Intuitive Astrology Forecast June 2021

june astrology 2021

June 2021 is a busy month. We continue our journey through Eclipse Season and we also experience more planetary retrogrades, which can create a slowing down of energy.

2021 may have felt like it was racing forward, but now it seems that the Universe is forcing us to get still and narrow in on what is truly important.

Eclipse Season tends to bring change and upheaval, so this slowing down of energy may feel welcomed and help us to get our head around any transitions or changes that have taken place.

The June 10th New Moon Solar Eclipse is the last Eclipse of this season and may bring with it more clarity and understanding to the journey we have been traveling.

Another notable cosmic event for June is the arrival of the second Saturn Uranus Square. This is a key astrological theme that we are working with all through 2021, however its energy kicks into high gear this month.

Saturn Square Uranus can bring a clash of ideas. We may find ourselves in a push-pull dynamic, and needing to compromise in some way.

The Saturn Uranus square can also trigger tensions on the global stage too, highlighting a need for security, imposed by the energy of Saturn, but also a need for freedom, imposed by the energies of Uranus. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds, but with another Saturn Square Uranus on the way come December, it’s likely whatever we see unfolding now will only be part of the story.

As we approach the end of the month, we also have the Solstice followed a few days later by a Super Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn. This will be a magical week offering us opportunities to connect with our intuition, ground our energy, and work with the rhythms of Mother Earth.

While June offers some rare and special cosmic alignments, it is definitely a month that may feel like hard work, but if we take our time, move slowly, and trust the rhythm and flow of the Universe, we should find ourselves in a much better place than when we started.

To help you stay energized and recharged through all these cosmic energies, I have created an Energy Recharging Guided Meditation, which is perfect for the month of June. You can download and listen to it here.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key astrology for June 2021-

June 2- Venus Enters Cancer

Venus enters the soft, sensitive, and nurturing sign of Cancer. We may feel extra sensitive or more aware of our emotions. Don’t be afraid to say no at set boundaries if needed, especially if you are naturally empathic.

June 5- Mars Opposite Pluto

This alignment is connected to a lot of the Mars-Pluto energy we experienced back in 2020. We may see more to the story on events that unfolded around August, October, and December of last year. If something significant stands out from this time period, you may like to look back and read over what this Mars-Pluto energy was destined to teach and show us. Remember, it’s not that the same things are going to repeat themselves this time around, it is more that the story is progressing and you are now getting more pieces of the puzzle.

June 10- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

This is the final Eclipse of the Season and the sister Eclipse to the Blood Moon Eclipse we had back on May 26. This Eclipse represents new beginnings and the opportunity to make the most of wherever we have landed. The Blood Moon Eclipse cleared a path, and this Eclipse is our gift on the other side, delivering to us whatever is needed for our highest growth moving forward. There is no going back, only forward, so trust where you are and know that you can make the best of it. There are brighter beginnings ahead, you may just need to be patient and allow the Eclipse energies to unfold. This Eclipse is your sign from the Universe that when one door closes, another always opens. Read the full forecast here.

June 11- Mars enters Leo

Mars moves into the fire sign of Leo. Watch this space, as next month in July, Mars will be a prominent energy. Mars moving into Leo should bring a nice boost, especially if we are feeling lethargic from all the Eclipse energies.

June 13- Sun square Neptune

A potentially foggy day where we may feel a little restricted or limited due to a lack of information. Mercury is still in retrograde too, so if you are confused about what decision or direction to make, the answer is – pause. Use this pause time to listen to your intuition and to wait for more clarity to come through.

June 14- Saturn Rx square Uranus

This is a major astrological event of the year and will happen once more in December. Saturn is currently in retrograde and wanting us to take ownership and responsibility for all of our actions. As it creates a square with Uranus, this energy will intensify and we may find that we have to smash through some blocks or boundaries in order to step up into that place of ownership. Uranus wants to see us taking ownership from a place of liberation and true authenticity. There is a call for greater freedom here. On a global level, this energy can stir already existing tensions where we are seeing a clash of authority vs. freedom. You can read more on this key astrological alignment for 2021 here.

June 20- Jupiter enters Retrograde

Another planet enters retrograde, giving us a total of 4 major planets in retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto). The energy of the cosmos is slowing down and we are being asked to retrace our steps before moving forward. The ancients believed retrogrades were a time to delve into the underworld in order to come to terms with things we may have missed the first time around. Jupiter Retrograde allows us to go back over the last few months to see what opportunities we missed and where there is more room for expansion.

June 20/21- Sun enters Cancer/Solstice

The Sun “stands still” as we experience the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the official start of Summer or Winter, and also the official start of Cancer Season. On the Solstice, the veil between dimensions is said to grow thin, allowing us to access subtler energies with greater ease. This is a fantastic time to be out in nature and to ground using Mother Earth. The Sun moving into the watery sign of Cancer also brings increased sensitivity and a reminder to practice self-love.

June 22- Mercury goes direct

Mercury goes direct after being retrograde since May 29. Mercury Retrograde is most powerful at its start and end dates, so keep practicing patience. Over the coming weeks, greater clarity will return. If you have been dealing with mishaps, miscommunications, or technical glitches, the answers and solutions should be easier to find.

June 24- Super Full Moon in Capricorn

The Super Full Moon in Capricorn is a mixed bag of energy. While it is not as intense as the Eclipses we have been working with, our energy may feel a little scattered and we may find that we are still struggling to digest all that has transpired over the last few weeks. Use this earthy Capricorn energy to ground yourself, and to practice some self-care.

June 25- Neptune Retrograde

Neptune now enters its annual retrograde, returning us to having four planets in retrograde. Neptune is all about illusion, peeling back the veil, and delving into higher realms of understanding. When it enters retrograde, we may feel ourselves breaking down illusions of the past or finding our intuition more active. This is a subtle energy but with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto also in retrograde, we will definitely feel things slowing down.

June 26- Venus enters Leo

Venus leaves watery Cancer and enters the fire sign of Leo. This is a powerful energy reminding us to own and embrace all of who we are. Feel beautiful in the skin you are in. Also, watch this space as Venus is about to make a rare alignment with its cosmic lover, Mars next month!

To guide you through all of the energies for the month, I have created an Energy Recharging Guided Meditation, which you can listen to here.

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