Intuitive Astrology: Aquarius New Moon February 2024

aquarius new moon astrology 2024

The Aquarius New Moon arrives on February 9, marking the start of the lunar new year and our welcome into the Year of the Dragon.

In Chinese Astrology, the Year of the Dragon is said to be a lucky year. While we may be met with obstacles, under the Year of the Dragon, these obstacles can help us find new confidence, purpose, and success.

As this is also the first New Moon for the Lunar New Year, it is also a good time to reflect on your emotional state. In astrology, the Moon represents our emotions, so as we have made the journey through all the different emotional states of the zodiac, how have our emotions evolved? How have we begun to understand ourselves on a deeper level?

The Moon also represents our feelings of security and what makes us feel secure and safe so we can really thrive in this world. If we look at where these feelings of security and comfort are in our own bodies, we can begin to see a link between how small or large our life is.

The more confident, secure, and safe we feel, the more likely we are to expand our wings, take chances, and live more fully. The less confident, secure, or safe we feel, the more likely we will play it small.

Meditate on this dynamic in your own life and use the energies of the Lunar New Year to sit with whatever comes up. If you feel inspired to make changes, the New Moon is a good time to start.

Pluto Adds Power to this Aquarian New Moon

There is very strong Aquarian energy around this New Moon due to Pluto sitting at the highly karmic 0-degree point of the Aquarius zodiac. Pluto represents power, so its presence amplifies Aquarian qualities and helps usher us deeper into the Pluto in Aquarius cycle that will be present for the next two decades.

Having a strong Aquarian New Moon indicates a push towards freedom, innovation, and doing things differently. Aquarian energy wants to push boundaries and march to the tune of its own drum.

Aquarian energy however, can also feel a little harsh and abrupt. There is a sharpness to its quality at times, which can trigger our wounds, especially around feelings of shame or being unworthy.

Uranus, Aquarius’s ruling planet, is also active under this New Moon, bringing waves of instability and shaky ground. Something may abruptly change or shift all of a sudden, causing us to have to think on our feet or change our plans.

Alternatively, we may feel inspired to make changes in our lives that can bring a greater sense of freedom or innovation.

Whenever we have strong Uranian energy, it is always worthwhile remembering to go with the flow. In fact, that is one of the gifts that Uranian energy provides. It encourages us to release control, flow, and trust in the process. It wants us to embrace change, for when things change, we can level up.

A Wave of Healing Energy Flows

While there is some unsteady energy coming from this New Moon that may have us feeling a bit scattered, there is another dynamic at play, too.

This dynamic comes from Chiron and the North Node, which are inching toward each other. Chiron and the North Node will officially conjunct on February 11, just a few days after this New Moon, but its energy will be very active.

Chiron and the North Node coming together is a signal for deep healing. It encourages healing on the deepest of levels, not just on a personal level but on a global level, too. This healing energy offers the opportunity to use our wounds as portals of wisdom to teach, inspire, and support others. When we embrace our own wounds in this way, we can benefit both ourselves and others.

While this energy dynamic is rich and multifaceted, it will be strengthened under this New Moon, for Aquarius is very much the sign of the healer.

Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, who has the gift of taking water, which represents the emotions and psychic debris of the world, in its vessel before cleansing it and returning it back down to earth.

This gift of transmutation will be strong under the February New Moon, and coupled with the Chiron and North Node energies, there is a real power here to hold space for a better and more peaceful world.

New Moon, New Intentions

New Moons are a perfect time in the month to set intentions, so make your intentions geared towards peace and healing for all. If someone in your life is suffering, send them healing energy under this New Moon. If you feel passionately about a humanitarian issue, use the energies of this New Moon to send peace and healing to the cause.

There is an opportunity here to lift the consciousness of the planet, and each one of us can do our share by setting intentions and radiating peace, love, and harmony.

It’s not easy to always hold this space, but making some conscious intention under this New Moon can go a long way.

We can also use this New Moon to welcome any new changes we would like to create, especially changes that allow room for more freedom and expansion.

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