Intuition Vs. Fear- How Do You Know?

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When learning to develop your intuition one of the most common hurdles is distinguishing your voice of intuition and your voice of fear.

We all have an intuition, but often our intuition is not nurtured. What is nurtured however are our fears, so often this voice speaks to us the loudest unless we are consciously aware.

Society is heavily driven on fear. Fear of not being educated enough, fear of not having enough money, fear of not looking good enough, fear of terrorist attacks, fear of differences etc. etc. There is so much fear based content in our world today that most of us carry these thoughts around without even realizing.

When you start to become aware however, you can start to shift your line of thinking to a more positive and trusting place. This allows you to really tap into your intuition and to trust the messages that you receive.

So, what are the main signs that you are working with your intuition or fear?

Working with Intuition:

  • It feels like a “knowing” more than a logical or highly emotional response
  • The message is felt or heard instantly, the message is fluid and non-repetitive
  • The message feels definitive, almost like the answer is black and white or doesn’t require analyzing
  • The message feels simple and comfortable, it may also feel “right”
  • The message feels loving and supportive, almost expansive
  • The message is centered around the present moment

Working with Fear:

  • It feels highly emotional or causes a feeling of anxiety, may even trigger physical symptoms such as headache or tummy ache
  • The message triggers adrenaline which can activate your “flight or fight” response and can make you take actions in order to feel relieved
  • The message can be very repetitive, loud or demanding, can cause over analyzing
  • The message seems to have many variables and “what ifs”, which can lead to confusion or feeling stuck
  • The message feels very harsh or restrictive
  • The message is usually centered around the future or scenarios that have not yet happened

The best indicator of when you are working with your Intuition Vs. Fear is that your intuitive voice does not create a physical or highly emotional response, whereas fear does.

This is where it can get tricky however, as sometimes our intuition can present us with a message that causes our fear to kick in and take over, leaving you with a big intuitive-fear based mess.

Sometimes, one of the only ways you are ever going to know whether you are working with the voice of intuition or the voice of fear is to practice and follow through on your “hunches”, as usually this is the best indicator of what energy you are working with.

But the one tool that can be most beneficial is to befriend your fear.

We need fear as it is what protects us and stops us from getting into dangerous situations. Fear can also sometimes be a great motivator and can help us to overcome challenges and obstacles. Fear is also a sign that we are willing to take risks, change and grow.

Fear is an interesting beast as it is usually centered around untruths or things that have not yet happened. This causes us to believe things that are not true or to focus on negative outcomes for a situation.

This can sometimes be helpful, but it can also be detrimental if we allow our these thoughts to take control.

The best way to befriend your fear is to listen to what your fear has to say and acknowledge its presence. Usually when you do this, you are able to better rationalize whether your fear has some truth to it or is mostly based on untruths.

When you listen to your fear without judgement it also creates more space for your intuition to speak. In fact, when you can blend the messages of fear with the messages of your intuition it creates somewhat of a harmony.

Here are a few guiding steps to help you with the process-

  • Keep a clear mind, a clear mind is more open to intuitive messages whereas a cluttered and busy mind is more susceptible to fear based messages
  • Identify whether it is fear or intuition using your feelings and not logic
  • If you have identified fear, work on acknowledging and calming your thoughts using rationality or meditative practices, perhaps wait for the emotions to settle before taking action
  • If you have identified intuition, take appropriate actions to follow through on your feelings, if still unsure, trust that the message will reveal itself in time

Fear Vs. Intuition- there is no definitive boundaries, the only thing you can do is learn to trust and love yourself, because the more you can do that, the more you can bring peace to the voices in your mind and heart.

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