Intuitive Astrology Forecast April 2021

april astrology 2021

The first half of April is likely to go by quickly, and we may feel things moving at a fast pace. We may also be feeling extra motivated and ready to tackle projects we previously had procrastinated on.

In fact, there is some fantastic, motivating energy to use in the first half of April so connect with it, and use it to make headway on projects, launch new ideas, and get creative. 

The Aries New Moon on April 11, is one of the best days of the year for manifesting, setting goals, and planting seeds of intention. It carries powerful magnetic energy that can help us draw in all that we desire.

In the first part of the month, we are also working with the Mars Neptune Square, which could stir some tension or bring some information to the surface that ignites a heated response. 

As we enter Taurus Season midway through the month, we may find things slowing down a little and a need to work with what is already in front of us rather than adding anything new. 

The month then ends with the spiritually restorative Scorpio Super Full Moon, and the Sun making its annual alignment with Uranus, which has the power to bring an awakening moment.

All of this energy combined makes April a month for manifesting, trusting our intuition, and being open to change. To guide you through the energies of the month, try the Divine Channel Meditation.

Let’s take a closer look at the dates to watch for the astrology of April 2021- 

April 3- Mercury in Aries

Mercury, the planet of communication enters Aries. This energy favors quick communication that is clear and to the point. Be mindful of oversharing or coming across too harshly. You can get your point across and be kind all at the same time.

April 4- 44 day 

The fourth day of the fourth month gives us the numerology code of 44. 44 is a power number indicating healing, authenticity, and the building of a strong foundation. It is also heavily connected to guardian angels.

April 6- Sun Conjunct Ceres

Ceres is an asteroid known for its feminine power, nourishment, and abundance. When the Sun and Ceres align, we are able to feel its energy deep in our own beings. This is a time for creativity and to do things that fill our heart. What fills your heart and makes you feel loved? The answer to this question is what you should aim to do today! You can read more about Ceres here.

April 9- Mars Square Neptune

This energy peaks on this day but will be felt for most of the month. Mars Square Neptune can bring some information to the surface that creates a heated or tense response. Neptune tends to reveal things, so whatever comes up could ignite a fiery response. This is something we are likely to see more on a global level than on a personal level, however in our personal lives, if new information does come to the surface, it may be something we need to act on quickly. Trust your instincts. 

April 11- Aries New Moon 

The Aries New Moon is always the best of the year for manifesting. This is a power time to set intentions, create vision boards, and to make progress on your goals. What you choose to focus on expands, and this New Moon will help you draw things to you like a magnet. The seeds you plant at this time will be given a boost, so use this energy to your advantage. On this New Moon, Venus and Pluto are both active, and may stir issues in our relationships, especially if we are choosing to give our power away. This is a time to reclaim your power by knowing that it is always present within you. 

April 13- Sun Conjunct Eris

Eris is a dwarf planet located beyond Pluto. Eris carries a high-frequency energy and tends to work on the subtle levels of our being. In our personal lives, it can stir things from deep within our subconscious, helping us to become more aware of our shadow side. On a global level, Eris often brings gender equality issues into the spotlight. You can read more about Eris here.

April 14- Venus in Taurus 

Venus, the planet of love and relationships moves into one of its rulings signs, creating a strong and harmonious forcefield of energy. This is a time where we may feel extra indulgent. Treat yourself to some new clothes, a delicious meal, or anything that makes you feel a little extra special.

April 18- Sun Conjunct Mercury 

When the Sun aligns with Mercury its energy infuses into the depth of our being. Mercury is the planet of communication so this is the perfect time to share your story, reach out to have a difficult conversation, do a podcast interview, or to write that cover letter. Any form of communication will be favored. 

April 19- Taurus Season 

Welcome to Taurus Season! We move out of fiery Aries into the more methodical earth sign of Taurus. Aries Season was busy and we may have felt that time was racing by quickly. We may have also started new projects or perhaps took on a lot more responsibility. Taurus Season gives us a chance to catch our breath and to work on establishing what is already on our plates. It’s a time to consolidate and to create a stable foundation for the future. 

April 22- Venus Conjunct Uranus 

Uranus always has the potential to create some volatility and to bring some change. Uranus is currently in the sign of Taurus, so as we move through Taurus Season this maverick planet is going to be very active. On this day, we may find ourselves feeling restless in a certain relationship or in our relationships in general. There may be some changes needed to smooth things over. 

April 23- Mars in Cancer

Mars is racing ahead and has now reached the sign of Cancer. Mars in Cancer can exacerbate our emotions and make us feel easily irritable or even a little restless. We may have to divert this restless energy into something productive or creative. Mars in Cancer can also make us impulsive, especially when it comes to matters that are deeply personal and important to us. 

April 26/27- Scorpio Full Moon Super 

The first Super Full Moon of the year. This Full Moon carries some deeply restorative and cleansing energies. We may feel like we are undergoing a type of psychic cleansing or clearing. With Uranus being very active on this Full Moon, we may be greeted by some sudden changes or feel uncertain or unstable in some way. This has the potential to be a highly emotional time, but also an enlightening one. 

April 27- Pluto Retrograde

Our first retrograde in a while! Pluto breaks the spell of having no major planets in retrograde. As Pluto moves so slowly as it is, this retrograde will be felt on a very subtle level. We may find ourselves needing to revisit events from September-October of last year. 

April 30- Sun Conjunct Uranus

The Sun makes its annual conjunction with Uranus, the planet of innovation, change, and awakening. Uranus energy will be felt strongly on this day. Whatever is no longer meant to be may slip away, or we may find ourselves having a much needed ah-ha moment. As Uranus is in Taurus, environmental issues may also come to the surface. 

To guide you through the energies of the month, try the Divine Channel Meditation.

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