Uranus Opposition: The Midlife Crisis

uranus opposition

In Astrology there are a few critical time periods in our lives. We have the Jupiter Return, which happens every 12 years, the Saturn Return which first happens from the ages of 28-31, and the Uranus Opposition which happens from the ages of 40-42.

Essentially, that “midlife crisis” you hear people talk about is actually their Uranus Opposition and is something we will all experience to varying degrees.

Uranus is the planet of change. It is the planet that likes to break the rules and do things its own way. It is the planet of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. It is the planet that encourages us to smash down walls and do things differently.

Uranus is also the planet of awakening. Often it brings surprises or presents hurdles for us to jump through when we least expect it. It does this to catch us off guard in order to remind us not to get too attached or stuck to a certain way of living.

Uranus shakes up our lives in order to awaken us deeper. It brings sudden movement and instant change in order to keep us on our toes and to keep us in the flow of life.

Whenever Uranus energy is strong in the cosmos, it is our reminder to go with the flow and to release all expectations. We’ve all heard the quote- “plan, and fate laughs”, well in this case, Uranus is definitely fate in action.

Around the age of 40-42, Uranus aligns exactly opposite where it was in the cosmos on the day you were born. This represents a pivotal turning point on your journey, and the start of a new chapter in your life.

An opposition in astrology is the moment where you are staring at yourself in the mirror. You are standing directly opposite yourself and are able to see the truth. It’s like the light turns on and things around you are illuminated in a new way.

An opposition can definitely be confronting, which is why this time period of your life can be challenging. It is almost like you are forced to come to terms with the life you have been living and what you want to stick with and what you want to leave behind.

If you have been living your life on autopilot and have found yourself swept up in your job, in your home and family life, and have not really spent time checking in with yourself, this period can trigger a huge awakening.

Very often some big changes are observed around this time, and you may feel the desire to break free, to smash the boundaries and walls that have kept you confined, and just get out there and do something radical.

This is why people may feel the urge to do things such as buy expensive cars, change their appearance, hold onto their youth, and question where they are at in their lives.

It is at this time in our lives where we wake up to who we are and where we want to be. It is a time where we are forced to look in the mirror and come to terms with what we see and feel.

Uranus Opposition brings some gifts as well and helps you to stop caring so much about what other people think. It often inspires you to take action on your dreams and to start living for yourself.

The Uranus opposition opens and awakens us to realize that we don’t have forever and that we have to start living the life that we want right now. It encourages us to release our fears, to let go of the boundaries and restrictions we have placed on ourselves and to just go for it.

Uranus Opposition may also make us feel our mortality a little more, and we may begin feeling older or out of touch with pop culture. While aging is natural and something we all go through, it is important to remember that we are only as young or as old as we feel.

If you haven’t already been doing so, Uranus Opposition may also force you to also pay attention to your health and to make changes to your diet and exercise routine.

Uranus Opposition can affect everyone differently, but it is not a time to be feared. Rather, it is a time to embrace and welcome as an opportunity to make some changes.

If you are feeling stagnant, sluggish, or stuck in a rut, your Uranus Opposition presents plenty of opportunities to make some changes, to energize your life again and to start living for yourself.

Uranus Oppositions can be felt brewing in your late 30’s and can linger till your mid 40’s, but this time period can be the most rewarding and pivotal of your life.

Got a Uranus Opposition story to share? Leave a comment below.

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