Intuitive Astrology: Mercury in Cancer 2019

mercury in cancer astrology

For most of June and even part of July, Mercury will be in the sign of Cancer.

Mercury enters Cancer at least once a year so this energy is not rare, however, in 2019, Mercury’s journey through this water sign is particularly busy.

As Mercury gets settled into Cancer, it is going to be making a number of potent cosmic alignments involving Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, and the North Node, which are going to help us link the path of our soul with the path we have chosen.

We all come into this life with a soul plan, a blueprint of what we would like to achieve or learn during our time on Earth.

This blueprint is not a detailed letter, but rather an outline of our soul journey. When we get to Earth, we get to fill in the blanks. We get to decide the “how” based on our choices, our actions, our thoughts, and our words.

While Mercury is in Cancer, it is going to be guiding us to build a bridge between our choices and actions and the path laid out by our soul.

Mercury is not going to be acting alone, but its presence in Cancer triggers this energy and will allow us to travel deeper to uncover and work out whether we are on the right track or if we need to make adjustments.

You could say that Mercury is the journalist of our lives. The little scribe that documents, records, and writes down the facts and figures that make up our story.

While in Cancer, Mercury takes on a softer, gentler, and more intuitive quality. Mercury becomes less concerned with documenting the noise of the world around us and instead becomes more concerned with listening to our feelings and the wisdom and messages of the Universe.

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. Mercury has the ability to hear Divine messages and bring them to our conscious mind in a way we can understand them.

Mercury has the ability to make direct communication with our ancestors, our soul contract, our spirit guides, and our angels, and under Cancer energy, this gift is amplified.

Under this Mercury in Cancer energy in 2019, we all have the heightened ability to be able to tap into and listen to what our spirit team has to say.

In order to receive, channel or download these messages, we have to be willing to listen. We have to be willing to pay attention to the signs and clues around us and be open to what they mean.

The world is always guiding us through signs. When we need some direction, when we need some guidance, we can ask the Universe to show us the way. We can invite our angels and guides into our lives, and then watch and wait for the signs to appear.

Sometimes the signs come as a soft whisper, and other times they can be loud and unforgiving. Either way, when we ask, when we really open, the Universe will always guide us and send us the messages we need.

While Mercury travels through Cancer, we are going to get the opportunity to check in and ensure that we are walking in a direction that is serving not only our highest good but also the blueprint of our soul.

June is a powerful month for listening, communicating, accessing our truth, and our intuition. Mercury entering Cancer is just one of the pieces to all of this, but it is an important one, and one that we can really benefit from.

Mercury will be in Cancer from June 4-27th and will return in July during its retrograde. The most important days to watch and note for all signs include June 15-20th.

On these days, pay particular attention to your thoughts, your feelings, and to the whispers of your soul.

Make the time to journal, to meditate, to write down your dreams and feelings. Spend time in nature and in communication with your spirit team and nature.

To help you access these energies with greater ease, try my June Cosmic Meditation and recite this prayer out loud-

“I call on my Spirit Guides and Angels of the highest light to guide me to walk my highest path forever and always. Guide me to make the decisions that will bring me joy and honor my soul’s blueprint. Allow me to make decisions that benefit myself, others, and the world, and that hold me in Divine love. I remain open and grateful for all the signs you send. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

The world is far more magical than we have been told, and it is cosmic alignments like these that really allow us to look deeper, and see the world not as a solid, 3D place but as an ever-expanding frequency of vibrations, lights, and sounds.

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