Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: June 21-26, 2021

weekly tarot reading
The Tarot deck pictured is Uusi’s ‘Pagan Otherworlds

The Empress and The Sun

Our cards this week are very fitting for the celebration of the Solstice and the start of Cancer Season. They remind us of our inner power and the glory of the sun’s beauty.

We are called to embrace both our fierce strength and our playful innocence. We have the ability to tap into either side whenever we need. The balance of these sides helps us to be whole in ourselves, we are both the parent and the child in one.

The Sun is a joyful card that depicts rays of light flowing out into the Universe and a baby riding a white horse. Innocence, happiness, and connecting to our inner child are all aspects of this card.

The Sun card reflects on the ideas of life, death, and rebirth. The card offers the gifts of presence, hope, and faith. This is a card of healing, especially when it comes to our emotions.

The Sun card is pointing us to a path of loving our inner child and coming to a place of safety, protection, and recovery. The Universe wants us to know it is holding us, even in the moments when we feel far removed from its love.

To work with the energy of this card, do something that you loved as a child that you haven’t done in a while. Take time to embrace your playful and silly side. Look at pictures of yourself as a kid and have a conversation with that little you.

This might bring up heavy emotions or joyful ones. Whatever comes up for you, know that you can support yourself through your wisdom and strength.

This is also where the Empress comes in to help. This card wants us to love ourselves as we would a young child. It asks us to treat ourselves with patience and kindness, to be the parent we always needed.

Allow the energy of The Empress to wash over you and take steps to love yourself more deeply this week. Know that unconditional love is available to you. The Universe loves and supports you just as you are.

The Empress’ strength comes from being gentle. She is compassionate and kind without asking for anything in return. She is inviting us to embrace the maternal energy in our own lives.

This could be through bonding with our mother figures, spending time in Mother Nature, or connecting to the mother energy that lives inside of us.

Many of us are craving nurturing from our inner-parent for our inner-child. Nature can help inspire us on how to take better care of ourselves. The Empress brings forward these beautiful and caring vibrations.

Go outside and see the clouds. Collect shells and rocks that you find beautiful. Get the dirt on your hands. Write a love letter to yourself.

As we make our way through the world this week, intentionally call forth the energy of the mother. These fertile, creative, and warm undercurrents will soothe you and keep you grounded. You are loved.

Mantra for the week: I am both the parent and the child in one being. I nurture myself with patience and love.

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