8 Ways that Spirit Guides Communicate with Us

spirit guide communication

Learning to connect with your spirit guides or angels is one of the most valuable tools you can undertake on your conscious journey. (Interested in learning how to connect? Read: How to Connect with your Spirit Guides.)

Connecting is one thing, but how do we know when we are receiving a message? How do we know when our spirt guides or angels are really there?

Here are 8 of the most common ways that Spirit Guides or Angels communicate with us:

1.) Seeing Number Patterns or Sequences: Do you keep seeing the same number or patterns of numbers repeated again and again? Do you look over at the clock and see the same time again and again? This is a message from your angels or guides that they are around looking out for you and that your message has been received and is in motion to becoming a reality.

2.) Seeing Lights or Orbs: Orbs have long been associated with ghosts or non-physical entities, especially when they come up in photos. Seeing flashing or sparkling lights however, could indicate that angels or guides are close by. White lights are usually seen when our guardian angels are present and colored lights such as blue are usually seen when archangels are present.

3.) Seeing a Butterfly, Dragonfly or Moth: Of course this may not count if you are in a butterfly sanctuary, but seeing a butterfly, dragonfly or moth, especially in an odd place usually is a sign from the heavens. These delicate creatures often represent a loved one who has passed and is a sign that they are happy, looked after and are sending you well wishes.

4.) Hearing a Song/Music: Do you have random songs pop into your head that seem to play on repeat? This can often be a sign from your guides and often the song being played holds a special message that we need to pay attention to. Alternatively, this could also be a sign to just relax, enjoy and go with the flow.

5.) Hearing your Name Called: You hear your name called but there is no one else around- this is a sign from the angels that they are around and ready to hear all your wishes and desires. This is a sign that you need to look to the Divine to ask for what it is that you want and that your angels are ready and willing to help.

6.) Automatic Writing: feeling the urge to pick up a pen or type furiously at the keyboard can be another sign from above, especially if the words typed carry a message, a poem or seem to be cryptic or of another language or writing style. This is a way in which our guides communicate with us and is also a way that you can practice learning to open communication. Simply sit comfortably at the computer or with a paper and pen and begin writing with the intention of allowing your guides to take over.

7.) Hearing High Pitched Ringing: Ruling out medical conditions, when you hear a high pitched frequency ringing in your ears this is often a sign that your spirit guides are around and want you to pay close attention to the present situation. Perhaps you just said something important, or perhaps there is something happening around you now that you need to pay close attention to.

8.) Having Vivid or Reoccurring Dreams: Having the same dream over and over again, or an extremely vivid dream is often a way in which the divine communicates with us. If dreams like this occur, its best to write them down and reflect back on them later in the day as to what they may mean. Often the feeling that the dream leaves, not so much the content holds the answer.

While these are some of the common ways that our angels or guides communicate with us we have to remain open to the fact that communication can also be personal and unique depending on the situation and person.

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  • pinar

    Before good or bad events happening which will definitely affect my life, I see the sea as a message. According to the sea’s condition (wave type, color,smell etc.) and the people around me at that moment in my dream, indicate the future emotions of the event (that I will intensely feel and live) which will happen mostly around 2-3 days time. I tested these dreams so many times and they always happen. Can these signs also be from spirit team or guardian angels? what do you think?

    • Wow! That’s interesting, thank you for sharing! Yes, dreams are definitely a way that your angels and guides can communicate with you. The symbol of the water is also probably important to you specifically. Perhaps water is a very healing thing for you, or you have many water signs in your astrology.

    • WhimsyLife

      You could also be an Earth Empath. Dr. Judith Orloff talks about this a lot.

  • Jennnnnnn

    I came across this article and want to share my experience. Just lastnight before going to sleep I prayed to God and my spiritual guides for an answer to a personal question. I asked them to send me a sign in the form of an apple, red apple would mean a yes and yellow or green apple would mean a no. I had been pretty upset leading upto this point about the personal issue I was questioning. I woke up this morning showered got dressed and went to school. I went to the library as I do every morning and I unknowingly sat next to an acquaintance from one of my classes. He turns to me and says hi, and we begin having small talk. He then offers me a banana I say no bc they often make my throat itchy. In an
    Instant after that I turn to him and say do you have anything else to eat, I wasn’t even hungry, he said yea an apple. I hesitated for a moment and then asked red or green, he said red. If that wasn’t the clearest sign from my spirit guide and God I don’t know what is.

    • wow that’s so cool!

    • WhimsyLife

      Lovely! 🙂

  • Shawnee

    Just this morning, I woke up with the song “Wings” by Little Mix in my head. It was very odd, considering I hadn’t gone to sleep listening to it, or thought anything about the song when I first woke up. The main part that kept running through my head was part of the chorus – “No matter what you say it won’t hurt me, don’t matter if I fall from the sky, these wings were made to fly.” I thought nothing of it, until I read this post. I’m going through a very rough time in my life right now, what with being about to graduate, and all of these people being rude to me and trying to bring me down. So now, I believe that this was a message from my spirit guide, whom I believe may be my grandmother. She was the one who raised me, and always helped me through everything, so it makes sense. If that isn’t a very clear sign to keep my head up, I do not know what is.

  • WhimsyLife

    What does it mean when your bed shakes a bit? Not violently, but moves sort of back and forth? Also, a dropping sound on the floor next to my bed. Both things happened to me in one place I lived. In another apartment I was in a deep sleep and it felt like someone pounded the foot of my bed. That freaked me out and I shot up and no one was there…This same apartment was where my son and I always felt as if something was watching us.
    Recently in Lake Tahoe I was alone in my friends cabin in the bathroom and noticed my clothes hanging on a towel rack start to move downward. I wasn’t scared and am always asking for my angels and spirit guides to show me signs etc. So maybe it was a sign?? I’m an empath and very intuitive too. Just trying to understand what all these things mean. Sorry for the long post!

    Thanks so much for any insight you can provide 🙂