Intuitive Astrology Forecast February 2023

february astrology 2023

February’s energy acts as a road opener, inspiring us to move forward and make things happen. This forward-moving momentum will continue as we experience zero major planets in retrograde until mid-April.

Having zero major planets in retrograde is a sign from the Universe that it’s time to make tracks. We cannot remain standing where we have been, we have to move; we have to progress; we have to leap forward into that next stage of our journey.

Whether our steps are big or small, throughout February, there will be a theme that progress needs to be made.

March is one of the biggest and perhaps most pivotal months of the year, so February is going to feel a little quiet. We may sense the rumblings of the big cosmic events of March, and find ourselves subconsciously, or consciously, preparing by wrapping up loose ends and getting clear on where we stand.

Let’s now take a look at the major astrological events of the month-

Astrology for February 2023

February 1-28: No Major Planets in Retrograde

All through the month of February, we have zero major planets in retrograde. This creates some fantastic forward-moving momentum that we can use to make progress with our dreams and goals. With strong forward-moving momentum, we may feel the Universe opening doors and helping us reach that next stage of our journey.

February 3- Ceres Retrograde

Ceres is an asteroid, so its retrograde energy is very soft and gentle and will not impact this strong forward-moving momentum we are experiencing. Ceres is an asteroid associated with nourishment and nurturing. It is also linked to the mother wound, so issues around this may present during this time. We may find ourselves needing to nourish and nurture all those parts of ourselves we have been ignoring. With all this forward momentum, we may also find it easier to adopt self-care practices into our daily routine. Ceres will station direct again on May 6.

February 5- Leo Full Moon

The Leo Full Moon offers bright and bold energy! Uranus is active at this time, which can create a need to change or innovate an area of our lives. Change may come abruptly under this Full Moon, but try to roll with it and see what new sparks it can ignite. Full Moons are always a wonderful time for release work, and this Full Moon is no exception. With all the forward-moving momentum, it’s a great time to do away with the past and create space for the new to come in. You can also work with the energy of this Full Moon to bring some fresh inspiration into your life and to focus on creating joy and pleasure.

February 7-8: Mercury leaves Shadow Period

Mercury has now just left its post-retrograde shadow period, helping to boost the momentum of the Universe. If something has been foggy or uncertain in your life since the end of December, greater clarity will now arrive.

February 15- Venus Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

A harmonious combination of planetary energies that help to bring a sweetness and softness to all that is going on in your life. Use this energy to love deeper, open your heart wider, and to express your ideas out into the world. Beautiful energy for romance, expanding your creativity, and for spiritual practices.

February 16- Sun Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

This is the last time we will experience Saturn and the Sun coming together in Aquarius for another 28.5 years. Saturn in Aquarius has dropped karmic lessons for us on a collective and personal level, but now its work is coming to an end. Use this energy to ensure you are taking responsibility for the life that you truly want. You can learn more about Saturn in Aquarius here.

February 18- Sun in Pisces

We move out of air sign, Aquarius into the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces! Pisces is a water sign and brings a sense of completion and wholeness. Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces energy is connected to the principles of yin and yang. Both energies exist independently but can’t exist without one another. The two fish also swim in a circle, indicating that even though they swim in different directions, and see the world from a different vantage point, they both arrive at the same destination. As Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, it’s a good time to reflect on the year traveled and how all that has transpired has led you full circle to the next chapter of your evolution.

February 19- Pisces New Moon

A beautiful Pisces New Moon that carries the energy of fresh starts. This is the third New Moon we have had at 1 degree of a particular zodiac sign, indicating a strong theme of new beginnings. Pisces is a very creative energy, so use this New Moon to create and visualize what you would like to draw into your life. This is a good time for vision boarding practices and to affirm what you wish to be true. As Pisces is a water sign, we don’t want to get stuck in a place of attachment; we instead want to affirm what we desire but then stay open to the flow and harmony of the Universe.

February 22-24: Sun Conjunct Royal Star, Fomalhaut

Fomalhaut is one of the four royal stars. Each royal star is said to be a gatekeeper to a stargate of our galaxy. Fomalhaut is the gatekeeper to the southern sky and represents transformation and the death phase in the cycle of death and rebirth. Transformation is a highly creative energy, making this a highly creative time where we can open doors to the new. Fomalhaut can also activate our spiritual gifts and guide us to strengthen our spiritual connection. Work with this energy by expressing your creative side, deepening your spiritual practices, and to remember that rebirth is always possible when something falls away. You can read more on this here.

February blessings to you!

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