The Chiron Return

chiron return

Chiron is an asteroid which sits in the sky between the planets Saturn and Uranus, acting as a bridge between the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus).

The symbol for Chiron looks like a key as it is believed to be the key to our soul and the key to integrating the responsibilities and wisdom that Saturn brings, with the freedom, liberation and new innovations that Uranus brings.

In mythology, Chiron was a centaur known as the “wounded healer” as he learned to use his own wounds as a way to heal others. He learned to turn his wounds into strengths.

In astrology, Chiron works mostly on a spiritual level, and between the ages of 49-51, we all experience the culmination of what Chiron has been trying to teach us.

When we reach this age, we have what is called our Chiron Return. This is when Chiron returns to the exact position it was on the day we were born.

Returning to this position represents the journey Chiron has taken. It represents Chiron coming back to where he started in order to begin again and to walk a new cycle.

At this time in our lives, we begin to really understand the lessons and journey that Chiron has been encouraging us to walk through. We also begin to understand our own wounds, and how our own wounds have led us to heal others and ourselves.

Chiron doesn’t want us to think of our wounds as a weakness. He wants us to think of them as strengths, and it often takes until our Chiron Return for us to fully understand this.

We all have wounds in this life. We all have things we cannot change and painful pasts that are hard to erase. Chiron encourages us to heal and work through these, but he also encourages us to consider our wounds as portals of power.

When we experience pain, heartache, and loss, that is when we open. It is when we are in these states that we experience pure vulnerability and pure openness. When our heart breaks our heart opens, and it is often through these experiences that we awaken and step into a new truth.

When we reach the ages of 49-51, we are often tested and challenged to finally draw out the strength and wisdom that our wounds have bought us; we are finally shown just how our wounds have allowed the light to enter.

Around this time we may also feel hard-hit by the Universe, especially if we have not come to terms with our wounds or with the wisdom they contain.

Many of us shy away from pain and suffering. No one wants to suffer; no one wants to feel pain, and yet, it is so much a part of our human experience and what we have come here to move through.

Our human minds label suffering and pain as bad, but to our soul, it is something quite different. Our suffering is a path to transformation, it is a path to awakening, it is a path to a new level of light, and Chiron wants us to see this. Chiron is the key that wants us to open to this.

When we have our Chiron Return, we start to come to terms with who we are and just how our wounds have shaped the journey we have traveled. We start to look at our wounds not as annoyances, but as gifts for what they have shown and taught us.

Around this time of our lives, we may also undergo a deeply transformative healing. This may be triggered by certain events, or it may just be a culmination of thoughts and feelings that have been brewing for some time.

Around our Chiron Return, we really have the power and potential to heal, to mend the wounds that have kept us held back, and to push through the blockages we have associated with them.

Around this time, many find a new level of freedom when it comes to the pains and traumas of their past, and many reach a new level of awakening as well.

Chiron’s journey is definitely a spiritual one, and raising up to a new level of consciousness is not uncommon during a Chiron Return.

Chiron wants us to find our power and our strength. It wants to remind us of the power we have to heal, the power we have to forgive, and the power we have to love.

During our Chiron Return, we are given the gift of being able to release our baggage, release our pains and suffering, and step forward into a new journey and a new chapter in our lives.

Often once we have experienced our Chiron Return, we feel freer and less bounded by our wounds. We understand the importance of healing, but we also understand that our wounds have helped us to become the person we are today.

At this time in our lives, we feel free to be who we are. We don’t feel restricted or that we need to “fix” anything, instead we feel the power in loving ourselves just as we are.

The Chiron Return usually lasts for about two years and is often one of the most healing and spiritually transformative periods of our lives.

Feel free to share your Chiron Return stories in the comments below!

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