Intuitive Astrology: Neptune Retrograde 2021

neptune retrograde

Neptune enters its annual retrograde from June 25th until December 1st, 2021 through the tropical zodiac of Pisces.

Neptune turning retrograde gives us a total of four planets in retrograde, including Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

With so many planets in retrograde motion, there is a strong focus to revisit the past, to look over things before moving ahead, and to pause and reflect.

Considering we have so much retrograde energy swimming through the cosmos at the moment, this Neptune Retrograde will be subtle.

In fact, it seems Neptune is entering the underworld in almost a private manner, not wanting to draw attention to itself.

The underworld is where the ancients believed a planet went when it entered retrograde motion.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, wishes, illusions, but also higher realms of consciousness and unconditional love.

On lower levels of its energy, Neptune can make us feel confused and foggy. But when we learn to transcend this, we can tap into a deeper spiritual awareness and feel what it really means to love unconditionally.

Neptune is also the planet of Oneness and if we are open, it allows us to feel the truth of this for ourselves.

It allows us to feel that we are all just one big soul, sprinkled through different bodies.

I am you, and you are me. We are one and the same, even though it may not look like that on the surface.

Neptune is not concerned with surface-level things, especially when it is traveling through the underworld.

Neptune is all about the unseen, it wants us to stretch our minds beyond the physical and look deeper, not with our eyes but with our eye.

As Neptune travels retrograde over these coming months there are a few themes that we may see manifesting-

Neptune Retrograde Breaks Illusions

Neptune Retrograde helps to shatter any illusions, allowing us to see things for what they really are.

When Neptune is moving direct, it loves to look at the world and see all colors. There are no hard truths with Neptune, for it can find the truth in everything.

When Neptune enters retrograde however, it becomes a little more discerning and we are able to see things in a more definitive way.

As it enters retrograde, you could say it is like getting backstage tickets to a magic show. Suddenly the smoke and mirrors are no longer there to distract you and you can see things as they really are.

Neptune will be asking us to revisit events that have been unfolding in our lives since November 2020, and see if there are any misguided truths or illusions that need to be shattered.

Interestingly, Neptune also rules over viral infections, so we may also receive some news around that too, and perhaps some new information coming to the surface. The week leading up to Neptune going retrograde (June 25) and then direct again (December 1) will be the dates to watch.

Neptune Retrograde Brings us to Back to Reality

For many of us, the last year has felt a bit like a dream. There have been changes and upheavals for so many of us. Perhaps we don’t recognize ourselves or our lives anymore.

Neptune Retrograde may bring us back down to reality a bit, and help us to get grounded in whatever “new reality” we may be finding ourselves in.

We may also start to gain some new acceptance around the direction of our lives and begin to see a path forward.

If you are feeling uncertain about anything in your life, Neptune Retrograde is a good time to take stock of where you are and to focus on how you can start taking steps in the direction of your choosing.

To guide you with this, start focusing on what you feel clear about, rather than what you don’t, and keep taking steps in that direction.

Neptune Retrograde and Spiritual Growth

Neptune is the planet of spiritual wisdom and understanding. Its energy helps us to explore realms beyond this one and dive into what is behind the veil. By working with its frequency, we can connect to our intuition, dreams, creativity, and psychic abilities with greater ease.

In fact, Neptune Retrograde is the perfect time to keep a dream journal or to start a new spiritual practice, especially one that is led from your own inner wisdom.

During a Neptune Retrograde, it becomes easier for us to access and connect with our own inner spiritual wisdom. Rather than looking for confirmation from the world around us, we are able to tap into our own inner resources with greater ease.

Each of us hold a powerful spiritual wisdom and truth that is there to guide us. While we can listen and learn from the wisdom of others, connecting with our own wisdom can truly be the most powerful, especially during a Neptune Retrograde.

During Neptune Retrograde, connect with your higher self and your own inner wisdom. Seek guidance and answers from within, rather than looking for validation from others.

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