Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: November 30-December 6, 2020

weekly tarot reading

The Five of Disks and The Queen of Cups

We start this week with the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which takes us into Eclipse season. This valuable energy can be used to awaken, connect, and grow ourselves individually and globally.

We can tap into the power around us to release and replenish our spirit. The cards are here as guides on how to ride the waves of these vibrations.

In Tarot, I believe every card holds both its meaning and its medicine. And the meaning of the Five of Disks could not be more perfect for this moment.

This card speaks to our worry, heaviness, and overwhelm. We feel like there is nothing to do except put our heads down and push through our pain alone. It points to our darkness but also how to come into the light.

We often worry and create stories about things that never become a reality. We spend our time in this fearful space instead of allowing more wondrous things to happen. We are so worried about what will go wrong that we miss out on what is going right.

Sometimes our worries can get us in such a tizzy that we start to feel controlled by them. We make decisions around our worries and start limiting our life. We stop letting ourselves experience the moment uninhibited and we are no longer free.

Under the spell of worry, we don’t take risks or go after what we want. We miss out on fun, spontaneity, and adventure. Worry says, make your life small and predictable.

The medicine of the Five of Disks tells us to let go of pride or fear and ask for help when we are in this state. If we just lift up our heads, we will see that there are many around us that can relate to our struggles.

There is warmth, willingness, and connection waiting for us from those that love us. But we have to be brave in order to share our pain and ask for help.

That does not mean others can solve our problems, but they can make it a little lighter. They can be an ear to listen to and a shoulder to cry on. Their presence will make it easier to weather the storm.

In our own work, we can practice calling out our anxious thoughts when they arise. If we start to notice them, we can interrupt the cycle of worry. We can say to ourselves, ‘just because I had the thought, does not mean it’s true.’

Through the support of our loved ones plus our own awareness and compassion, we can start to be in control of our anxious minds. But the main lesson of this card is that we do not have to do this work alone.

The Queen of Cups is also here to aid in our comfort and allow us to be in tune with our emotional world. She deeply empathic, sensitive, and creative.

The Queen shows us how to use these strengths in order to heal and connect to our greater purpose. She deeply aligned with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and her Goddess energy is present for us all.

The Queen of Cups sits in a thrown made of shells as she reflects on the water’s edge. Her energy radiates both peace and protection.

This Queen is the ultimate nurturing mama. She brings her watery and soothing energy to help us feel calm and restored.

The Queen asks: How can we care for our spirit? How can we release and restore in our bodies? What creative and spiritual practices are calling our hearts?

This is the ideal week to do something special for ourselves. Whether a Full Moon Ritual, nurturing our bodies or tapping into our creative energies. Allow the power of the Eclipse to work through you and listen to the wisdom of the cards.

Mantra for the week: I release patterns of thinking that no longer serve me and I call in strength and truth. There is support and love all around me.

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