Being in a Dark Place

being in a dark place

“The light is in the dark. You have to embrace the dark to get to the light, and it sucks, but the beauty on the other side of diving into pain is so beautiful.”- Cherie Aimée.

Everybody experiences darkness. Some periods of darkness last a few weeks, others a few years.

There is no escaping this life without experiencing some sort of dark night of the soul. There is no escaping this life without knowing suffering, pain, regret, and fear.

We have to experience the dark in order to understand the light. We have to experience the dark in order to return to wholeness.

In fact, it is often this period of darkness that triggers a spiritual awakening and helps us to find compassion, love, and higher levels of understanding about life and the journey we are all on.

Back in 2010, Cherie Aimée had a near-death experience where she crossed over to the other side. During her travels through higher realms, she obtained wisdom about the soul’s journey on earth and why our souls choose to come here.

According to Cherie, our souls are here on a journey of coming into wholeness and it is only through experiencing the opposite of wholeness, that we learn how to find it.

“Every experience that greets us in this life is helping to guide us on that journey back to wholeness, and back to the fullness of our being,” shares Cherie.

When we are in a period of darkness, it can be easy to find ourselves depressed and feeling in despair about our life and our purpose. We can feel alone, worthless, and that life is just too hard to be enjoyable.

While it is important to honor all of these feelings, being in the darkness is really an opportunity…

Cherie, who visited other realms and met with her Spirit Guides, says that all of the themes in our lives, especially the difficult ones, stem from the soul lessons that we have chosen to learn.

“Every single soul has a journey and theme that reoccurs and stays with them through a collection of time, space, and lifetimes. The circumstances we find ourselves in our present day reality are symptoms of what the soul is experiencing”, shares Cherie.

This furthers the idea that our life is simply an expression of our soul and the lessons that it needs to learn. It is not necessarily that we are creating the events that unfold around us, but perhaps it is more of a mirror effect, where our soul is projecting things outwards into our reality in order to help shape and guide us towards wholeness- our highest destiny.

We are on this journey towards wholeness across multiple lifetimes, and whatever we don’t learn in this life we end up coming back in other lives to learn.

When Cherie crossed over she saw that she had been learning similar lessons across multiple lifetimes. She was given knowledge of her timeline and saw that the themes she hadn’t dealt with repeated until she had figured out a way to clear and release them.

While this sounds exhausting, it is our soul that longs to take this journey. Our soul is excited to take this journey, it is just all the humanness that makes it difficult to remember this excitement.

Earth can be a heavy dimension, and when we are in a period of darkness, it is easy to pass judgment on ourselves and others, and continue the spiral down into the darkness.

As Cherie discovered during her time in the afterlife, we have to release and let go of these judgements because they keep us in the darkness for longer and can also stay with us until for multiple lifetimes until we clear them.

In higher realms, away from the illusions of this three-dimensional reality, there really is no good and no bad, there just is, which is also why judging our life experiences can be so pointless.

As Cherie shared- “just because we have labeled things as good or bad, doesn’t mean it’s universally true.”

What truly matters during our time here on earth, and what is really important is whether we have remained true to ourselves and taken responsibility for our energy regardless of the events that have come our way.

According to Cherie, “your energetic frequency is your key to wholeness. You are responsible for your energetic presence and your presence in the world matters more than you think. You are the world and your actions interrupt the Universal consciousness.”

In order to tune into our highest energetic frequency, we have to become our authentic selves and a true expression of our soul, but this is not always easy to do.

Knowing who you are is really an ongoing journey, and part of your soul’s path to wholeness, and the only way to know who you are is to experience both light and dark.

It is through this journey that we discover our strengths and weaknesses, our desires and our pains, and what really is important to us. It is through this journey that we grow, develop compassion, and learn to align our lives with the things worth fighting for.

During Cherie’s time on the other side, she experienced and saw that even in times of darkness and strife we are never truly alone.

“Our energies are not separate. You are never alone. The Universe is there to support you once you make a decision, a repeated decision, again and again, to keep going. It’s not easy being on planet earth and trying to get along with 7 billion people. But we are all in this together.”

When we find ourselves in darkness, it really is an opportunity or a doorway into raising our consciousness, aligning with our core values more, and shifting how we choose to see our reality.

We are never going to have it all figured out, but we can trust and know with certainty that eventually we will find our way.

“All souls find their way. Light the fire to get back into wholeness and then be a walking example.”- Cherie Aimée.

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