Intuitive Astrology: September New Moon Solar Eclipse 2016

september solar eclipse astrology 2016

The September 1, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo is going to open a doorway into the new.

Whatever themes we have been working with this year are finally going to slip away and be birthed into something new.

As the doorway opens, we are all going to catch a glimpse of what is in-store for us from now and until February of next year.

Whatever arises on the New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to be paving the way for a new energetic cycle which will carry us through till this time.

This energetic cycle is very different to the one that we experienced earlier this year in March. This cycle is gentler and more revealing. There will be less confusion and stagnation and more clarity and understanding.

All of this however, will come in time. Although the doorway to this new energy will open on September 1, it may be at least a month before we can really fathom where this energy is taking us.

For this reason, September 1 marks the perfect time to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, to tune into the wisdom of all that is around you.

After the Solar Eclipse has passed, its potent energy will be taking us into a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which will fall on September 16th.

It will be at this time that we can really understand where exactly this new cycle is going to take us. In the meantime, we have to get clear about what we want and about which direction we want to head in.

This Solar Eclipse is also going to activate a rare astrological aspect that we have been dealing with since November 2015.

This aspect has been teaching us to not only go slow, but it has also been helping us to rework and reorganise our belief systems and what we stand for.

You may have seen this theme represented in recent world events, but on a personal level, this aspect has been helping us to know who to trust, what to believe and what vision we should align ourselves with. It has been forcing us to rip of the veil or rose -coloured glasses and see things as they really are.

On September 10, this aspect is going to deliver its final gifts, which should bring an overwhelming sense of closure.

In order to reach this point however, we may have to release any final fears we have about truly seeing things for what they are.

Mercury, who also shifts into retrograde on August 30 is also going to be amplifying this energy and will bring a dynamic energy to this Solar Eclipse.

On one hand, we are going to be greeted with a new doorway, but on the other hand Mercury in retrograde may bring a sense of confusion about how to actually proceed.

This confusion is necessary and is the Universe’s way of reminding us to slow down yet again.

Coupled with the Eclipse, Mercury is going to be bringing important information to the surface. Secrets may be revealed, the truth may come out and new information may be brought to light.

We need this information before we can fully fling ourselves through this doorway, so wait patiently and see what this Mercury retrograde cycle brings for you.

It seems that 2016 has really been asking us to take things slow so we can truly understand where we are heading and what choices are serving us or holding us back.

2016 is a year of endings, so whatever we need to put an end to, whatever choices we need to redirect, will finally be revealed throughout September.

The earthy Virgo energy of this Solar Eclipse is also going to be supporting us to take things slow. In fact, going slow and being cautious is going to be the natural tone and feel to this Solar Eclipse.

Watch what events take place around the New Moon Solar eclipse and feel out with this doorway may be opening for you. If you are aware, you will get enough of a glimpse of this energy to work out where it may be guiding you.

Virgo energy is also very powerful and wise. Virgo energy challenges us to use our mind and tune into the deeper stirrings of our heart. Virgo is the powerful virgin, she needs no partner, she is complete and whole on her own.

On the Solar Eclipse New Moon we are all going to feel this power. We are all going to feel a sense of inner strength and confidence in ourselves and who we truly are.

This Solar Eclipse is going to shine a light on our essence and help us to stand up and assert ourselves. This is not only going to help us get clearer about who we are and where we are heading, but it is also going to help us finally release those weights that have been holding us down.

This new cycle is all something we can look forward to. Its energy is strong, powerful and centred around healing, truth and finding our inner-strength.

So, on the day of the Solar Eclipse New Moon take a moment to send out your wishes into the Universe. Take a moment to drink up the powerful energy of this Eclipse, and see where September may take you.

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