. Stay open to what the Universe brings your way. Saturn helps us to reach higher destinations than we could have imagined, so enjoy the view! The Aquarius New Moon on January 21, brings some fantastic fresh energy your way. It is also the start of the lunar new year, so your ability to manifest is heightened at this time. Set some intentions and then leave it to the Universe to see what comes your way. This is a good New Moon to focus on your self-development and nourishing all the parts of yourself that may have been a little neglected over the course of the year. Shortly after this New Moon, Uranus stations direct, giving us zero major planets in retrograde! This is a rare window in the year where we have a strong flow of forward-moving energy that can boost our energy levels and drive our motivation. If there are things you want to get done, Aquarius Season will be your time to do it! If your birthday falls within two days either side of this New Moon, you are going to have a lot of this fresh energy on your side all year long. But, regardless of your birthday, use all this fresh, motivating energy to your advantage and see how it creates a solid foundation for the entire year ahead. In February, we have the Leo Full Moon on the 5th. This Full Moon connects us with our innate healing powers, something that you are naturally gifted with. You may find yourself needing to give healing to others under this Full Moon too. As there is strong heart-centered energy under this Full Moon, be sure you are filling up your own heart first before pouring into others. If your birthday falls within two days on either side of this Full Moon, the year ahead is going to be one of heart openings!


You are up next! After the Sun finishes touring through Aquarius, it journeys into your sign! This won’t happen until February 18, but leading up to this date, you may feel a sense of completion and endings. You may find yourself naturally wrapping up any loose ends and letting go of things you would rather keep in the past. The Aquarius New Moon on January 21, brings waves of fresh energy into the cosmic skies. This is a very positive New Moon as it is going to help clear out the old, stagnant energy and replace it with some fresh perspective. To work with this energy, make it a point to bring fresh inspiration into your life. This may involve setting some intentions, clearing out closets, or cleansing your home. Even just bringing a bouquet of fresh flowers into your space can lighten and refresh the mood! This New Moon also brings the start of the lunar new year, so it’s a fantastic time to set some goals or perhaps update your vision board. Get clear on what you wish to manifest and let the Universe guide you to the next best steps to take. Shortly after the New Moon arrives and this fresh new energy emerges, Uranus, the planet of awakening and change stations direct. This means we have zero major planets in retrograde! This will stir some fast, forward-moving momentum in the cosmic skies. We will also feel mentally clearer and naturally motivated to get things done. The Leo Full Moon then arrives on February 5. This Full Moon holds some supportive, healing vibrations, reminding you of the innate healing power your body possesses. It will be important to take care of your health under this Full Moon and to reassess what you are choosing to spend your energy on. What is truly worth your time? You may find it beneficial to create a schedule around this Full Moon too, so you can be sure you are allocating your time to the things that really matter. As Aquarius Season comes to an end, your birthday season begins! Be sure to do something to celebrate you.

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