Intuitive Astrology: Virgo Season 2021

virgo season 2021

Virgo Season begins shortly after the Aquarius Full Moon on August 22/23 (depending on your timezone). 

After the fiery, bold, and courageous energies of Leo Season, Virgo Season offers a different, and more grounded pace. 

Virgo is represented by the Virgin, which symbolizes independence, inner strength, and the knowing that we are made of Source energy- the same energy that makes up everything in the Universe.

In this context, “virgin” is a symbol of wholeness. Our innate and true state of being is already whole. We are the Universe in a human shell. We are the entire ocean in a drop of water, and it’s the energy that Virgo brings that can remind us of this.

Virgo is a resourceful sign, its gifts lie in making the best out of everything. Its independence and inner strength can teach us that not only can we fill our own cup, but we can also find practical ways to ensure that it never runs dry.

We can take all of that fiery, confidence-boosting energy we have sourced during Leo Season and integrate it onto a deeper level, using it as fuel for self-care, boosting our productivity, finding our independence, and knowing that everything we need is always within. 

Virgo Season 2021, is a fairly quiet one. Its energy seems to be a gentle guide as we reach the halfway point of the astrological year, which is marked by the September Equinox.

As we approach the Equinox at the end of Virgo Season, we may be able to look back on the journey we have traveled and start seeing how we can make the best of wherever we have landed.

Here are the key dates for Virgo Season 2021- 

Astrology of Virgo Season 2021

August 22- Sun in Virgo

The Sun enters Virgo shortly after the Aquarius Full Moon. As the Sun makes its way into the earthy sign of the Virgin, and the fiery Leo energy begins to dissipate, we may find ourselves slowing down and narrowing our focus. Virgo season is a good time to get organized, clear the clutter, and create a healthy relationship with our independence.

August 23- Venus Trine Saturn Rx 

This is a subtle energy, but I wanted to include it as it just feels extra nice! Venus rules over money, and Saturn can be a grounding, stabilizing force, indicating steady success when it comes to finances and calling in abundance. This energy is particularly favorable for creating “profits”, so if you have thought about selling something or making an investment, this energy may offer an added dose of support. It’s also a nice energy for creating balance and stability in your relationships, especially in the workplace or with clients.

August 29- Mercury in Libra/ Moon Wobble

Mercury, which is the ruling planet of Virgo, moves into Libra. In Libra, Mercury allows us to communicate in a way that is considerate, fair, and diplomatic. It may also inspire us to change up the aesthetics of our space or our wardrobe. On this day, we also have a Moon wobble, which occurs when the Sun squares the Lunar Nodes. Moon Wobbles can create some instability and are often linked to extreme weather patterns.

September 6- New Moon in Virgo 

This New Moon offers a mixed bag of energy. We may find ourselves feeling energized, spontaneous, and ready to try something we have always wanted to try. This is thanks to the energy of Mars and Uranus that are both active under this New Moon. On the other hand however, there is also a deeper energy that may see us retreat within to heal some old wounds or confront our shadow side. This energy comes from the asteroid Nessus, which orbits between Saturn and Pluto. In astrology, it represents a need to confront our darkest shadows, deal with ancestral traumas, and to work through patterns of abuse. It seems that this New Moon could swing in either direction for us depending on our own energy and what it is that we need to work on for our highest good.

September 10- Venus in Scorpio 

Venus enters the watery sign of Scorpio. We may find ourselves feeling extra sensitive and in tune with our emotions. Venus in Scorpio can also offer energy that makes it easier for us to connect with our sexuality and sensual desires. 

September 14- Mars in Libra 

Mars entering Libra will be a key theme as we navigate the month ahead. During Mars’ stay in Libra, it will conjunct the Sun and be a major player in the cosmic energy for the end of September and through to October. Heavy Mars energy can make us productive, energized, and fearless about forging ahead. On the flipside however, it can also trigger and provoke heated emotions and lead us to burnout if we are not careful about how we are choosing to use our resources. As Mars will be in Libra for most of this period, we are definitely being called to find our balance when it comes to how we work with this fiery, masculine energy.

September 20- Full Moon in Pisces

A sensitive and sweet Full Moon will light up the night sky in the sign of Pisces. This Full Moon calls for us to be gentle with ourselves and to spend time in quiet reflection. Things may not be what they seem, or there could be some foggy energy that is clouding our clarity. When this energy rolls in, it is our reminder to go within and trust our intuition. We may not have all the answers we need from the outside world, but navigating our inner world can lead to a trove of discoveries. 

September 22/23- Sun enters Libra/ Equinox 

Virgo Season comes to an end as we experience the Equinox- a time of equal night and day. The day before the Equinox is a power time when the energy grid of the Earth moves into harmony, and we can connect with the healing power of nature with greater ease. Be sure to spend some time soaking up the powerful healing qualities of the Earth on the 21st or 22nd- depending on your timezone. The Equinox is also a fantastic time for ritual work. Here is one you can try.

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