Intuitive Astrology: Scorpio Season 2018

scorpio season astrology

Welcome to Scorpio season! Scorpio is the sign associated with death and rebirth, which is why we often find it one of the most profound times of the year.

The Sun officially moves into Scorpio on October 23rd, and it is at this point that we begin feeling the shift away from the airy energy of Libra, into the watery energy of Scorpio.

As a water sign, Scorpio energy is centered on our emotions and on the deeper, watery depths of our soul. It is on this level where the death and rebirth often occurs.

During this time we are naturally supported to become more aware of our emotional state and how we are really feeling. It is this awareness that allows us to make changes and create shifts in our behavior and thought processes.

As the Sun has been touring through Libra, the focus has really been on our relationships with others. This has been doubly true, considering that Venus is also in retrograde.

Now, that the Sun is in Scorpio, we are still going to be focusing on our relationships but the theme will be slightly different. While the focus for the last few weeks has been on relationships with others, the focus is now going to shift to the relationship with the self.

We cannot be in a loving relationship unless we love ourselves. We cannot be whole with another if we are not whole in ourselves. This transition from Libra to Scorpio energy will help us to understand this and will allow us to look at things on a deeper level.

Our relationships are truly like a mirror for us. Whenever there is an issue or a conflict, it is often because that person has awakened or activated something within us that needs to be healed.

People come in and out of our lives all the time pulling our triggers or even contributing to the formation of new ones. While we don’t need to tolerate being treated poorly, it is these people that are often our greatest teachers.

Under the Scorpio energy, and with Venus in retrograde through Scorpio as well, it may be time to think about how we have consciously or subconsciously led to the creation of what is before us.

Our thoughts don’t always create our reality, but they do indeed paint our reality and can cloud us from seeing the truth.

Under the influence of Scorpio energy, the truth is destined to rise up and hit us in a way that leads to a transformation and a deeper understanding of the self.

This is not something that can be forced, rather it is something to observe throughout the season.

If you want to harmonize yourself with the energies of Scorpio season, here are a few tips to help:

October 23-November 1:

During this phase of Scorpio energy we are encouraged to rise up and find our power and strength. We may find that a truth emerges or we may experience a type of “death”. At this time we have to do our best to remain calm and not get swept away in anger or grief. Grounding exercises can be particularly helpful at this time.

November 2-11:

This phase of Scorpio season could be called the “resurrection” phase. It is at this time that we enter into a state of high creativity and possibility. The old has melted away and we feel like change is in the air. We may feel drawn to energy healing, expanding our spirituality, and dabbling in the occult. To tap into this energy, consider making the time to do something creative or develop your intuition.

November 12-22:

During this phase of Scorpio season we enter into complete rebirth. This is a time where we find acceptance towards ourselves and towards whatever new chapter we are about to begin. The painful emotions of the past are easier to release and clear, and it will feel like the right time to move on. This is a powerful time to practice forgiveness and to look forward to the new possibilities on offer.

By the end of Scorpio season we would have all undergone a death and rebirth of some kind, and this only serves to bring us closer to our true selves.

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