3 Crystals for Manifestation

This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems.

Each one of us is a powerful creator.

Our soul is part of the divine consciousness and therefore, it has limitless potential to manifest the life that we desire.

All we need to do is to send out a signal by focusing our thoughts on what we wish to create in this life, and believe with all our heart that sooner or later our dreams will turn into reality.

For manifestation to work, the trick is to let go of all fear, doubt and uncertainty concerning the fulfillment of our desires. We really do need to have unwavering faith in our own soul power and trust the divine timing.

I know that it might sound like a cliché, but what we dream about will come when the time is right.

I have seen from my own personal experience that each time I try to force something to happen, it has the exact opposite effect.

By now, I really have come to realize the importance of detachment from the outcome, and instead of desperately overthinking when and how things will happen, I do my best to allow things to unfold naturally.

Here is a selection of 3 crystals that I have intuitively chosen for you to help you to manifest your dreams-


Best for manifesting: health, wealth, heart’s desire, relationships, romance, love, healing

Emerald has been held in high esteem since ancient times for its enchanting beauty and unique healing properties.

You can wear it as a talisman of luck and protection, but it is also a perfect crystal for manifesting your heart’s desires.

In many corners of the world, it is believed that this bright green crystal has the magical ability to manifest one’s dreams into reality.

Before you start working with an Emerald crystal, be sure to program it with an intention. It can be anything you wish to manifest in your life, such as true love, a soulmate connection, health and wellbeing, or material wealth.

Once you have said your intention out loud or quietly in your mind, Emerald will start helping you fulfill your heart’s desire.

Emerald is one of the most powerful Heart Chakra crystals, and therefore it can help you attract love and a romantic relationship.

Turn to this crystal to heal your heart and open up any existing blockages caused by past traumas and emotional wounds.

Emerald will also help you let go of resentment, guilt, and blame, so that you can forgive and make peace with your past. It is a great crystal to mend heartbreak and pain caused by a divorce or a bad breakup.

The gorgeous green hue of Emerald gemstone reminds us that after a period of darkness and despair, there will always be rebirth and renewal. It has incredibly uplifting and rejuvenating energy that can inspire new beginnings and spiritual growth.

It is also well- known as a crystal of fertility because of its close connection with the Goddess Venus.


Best for manifesting: prosperity, wealth, abundance, change, personal power

Citrine is one of the best crystals to manifest material wealth and prosperity. It carries bright and cheerful vibes that invite joy and brand new opportunities into your life.

Citrine is also a great crystal to enhance intuition and psychic gifts, as it can bring you clarity of mind and valuable spiritual insights.

It can help you unlock your intuition and listen to your inner-guidance, so that your intentions and actions will be aligned with truth and integrity.

Citrine helps you stay optimistic in the face of challenges, so that instead of being stressed out or overcome by fear, you can start looking at the bright side of life. When you have a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards life, it will be much easier to manifest your dreams.

Once you start believing that anything is possible and that you are the artist creating a masterpiece, which is your own life, you will be able to attract abundance effortlessly.

Citrine can help activate and open up your Solar Plexus chakra, which is closely connected to our sense of self-worth and personal power.

If the energy is flowing freely through this chakra, you will be able to manifest your heart’s desires and attract abundance in every area of your life.

You will feel empowered and confident to make long-overdue changes and take risks when the timing is right.

Red Aventurine

Best for manifesting: courage, confidence, new opportunities, career success, abundance

We all have dreams, but often we lack the courage and willpower to turn these dreams into reality.

Intense self-doubt and a non-stop stream of questions in our mind, such as: “Am I good enough? Am I strong enough to follow through with this? Do I have what it takes? Will I survive if I take this leap of faith?” can plunge us deep into a black hole.

In case this has happened to you, turn to Red Aventurine for a boost of courage and confidence.

Red Aventurine energies affect all three lower chakras, so working with this crystal will help activate and open up your Root, Sacral as well as Solar Plexus chakras.

Since all of these chakras are closely connected to your vitality and life force energy, there is a great chance you will be feeling more energetic, confident, and empowered.

Once you start believing in your own abilities, skill and talents, everything else will follow naturally. That is why this stunning red crystal is especially great for manifesting financial prosperity and attracting new opportunities, valuable business contacts, and career success.

Red Aventurine also helps to swiftly overcome extreme fatigue and exhaustion by boosting your physical strength, endurance, as well as sexual energy.

It will also help to tap into your creative talents and abilities so that you could manifest beautiful and amazing works of art.

You will feel positive and enthusiastic about life and passionate about turning your dreams into reality. This sends a strong signal to the Universe that you believe with all your heart that you are indeed worthy and deserving of whatever it is that you wish to manifest in your life, and in turn, your dreams will manifest faster.

Even in the darkest hour, there is always a glimmer of hope. We are the creators of our reality and what we focus on, we manifest.

Therefore, visualizing your dreams while keeping a positive attitude and feeling good about yourself will help to bring your heart’s desires into reality.

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Elina Allais

Elina Allais is a Crystal Healer and the author of the uplifting eBook The Inspiring Stories of 33 Crystals, which features powerful positive affirmations and gorgeous photos of crystals. Her poems and articles on crystals and their amazing healing properties have inspired readers all over the world. For as long as she can remember, Elina has been drawn to everything that is mystical and magical. From the moment she became acquainted with the world of crystals, it was love at first sight. Her knowledge of crystals and their usage in holistic healing therapies is outstanding, but what is perhaps more important, is her soulful connection with crystals and her respect for their true power.