Intuitive Astrology: Gemini Full Moon December 2022

gemini full moon astrology december

We have made it to the last Full Moon of 2022. Falling in the sign of the Gemini twins on December 7-8, this Full Moon carries some heated, charged energy. While it is not as intense as the Blood Moon Eclipse we had back in November, it may act as a trigger, reigniting or reawakening tender spots that were stirred at that time.

Gemini is represented by the twins, where one twin is mortal and the other immortal. The twins represent both sides of our being. We are both human and soul. There is part of us that will die and part of us that will live forever. This unity of our human selves and spiritual selves is what the Gemini Full Moon calls us to balance.

Under the Full Moon, we may find ourselves needing to honor and be patient with our human side. We are only human. It is ok that we have feelings, that we make mistakes, and that we don’t always know the way.

Just the same, we are going to have to work evenly to honor and respect our spirit side too. Our spirit side knows there are no wrong turns, no regrets, and no mistakes. Our spirit side knows that everything is a learning journey and that love is all there really is.

Both our human and spirit sides don’t always work in tandem, and it can be challenging for them to understand each other’s perspectives. Our human selves need necessities like food and shelter. Our soul selves need to follow what brings joy. Our human selves want stability and healing. Our soul selves know that all is temporary and that we are already healed. Finding balance between these two knowings can sometimes be tricky, but this Full Moon is our opportunity.

No matter what is coming up for you under this Full Moon, see if you can honor your human and soul side. See if you can connect with each of these parts of yourself like you were connecting with an old friend. Listen to what they have to say, treat them with respect, and balance will naturally follow.

As mentioned, there is some heated and charged energy around this Full Moon, mostly thanks to the presence of Mars, which is conjunct the Moon. Mars is also currently traveling retrograde, which amplifies its energy.

Mars is the planet of motivation, action, and energy. While in retrograde, we can feel challenged to question our motivations and actions and to reconsider what we are choosing to spend our energy on.

Our energy is a precious resource, so this Full Moon may also highlight what is worth spending our energy on and what needs to be released.

If you are wasting your energy on certain thought patterns, relationships, behaviors, and beliefs, this Full Moon is a good time to state them out loud and release them to the wind.

Mars’ presence may also have us feeling heated or charged up about something. It may be hard to keep our emotions in balance, but sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to be angry, to assert yourself, and to allow heated emotions to be released.

Sometimes we need to get things out and off our chest, and while there are conscious ways we can go about it, sometimes life circumstances can get the better of us.

This is ok. This is what makes us human. We don’t have to be love and light all the time. It is, in fact, more natural for us to embrace how we truly feel, even if we suspect that it is coming from a place of ego. Sometimes we have to give ourselves permission to just be human.

Many of us hold shame around feeling angry and expressing our anger. No one wants to feel angry, no one wants to be on the receiving end of it either, and while anger can be toxic at times, it is also a healthy and valid human emotion. Sometimes our anger just needs an escape for us to be free of it. Then, we can find it easier to regroup and understand where to go next.

The fiery and heated energy around this Full Moon could make us say something we regret or fuel up our emotions in a way that we may later feel a little ashamed about. But, be gentle with yourself. Don’t be too proud to apologize if you need to, but don’t walk back what you expressed if it is really how you feel.

Have the courage to honor your boundaries, who you are, and what you stand for. The more we express our anger and heated emotions, the better we get at doing so in a conscious and healthy way. It takes practice, so we have to keep trying.

Neptune is another planet active in the sky during this Full Moon. Neptune is the planet of intuition, so we may find ourselves receiving confirmation for something we have had an intuitive inkling about for some time.

Trust your instincts under this Full Moon, and if you need, the Universe will send signs of confirmation your way.

Overall, the astrology of the December 2022 Full Moon shows us that is ok for us to feel, to experience, and to test the boundaries we have built for ourselves.

We have to keep pushing, keep adapting, and keep challenging ourselves to continue our mission. Our human mission is to stay alive and healthy for as long as possible and to feel secure and stable. Our soul mission is to experience all the emotions of the rainbow: to love, to lose, to adapt, to grow, and to transform.

Life is a juggle between the two, but this Full Moon offers a bridge, helping us to find our balance and to nourish both sides of our experience here at Earth School.

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