Numerology of September 11, 2018

numerology september 11

September 11, 2018 holds the numerology code of 91111 making it a powerful day for spiritual awakenings, healing, and connecting with angelic realms.

Numbers carry a sacred meaning and hold their own vibration, however certain numbers like 9 and 11 hold more weight and are therefore, more significant when they are seen together.

On their own, the number 9 is synonymous with endings, creation, and the Universe as a whole, and the number 11 is synonymous with awakenings and spiritual advancement.

When these numbers come together, we have a powerful surge of high frequency energy which we are able to tap into if we allow ourselves to become aware of it.

911 is the calling card of the light worker and healer. If you see 911 a lot, it could be a sign that you are on the path to becoming a healer, or it could also indicate that you have angels and spirit guides around you now that are there to help you heal.

91111 adds to this vibration, and helps us to advance our spirituality and heal on an even deeper level.

This day also holds the vibration of 4 (digital root of 91111) which represents finding your strength and feeling grounded.

Together, all these energies are going to help us tap and tune into higher frequencies. We are going to have the potential to heal emotional and spiritual wounds at a faster rate, and we are also going to find it easier to get grounded and find our strength.

In order to access this energy, here is a quick exercise you can do:

1.) Sit in lotus or lay down in a comfortable position. You can also sit upright in a chair with your feet on the floor.

2.) Close your eyes. Take 9 deep breaths in and out, and imagine a beautiful green light coming up from the ground and traveling up your feet to the top of your head.

3.) Visualize the green light surrounding you, protecting you, nourishing you, and healing you. Feel the light melting and softening away any worries or stresses.

4.) Now you are going to take 11 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. On the exhale of each breath recite the following mantra to yourself (or feel free to write your own). –

  • Breath 1: “I am light”
  • Breath 2: “I am cleansed”
  • Breath 3: “I let go of all that no longer serves me”
  • Breath 4: “I am healed and I am whole”
  • Breath 5: “I am beautiful”
  • Breath 6: “My body supports me”
  • Breath 7: “I am strong”
  • Breath 8: “Everything is working out perfectly”
  • Breath 9: “I am open to the Divine”
  • Breath 10: “I am one with Source/God/The Universe”
  • Breath 11: “I am where I am meant to be”

5.) After your last breath, close your eyes and visualize the green light surrounding you once more. Feel at peace in your body and with yourself.

6.) Open your eyes and shake your body. If you wish, you can also journal, do some art work, or continue meditating.

91111 is a special set of numbers with a potent vibration. It is easy to dismiss days like these, but, if you take the time to tune in, you may just notice or sense a subtle shift.

Observe what happens on this day, see if you can notice how the energy shifts, or what events take place in your surroundings.

Numbers are more sacred than we realize, and on a day like 91111 we can tune in and feel their potential with greater ease. But don’t just take my word for it, open your mind and see if you can notice the shift!

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