Intuitive Astrology: Aquarius Full Moon August 2021

aquarius full moon august 2021

On August 22, 2021, we have the second Aquarius Full Moon of the year. The first Aquarius Full Moon was last month and can be seen as the entrance point to this energy, and this second Aquarius Full Moon in August can be seen as the exit point to this energy.

Both these Full Moons are working in tandem with one another, so if something transpired under the July 23rd Full Moon that felt incomplete in some way, we may find that this August Full Moon sheds some light or allows us to release something once and for all.

Full Moons light up the night sky, illuminating all that is dark. They can be a symbol for the illumination of a higher and greater truth that allows us to find closure and free ourselves from all that is no longer necessary.

Falling in the sign of Aquarius, there is the potential for this Full Moon to amplify change, activate our desire for greater freedom, or shine a spotlight on all that needs to be revolutionized in our lives.

Aquarius energy is all about doing things differently and stepping away from our comfort zone in order to experiment with something new. It encourages innovation, growth, and looking at things from a new perspective.

With the Sun also wrapping up its journey in the sign of Leo at the time of this Full Moon, there is an added boost of creative and courageous energy on offer to us, which can be used to help any new visions take flight.

While Full Moons typically represent completion points, know that there are creative energies on offer to help take any endings and morph them into new potentials.

Aquarius also rules over technological advancements and policies that are put in place to protect the whole, rather than just the individual.

While focusing on the community and the whole is great, when it swings too far out of balance, Aquarian energy can sometimes be too quick to bypass the emotional, compassionate side of humanity and instead, can look at things from a more technical and machine-like viewpoint.

We may see more of these themes come to light, especially on a global level, under the second wave of this Aquarius Full Moon.

Know that with Aquarius energy, it is all about seeing things from a new perspective, keeping an open mind, and finding ways to stay out of black and white thinking.

Jupiter, which is currently retrograde in the sign of Aquarius is also conjunct this Full Moon, making its energy very active.

Jupiter expands what it touches, so it’s likely that whatever is manifesting for us under this Full Moon will be loud, bold, and clear for all to see.

There is no guesswork with this August Full Moon, it will deliver what it needs to deliver and will take what it needs to take.

Take some comfort in knowing that if you do need to make a decision, there is energy on your side that brings clarity, allowing you to make a clear-cut decision.

Trust your instincts and try not to second guess yourself. The energies of this Full Moon are strong and courageous, so connect with that place and forge ahead in whatever direction feels right to you.

On a deeper level, this Full Moon is guiding us to connect to the energies of our past in order to use them as fuel for our future.

We may have had to let go of so much over the last year. We may find ourselves standing in an empty field, wondering where our “old life” has disappeared to.

There is a beautiful frequency flowing in with this Full Moon that reminds us that no matter where we stand today, the power and love that we have cultivated in the past still exists.

While we may be looking at a totally different life, the energy of our past triumphs still remain, and we can use that power, that love, and that strength of our past and apply it to this new chapter that is waiting for us.

All is not lost. There is wisdom in the air. There is an energy dancing in the breeze of all who have traveled on this land before us and all who will travel on this land after us.

We can connect with that energy; we can connect with that breeze and feel into the strength and wisdom that it offers.

So many things have transpired on this Earth. Good things, bad things, tragic things, heroic things; so many lives and stories have graced the surface of this planet, and all of that energy, all of that fuel, is carried in the wind.

Under this August Full Moon, we can connect to the fuel that reminds us of our strength, our power, and our courage. We can connect to the fuel that created the rivers and the mountains and some of the greatest ancient civilizations.

We can connect to our ancestors, their voices, and their wisdom. We can connect to the life force that lives all around us and will continue to live on till the end of time.

There are strong cosmic currents linked to this Full Moon. It is a time of expansion, clarity, and honoring the changes within us. It is a time for making clear-cut decisions and for trusting our instincts.

It is also a time to remember that all your past triumphs and successes exist as energy. They surround you and support you, and are there to be used by you under the light of the Full Moon.

Tune in with that energy and recreate it in a new and better way. Tune in with that energy under the August Full Moon and use it to surrender to all that has gone, and to welcome the new chapter that patiently awaits.

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