3 Best Crystals for Empaths

crystals for empaths

This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems.

Being an empath can be both a blessing and a curse. It is a tough world out there, especially these days with the global shifts we are currently experiencing.

As highly sensitive beings, empaths tend to absorb other people’s energy, thoughts, and feelings without even realizing it.

If you are an empath, you may have often felt that your mood takes a sudden plunge and you are extremely exhausted, anxious or stressed out after being around certain people or in situations involving huge crowds, loud noise, and/or a lot of communication with others.

That is why empaths need a lot of me-time to rest and recharge their batteries.

As an empath myself, I can say that alone time is absolutely vital for my mental and physical well-being. I have often felt completely fatigued even after a few hours at a social gathering.

Over the years, I have also started to realize what an immense impact television programs and movies can have on my mood and sense of well-being.

Each time I watch a violent movie, I feel my body instantly tightening up and a general sense of unrest taking over me. The same happens when I hear or see people fighting or yelling at each other, or when I’m around an angry or an irritated person.

That is why I know how important it is to protect yourself if you are an empath as well. There are several options to do that, such as setting boundaries with toxic people, avoiding large groups of people whenever possible, and spending plenty of time in nature.

Another great way to cleanse, re-energize, and restore yourself is to work with crystals and stones. Their gentle healing properties and natural beauty are an amazing way to replenish your body and soul.

Here are my top three best crystals for empaths-

Black Tourmaline

This incredibly powerful stone should be part of any empath’s crystal collection. Black Tourmaline surrounds you with an extremely potent protective shield, clearing away any toxic energy and thoroughly purifying your aura.

This crystal also protects against any kind of energy leakages, energy vampires, toxic energy, and helps to enforce boundaries between yourself and others.

Black Tourmaline also has strong grounding properties, as it is closely connected to the Root Chakra. Working with this enchanting black stone will strengthen and balance your energy, so that you will not be easily overwhelmed by feeling other’s pain and suffering.

It will also boost your vitality and willpower, so that you are ready to face even the toughest challenges. It will also dissolve any fears and negativity that you may have picked up from the collective consciousness and the mass media.

If your work or daily routine involves constant communication with others, counseling, or listening to other people’s problems, be sure to carry a Black Tourmaline stone in your pocket or purse to protect you and dissolve any kind of negative energy.

Clear Quartz

One can never have too many Clear Quartz crystals! They have such universal healing properties that absolutely anyone can benefit from working with these elegant translucent crystals.

Clear Quartz is a high vibrational crystal that opens one’s soul to the spiritual world and enhances connection with the Divine realm. It will help you reach a higher state of awareness and spiritual growth thanks to its close connection with the Crown Chakra.

As an empath, you may often feel anxious or unwell without any obvious reason. Clear Quartz crystals emit incredibly harmonizing and uplifting vibrations, filling your mind and body with clarity and tranquillity.

It is a crystal that starts to act very fast and supports healing of any physical illness or condition that you or your loved ones may suffer from.

It is also good to know that Clear Quartz has a unique power to amplify the healing qualities of all other crystals and gemstones. Before you start working with a Clear Quartz crystal, however, be sure to program it with a positive intention, such as healing a specific condition, manifesting vibrant health, or attracting true love or abundance into your life.

Clear Quartz will enhance your focus, improve patience, and bring you spiritual insights. It will help you release any deep-rooted fears, such as fear of loneliness or rejection.

You will feel clarity of mind and a sense of serenity, which is especially vital if you’re an empath and vulnerable to energy drain and emotional overload.


If you would like to develop your empathic abilities further or unlock your psychic abilities, Labradorite is a wonderful crystal to work with, as it helps to enhance clairvoyance, telepathy, and energetic healing gifts.

It brings you visions from the Spirit world and sharpens your psychic senses by making you more sensitive to energy currents and vibrations.

Turn to Labradorite if you have trouble falling asleep due to all the thoughts that keep whirling in your mind. This crystal helps to balance an overactive mind. It is great for empaths as they are often picking up information and thought matter from the mass consciousness.

Labradorite is also a powerful crystal for aura protection. It has an amazing ability to heal and reinforce your energy field and close any existing leaks or holes. It protects you against energetic attacks and energy vampires by surrounding your aura with a potent protective shield.

Furthermore, Labradorite helps you recognize potentially dangerous situations and people with evil intentions.

How to Use these Crystals:

To benefit from the healing and harmonizing energies of these three crystals, carry one in your purse or pocket throughout the day, or wear it as jewelry.

Another great way to work with crystals is to hold them in your hands during meditation.

Take a deep breath and focus your mind on inhaling peace, harmony, and clarity, while exhaling any existing fear, sadness, confusion or chaos.

Feel each cell of your body being purified and charged with the Universal Source energy of love and light. Stay in this blissful state of mind for as long as you feel like.

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