Chinese Astrology: Year of the Yin Earth Pig 2019

year of the pig meaning

On February 5th we leave the year of the Yang Earth Dog behind and enter into the year of the Yin Earth Pig.

The Pig is the last zodiac sign in Chinese Astrology, indicating that this year will bring closure, resolution, and the completion of a cycle. In some way, we will be wrapping up the lessons of the last 12 years, and making preparations to enter into the new.

Before the dawning of the Chinese New Year, many people make the time to clear the clutter from every room in their home in order to make space for the new blessings the year will bring.

Because this is a Yin year, which represents a feminine, flowy quality, we are also going to be encouraged to focus on the appearance of our gardens and to bring nature into the home.

In Chinese Astrology, the Year of the Earth Pig is seen as prosperous, lucky, and fortunate, however there are a few things to pay attention to.

The Pig represents wealth, and while there will be lots of opportunities to increase our wealth in 2019, we have to be careful about the type of opportunities we choose to get involved with.

Under the year of the Pig, we have to ensure that we are not getting overly greedy and learn to approach wealth creation and money management from a conscious mindset.

Money is like our universal currency and it has to flow both in and out of our lives. Whatever we send out comes back to us, however, very often we block ourselves from receiving.

These blocks may be because we don’t feel good enough, we don’t feel worthy enough, or because we have inherited the belief that making money is hard work and something that is not attainable to all.

Knowing your worth and knowing you are already abundant is so important when it comes to being open to receive the wealth that is around you.

Under the year of the Pig, it is the perfect time to get your finances in order and to think about your deeper relationship with money. Are you open to receiving? Are you using money in a conscious way?

The Universe is always here to provide for us, but we have to get into balance and harmony with this and believe wholeheartedly that it’s true.

Natural disasters relating to the land such as earthquakes, mudslides, landslides, and so on, may be more prevalent under the year of the Pig, and this is something we may need to be mindful of.

While our finances and the state of the planet may be something we need to watch, under the Year of the Yin Earth Pig there are many things that will flourish also.

The fashion and beauty industries will get a boost, as will the travel industry. Travel will be considered favorable in 2019, especially travel that allows us to experience cultures that are different from our own.

Spending time with friends and family is also highly favored under the year of the Pig. In fact, this is a year for us to really cherish and celebrate our friendships, and to ensure that we make the time to be social.

In our hectic lives, it can sometimes be hard to make time for our friends. After a busy week at work, the weekend rolls around and there are chores to be done and things to be cleaned, leaving little time to connect with our loved ones.

While this may have to be the case some of the time, in 2019 it is really important that we make the time and conserve the energy for spending with our loved ones.

After all, life is short and we have to use every opportunity we get to let our loved ones know how much they mean to us. Pets included!

Having close friends and spending time in the company of others is also so important for our overall health and wellbeing.

If you feel you are lacking in this department and want to find a new tribe, the year of the Pig holds plenty of opportunities for this as well.

Pick up a new hobby, start a new class, do something to get yourself out there and see the connections that stick.

If looking for love, this type of mindset may also help you to meet that someone special.

Under the energy of the Year of the Pig, it is important to maintain balance in all areas of our lives. Pig energy can be greedy and indulgent at times, so we need to make sure we are not overdoing it or giving in to addictive behaviors.

The Year of the Pig is one where we need to make sure we are not overeating, overmedicating, or overdoing it in general. Staying in balance is definitely going to be important under this energy.

Overall, the year of the Pig is a prosperous year that is filled with opportunity and advantage. As the last zodiac sign in Chinese Astrology, it is also a time for us to wrap up and bring endings to things in our lives that have served their time.

The Year of the Pig ends on January 24, 2020, where we welcome in the year of the Metal Rat.

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