Intuitive Astrology: Mars Square Saturn 2020

mars square saturn

Mars Square Saturn is one of the key astrological events for 2020. 

While Mars Square Saturn is something we experience every year, it generally only lasts for a couple of days. The Mars Square Saturn of 2020 however, receives extra credit as it will be active for months.

Mars Square Saturn is also considered one of the more challenging alignments in astrology, so to have this active for such an unusually long period of time is definitely going to be something to watch.

While we will start feeling Mars Square Saturn from mid-August, there are three dates that the alignment is at its peak, the first two being the most significant- 

  • August 24, 2020
  • September 29, 2020
  • January 12, 2021 

This is big energy and there is lots to unpack, but in order to understand the Mars Saturn Square, it helps to first look at the planets as individual energies –


Mars is the planet of action and motivation. It is represented by the warrior and loves to race ahead in order to achieve its goals and dreams. 

Mars is hasty; it wants things done yesterday and is driven by its impulses.

On a deeper level, Mars is the planet that helps us to overcome our fears. It gets us out of our heads and into our body. It allows us to put our fears and trepidations to the side and take that leap of faith into the unknown. 

Whether we fly or fall, Mars helps us to keep going.


Saturn is the planet of boundaries and restrictions. It wants us to take responsibility for our actions and to ensure we are moving from a place of groundedness and integrity. 

Saturn is also considered the Lord of Karma and wants us to sit in our lessons and in all that is uncomfortable, so we can really learn and grow.

Saturn is like a strict teacher, beckoning us to keep doing the work. But if we stick with it, we will eventually find ourselves reaping the rewards.

Saturn also rules over law, order, and government. It likes to honor past traditions and to keep tried and true establishments alive. 

Mars Saturn Square

As you can see, the energy of Mars and Saturn are very different. 

Mars is all about taking quick, fearless action, whereas Saturn is all about taking responsibility for our actions.

In astrology, a square is when two planets line up within 90 degrees of each other. This alignment indicates tension and can challenge the energy of both planets.

As Mars and Saturn square each other, we are likely to see a push-pull between their energy.

How this Manifests on a Personal Level:

On a personal level, we are likely to see this playing out when it comes to our energy levels and general feelings of motivation.

We may find ourselves feeling burnt out and in need of a recharge, or we may feel energized to get things done and check-off our to-do list.  

On a positive level, Mars Square Saturn can help us to take our ideas and go the distance. 

We can use Mars’ tenacity and fearlessness to take that leap of faith and then we can use Saturn’s sturdy, groundedness to bring that idea to life for the long term. 

Mars gives us the fuel to go, but Saturn directs where we go. Saturn wants us to use the fearless energy of Mars in a grounded and thoughtful way. It wants us to take our time and ensure that we are not acting on impulses but on logic.

While we have to listen to the rhythm and flow of our own soul, this energy is a good time to get hard things done and to find the stamina to go the distance on bringing our goals and dreams to life.

How this Manifests on a Global Level:

While we will feel the Mars Saturn Square internally, we are definitely going to see it playing out externally as well.

This is because Saturn is considered an “outer planet” and whenever we have an outer planet activated, it means that it affects us not only personally but also collectively.

On a global level, Mars Square Saturn has the potential to highlight the growing tensions around the world when it comes to freedom (Mars) and the rules being laid out by the government and world leaders (Saturn).

Saturn will want to keep things the same and adhere to the rules that have been passed down through the generations, whereas Mars will want to do things in its own way and on its own impulses.

Saturn will want to impose rules, restrictions, and create order. It will want to do things slowly, methodically, and avoid chaos in favor of groundedness.

Mars is the rebel, and will fight, sometimes selfishly, for what it believes to be true. Mars is definitely not interested in conforming, and while non-conformity can bring needed revolution and change, it can also create upset, destruction, and chaos.

Neither Mars nor Saturn is the “bad guy” they are both just different energies, and they both have their different gifts and lessons to offer. 

What will manifest exactly will depend on the consciousness of the collective, so under this heated alignment, it will be extra important to hold the light and to work from your own place of truth.

Under this Mars Square Saturn, we may also see leaders throwing around their power a little more and citizens fighting back.

This will also be amplified by Mars Square Pluto, which is also active during the coming months too.


Mars is very busy as you can see, and both Saturn and Pluto have been key players in the astrology of 2020, so everything is getting amped and electrified with these square configurations.

2020 has been a huge year that has brought so much to light.

All the darkness that has been exposed this year is there for us to heal, for us to change, and for us to ultimately transform as a whole.

Some of us have already undertaken this transformation on a personal level, but there is a call for the collective to rise up too.

Keep holding the light, and keep your thoughts, words, and actions rooted in your own Divine alignment.

As the Mars Square Saturn energy begins to fade, we may start seeing the results of any upheaval and what our next steps may be.

Some concessions are going to have to be made, and both Mars and Saturn will have to win a little and lose a little in this battle.

We may see some of Mars’ revolutionary freedoms thwarted but just the same, we may also see some of Saturn’s established traditions thwarted too. 

Exercises and Journal Prompts 

As Mars and Saturn battle over the coming months, we may feel this battle internally too. Here are some questions or journal prompts we can use to guide this energy- 

  • What old habits, patterns and traditions are no longer serving me?
  • Where do I need to step up and take a leap of faith?
  • If I couldn’t fail, what would I do?
  • How can I manage my energy levels?
  • How can I keep myself motivated to not give up on my dreams and goals?
  • What dreams and goals do I need to let go of?
  • When I am at my highest level of motivation, I feel…
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