Intuitive Astrology: Mars Square Pluto 2020

mars square pluto

Mars and Pluto typically align in a square or 90 degrees of each other, once a year. In 2020 however, we experience this alignment three times.

We can view this as a sign from the Universe to listen and pay attention to these energies, and what they may be trying to show us on both a personal and collective level.

These three Mars-Pluto alignments will work together, acting like the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

The first alignment takes place on August 13th, the second on October 9th, and the final alignment on December 20th.

The second alignment in October will occur with Mars in Retrograde, and this will heighten the energy bringing the peak of the storyline. 

While Mars is making three squares to Pluto, it is also doing the same with Saturn. This energy will add another layer and color how we experience the coming months.

For Mars Square Pluto, here’s what we can expect- 

Mars Square Pluto Astrology

On a collective level, Mars square Pluto can cause already heated situations to escalate, and can bring a sense of restlessness and unease that has the potential to turn hostile.

On a personal level, it can bring a rise of tension, power struggles, and the desire to make impulsive changes in our lives.

Under a Mars-Pluto Square, we may find ourselves projecting our fears and insecurities onto those in positions of power, or those who we perceive to have more power or control than us.

We may feel a growing desire for independence and a need to do things in our own way and at our own pace.

We may feel sensitive to the words and actions of others, and extra triggered when someone tells us no or tries to block or control us in any way. 

Mars Square Pluto can also trigger insecurities and fears around losing control, but under this alignment, we are going to have to release a certain amount of control and surrender to the transformations that follow.

How to Navigate the Mars-Pluto Square Energies

The best way to navigate Mars-Pluto energy is to think about where you may be projecting onto others in your life.

Who or what are you blaming for not being where you want to be in your life?

Your “blames” may be totally justified, but sometimes observing them can help you to think about ways to stop blaming and start acting.

Under this energy, it is also good to remind ourselves to focus on what we can control, rather than the things we can’t.

Power struggles may also come up when Mars and Pluto are active, but this is an opportunity to look and see where you are giving your power away or to challenge the different power dynamics in your life.

Where do you feel powerless? Where can you stand in your power a little more?

Where we feel powerless can give us insights and clues into our fears, insecurities, and what we need to overcome on a personal level before we can move forward. 

This process takes time and patience, but we are never powerless when we are connected to Source and aligned with both the Earth and the heavens.

A Channelled Message for the Mars-Pluto Square

Mars, the fiery red warrior who is fearless and bold, and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and all that remains hidden and untold, are aligning in a trio of squares in 2020, guiding us to look to where we are holding our power.

You are being guided to stop looking outside of yourself, to stop looking to those in positions of power, or to those whom you admire, and instead- source from yourself.

How can you embody this idea of sourcing from yourself? How can you connect within, to the infinite potential that lives inside you, and use it as fuel to propel your life in the direction of your choosing?

Mars and Pluto are merely mirrors of where you need to reorganize the power dynamics of your own life, your own mind, and your own heart.

What thoughts do you give power to that no longer need to be there? What pains or sorrows are you holding in your heart that no longer serve you well? 

What dynamics are you tolerating in your life that see you stripped and robbed of your true power and connection to your Source?

Stop projecting your insecurities and fears onto others or the situations that find you.

Take your power back. Rise, stand tall in who you are, and feel your personal power glow.

Use the strength, courage, and wisdom of Mars to ride through any changes or transformations that Pluto brings.

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