Intuitive Astrology: Taurus Season 2021

taurus season 2021

Taurus Season brings some major planetary shifts, a Super Full Moon, opens a portal to the Pleiades, and prepares us for Eclipse Season!

If you have been feeling that 2021 is just flying by, then perhaps you are working in harmony with the planets more than you know.

For the last few months, we have had so much fiery, forward-moving energy supporting our dreams and goals. Things were destined to move fast and life may be pushing you in a new direction.

As Taurus Season 2021 arrives, this energy will begin to slow down. We will have a chance to catch our breath and reflect. We may also have some clearing to do, as we come into a deeper realization of what is no longer needed on our journey forward.

As we are soon heading into Eclipse Season, Taurus Season is a good time to unwind, spend some time pampering yourself, and to even plan a small adventure somewhere. Try not to overfill your plate in the coming weeks, and see if you can nail down a routine or bring some of this ultra-beneficial grounding energy into your life.

Let’s take a deeper look at what is instore and how we can best navigate this incredible season-

Taurus Season 2021

April 19/20- The Sun Enters Taurus

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th/20th (this will depend on your timezone). Out of fiery Aries energy and into the more grounded, and stable earth energy we go. Use the grounding vibrations of Taurus to establish a routine, cement your plans, and to create time for wellness.

April 22- Earth Day

In astrology, we spend so much time looking at the other planets that we kind of forget that Earth should have its moment too! Earth Day is about honoring our home planet, and it’s perfect that it arrives in Taurus Season as Taurus not only rules over Venus but also planet Earth.

April 22- Venus Conjunct Uranus

Uranus is going to be a planet to watch all through Taurus Season. This is because it is currently touring through Taurus until 2026. You can read more on Uranus in Taurus here and what energies this will bring over the years to come. Venus conjunct Uranus can highlight our relationships, activate our heart chakra, and get us thinking about our health and finances. If you are looking to refresh your look and to do something bold and different, you may receive some inspiration at this time.

April 23- Mercury Conjunct Uranus

This is a double dose of Uranus energy in just a few days. Uranus and Mercury can highlight our self-expression and need to communicate. Over these two days, we are likely to feel the changing and sometimes erratic energies that Uranus can bring. Uranus is also the awakener, so we may discover some ah-ha moments at this time too.

April 26/27- Scorpio Super Full Moon

This is the first Super Full Moon of the year and it falls in the sign of Scorpio. This is a powerful and potent Full Moon that is going to act as an amplifier. It will draw our attention to all the things we have been putting off and all the things the Universe would like us to focus on. It may even expose secrets or expose hidden information. There is strong cleansing energy associated with this Full Moon too, especially on an energetic/psychic level. The next Full Moon we experience will be a Blood Moon Eclipse, which is one of the major astrological events in 2021.

April 27- Pluto Retrograde

The first retrograde we have had in a while! The spell of having no planets in retrograde is now broken, with Pluto entering its annual retrograde. Pluto Retrograde is a subtle energy, but we may find ourselves looking over events from October of last year, and reflecting on how those decisions have influenced our growth and metamorphosis journey so far.

April 30- Sun Conjunct Uranus

Uranus is a planet to watch all through the season and here is where we may see its energy on full display. As the Sun and Uranus align, there are opportunities for awakening and illuminating discoveries, but as Uranus can sometimes bring wildcard energy, we may find ourselves feeling scattered or at the helm of some sudden changes. The energy of Uranus, especially in Taurus, can also be a potential trigger for natural disasters and issues around agriculture or farming. Part of the message of Uranus in Taurus is learning to look after our planet and draw our attention to the things we are doing that are no longer sustainable.

May 5- 555 Day

We reach the 5th day, of the 5th month in a number 5 year! 555 is a powerful numerology code and angel number that represents creativity and finding your joy, but it is also a sign that things are changing and you are getting ready to level up. Use the energies of this day to enhance your creative energies and to welcome any new inspirations or changes that follow.

May 11- Taurus New Moon

The Taurus New Moon brings some powerful energies and gets us ready for Eclipse Season. The energy of this New Moon feels like a nice time to retreat and to look after our inner wellbeing. As Black Moon Lilith is very active on this New Moon, it may also bring issues around gender equality to the surface.

May 13- Jupiter Enters Pisces (July 28)

This is the major event for Taurus Season. Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system says goodbye to Aquarius for just a short period of time as it enters Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces brings a fresh energy to work with and may activate and heighten our intuition and imagination. Jupiter in Pisces is known to draw our attention to the mystical and magical. On a personal level, we may also find ourselves revisiting or leveling up on the lessons and gifts that we were offered 12 years ago. Jupiter will only visit Pisces until July 28, so this energy won’t stick around for long, but Jupiter will return to Pisces again at the end of the year where it will remain for most of 2022.

May 17-22- Pleiades Portal

The Pleiades are a magical constellation of seven stars that have been revered by many ancient cultures all over the world. At this time of year, the Sun aligns with the Pleiades allowing us to receive and download messages from these stars with greater ease. The Pleiades have long been believed to be home to an advanced alien race and many on Earth feel connected to the Pleiades. You can read more on this here.

May 20- Sun in Gemini

Taurus Season comes to an end as the Sun moves into the air sign of Gemini.

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