Intuitive Astrology: Cancer Season 2020

cancer season 2020

Cancer Season kicks off with a bang on June 20-21st, with a potent Solar Eclipse that falls on the Global Axis at zero degrees of Cancer.

As the Sun crosses the Global Axis, we also experience the Solstice.

The Solstice is already a sacred time where the veil between dimensions grows thin, but adding a Solar Eclipse into the mix heightens the energy and brings the opening of a portal into a new world.

Earth is preparing to walk a new path, and as this planet is our home, we too will be taking a journey into the new and unknown.

There is this strong theme as we kickstart Cancer Season 2020 of Eclipses and Retrogrades.

But, as we reach the end of Cancer Season by July 22, things will start to settle and we will feel a little more at ease with all of these transformative Eclipse-Retrograde energies.

Cancer is known for its warm, nurturing, and sensitive nature, and this is something we can all tune into during Cancer Season.

While Cancer is known for its kind, compassionate, and maternal energy, there is a little more to the story.

In Greek Mythology, the crab was the guardian of the oceans and the protector of all sea life. When Hercules decided it was going to slay the Hydra, a nine-headed water monster, the crab tried to stop him by biting on its foot.

Hercules squashed the crab, and it wailed, creating waves throughout the entire ocean. These cries were not only in pain but also served to warn the other sea life that a battle was about to take place.

Who knows how many other sea creatures were spared that day thanks to the painful cries of the crab.

The Goddess, Hera witnessed the crab’s actions and was so impressed with its bravery and kindess that she took its broken pieces and threw it up into the sky, creating the constellation of the crab.

Cancer energy is not just nurturing, it is fiercely protective and loyal. It always has your back, it is always looking out for you, and during the season of the crab, we too may feel like we are being protected and looked out for.

With so much cosmic energy circulating this Cancer Season, it is important to remember to stand up for ourselves and each other, and to follow what we feel is right and true in our hearts.

The crab was immortalized for this very reason. It is there to remind us that love, compassion, and kindness is true bravery.

Let’s now take a look at the major astrological events for Cancer Season 2020-

June 20-21st: Cancer Solstice Solar Eclipse

This potent Solar Eclipse will bring a new beginning not just on an individual level, but on a global level. While this Eclipse is all about bringing in the new, something will have to burn away in order for this new world to fully take form. You can read more on this here.

June 22: Neptune Retrograde

This will give us a total of six planets in retrograde. Neptune goes retrograde every year, and while its energy is subtle, it can stir questions around what is true and what is not. We may find that we can take off our rose-colored glasses and see things for what they are. Neptune will remain retrograde until November 29th, 2020.

June 24-25: Venus Direct

Venus will turn direct in Gemini after being retrograde since May 12th. Venus won’t be back to its former strength until the end of July, but with each passing day, we will gain more clarity when it comes to our relationships and matters of the heart. You can read more on this here.

June 27: Mars enters Aries

This is a major focus for the second half of the year as Mars will retrograde in Aries through September to November. With Mars turning retrograde in Aries, it will spend an usually long period in this sign, drawing focus to this energy. Mars in Aries is the fiery, head-strong, warrior, and could indicate heightened tensions as we make our way through the second half of the year.

June 29: Second Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

We have the second of three Jupiter Pluto conjunctions, which is a major theme for 2020. Under this alignment, the economy may be highlighted or we may start looking at our own financial situation a little more closely. You can read more on this here.

July 4: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

The final Eclipse of the Season is here and it’s also the last Eclipse of the Cancer-Capricorn cycle. This Eclipse brings the ending to a cycle we have all been working with since July 2018. This is a potent energy of release, and we may feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. As tensions simmer, we will also begin to feel like we have received closure on something. Think back to what was happening in your life around January, 2019 for clues.

July 11: Chiron Retrograde

The healing asteroid, Chiron turns retrograde, adding more energy to the mix. This will be a time to look back over the past and to reflect on our healing journey. We may even receive new insights that help us to clear past pains or traumas. Chiron will be retrograde until December 15th.

July 12: Mercury Direct

Mercury will turn direct after being retrograde since June 17th. Mercury will take some time to return to its former strength, but we may feel a new clarity of mind, especially around things that were stirring in our lives towards the end of June 2020. You can read more on this here.

July 20: Cancer New Moon

Cancer Season ends with a sensitive New Moon. We may receive more insights around the Solar Eclipse that took place earlier in the Season. If there are unanswered questions, or confusion about the changes we need to make, this New Moon could bring the answers. A very sensitive but also intuitive time.

Cancer Season 2020 is definitely a busy one, but we will get some gentler and more light-hearted energies as we start Leo Season.

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