The Energetic Teachings of September 2016

energetic teachings of september 2016

September 2016 has been a big month for many. The month started with a New Moon and will end with a New Moon, signifying a time of stripping away for the new to emerge.

At the beginning and middle of the month, there were two big eclipses, which were helping to highlight different areas of our lives. The Eclipses would have brought lasting change and would have shaken up parts of our lives in order to awaken us.

Mercury was also retrograde during September, and was slowing everything down to give us time to see the truth and really work out which direct we should be travelling in.

The Saturn-Neptune square also peaked in September, and would have delivered any final lessons that were needed from this long-time astrological aspect.

September is now wrapping up, and the month’s end is bringing us beautiful, positive energy and perhaps even an important turning point.

In order to make sense of this energy and how to use it, we have to look at the entire year as a whole. 2016 is really a year of endings, and September was the month in charge of bringing those endings to our consciousness.

Endings have to happen for something new to begin and always, always- when one door closes, another opens.

As we reach the end of the month and travel into October, whatever doors we have closed, whatever we have put to rest, will now emerge as something new.

New doors will be opening and new opportunities will be trickling in. To really take advantage of this energy, we have to be willing to release and let go of the past.

We have to be willing to shut the door so another can open. We also have to trust and keep in mind the Divine timing of the Universe.

The new door will open, we just need to be patient and trust that it will. And it will.

We have to remember that we live in a trusting and supportive Universe. We have to remember that the Universe is on our side.

Many of you have asked- how can I use this energy?

The truth is that there is no one-size fits all solution. You have to be willing to go within and work out what you need and what feels right to you.

To put it simply, the best way to use this energy would be to –

  • Clear and release any attachments to the past
  • Stay open minded to opportunities and new energy
  • Be gentle and peaceful with yourself (we are all at different points in the cycle)
  • Meditate, write, spend time in nature

Here is a channelled message that hopefully will also provide some insights-

“2016 has been more than a year of change. It has been a year of growth and ascension. More awakenings are happening and it could be that what you experience as a challenge or a problem, is really just part of the process of change. Just like the seasons change, we too must all ourselves to vibe with the tune of nature. If you are feeling stuck or confused with yourself, do not look without, instead look within. Move out of your head and into your heart. Move away from thought and into feeling. If issues have presented themselves, if you are feeling stuck this is a positive sign! A sign that you are getting ready to make a big leap forward. Don’t worry about tomorrow, just focus on today. Just focus on what you can do right now to bring yourself peace. Making a decision from a place of anxiety or stress, is not going to be productive. So give yourself some space, love yourself, be gentle with yourself and ask yourself- what is the one most supportive thing I can do for me right now? Then go and do it. The tides of the Universe are going to take you where they may, so embrace the energy and join the flow, don’t fight it. The best way to use the current energy of the cosmos is to accept it and don’t put pressure on yourself to do anything with it. Just be at peace with yourself. Is this take a passive stance? Yes. But that is what is perhaps called on all of us right now. Be passive until you feel so good about yourself that the next step just magically appears.”

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