Intuitive Astrology Forecast August 2022

august astrology 2022

Welcome to August! I will give a brief overview of the month and then dive into specific dates below!

August 2022 Astrology Overview

August begins with the Uranus, Mars, and the North Node all in alignment. This is big energy! And has its own dedicated post which you can read about here, but essentially this is some fiery energy to begin the month, which may leave us feeling a little unsettled or unstable.

Uranus is the planet of awakening and change. It likes to shake up things in our lives in an effort to keep us growing and keep us reaching for that more authentic state of being. Uranus is also the planet of freedom, so whenever its energy is strong, we may find ourselves searching to feel freer in our lives, in our day to day routines, and in the world around us.

Uranus aligning with the North Node is a symbol that our collective destiny is changing. What we value as a society, what we have relied on, is all up for review. This is a long running energy, but the quick, week-long addition of Mars adds a fiery spirit and can supercharge whatever is going on around us.

The first part of August 2022 definitely feels like we are walking on shaky ground, but keep in mind that ultimately, this is leading us to a more authentic and awakened state, not just personally but also on a global level.

If things begin feeling unsettled or challenging during the first part of the month, the trick is going to be riding the flow, rather than trying to force what is not working. Allow the balls to fly up into the air, and then be patient to see where they land.

Whenver Uranus energy is strong, it’s also our signal from the Universe that we have to surrender, and keep moving to find that more authentic place that dwells inside our hearts. When we do, we can experience ah-ha moments, new waves of inspiration, and new ways of approaching things.

Following on from this unsettling energy, we have the Lionsgate 88 Portal on August 8, which is closely followed by the Aquarius Super Full Moon on August 11. (You can read more on all of this below).

This is the final Super Moon in a line up of three that we have been working with over the last few months. It illuminates all the heavy burdens we have been hiding away deep within us, so we can release and feel free of them once and for all.

As we progress through the month, we transition from Leo Season to Virgo Season, which activates Regulus, one of the four royal stars.

This is a beautiful energy that can activate our crown chakras and heighten our intuitive abilities.

The month ends with the Virgo New Moon on August 27, which will stimulate our passions and impulses. This is thanks to the planet Mars, which seems to be busy at both the start and end of the month!

Mars is known as the planet of action, and energy. It helps us to push past our fears and gives us the stamina to go after our goals. On a shadow level, Mars can make us irritable, aggressive, and irrational. It seems to flavor the way the month begins and ends, so be aware of it, and try to use it to your advantage!

Key Astrological Dates for August 2022

August 1- Uranus North Node + Mars in Taurus

The Uranus North Node Conjunction is a major feature for the year. Mars also joins in for about a week, amplifying and heating up these energies! You can read more about the Uranus North Node Conjunction and how its shaping our collective destiny here.

August 8- Lionsgate 88 Portal

The Lionsgate Portal tracks the rising of the star Sirius, which ancients considered our Spiritual Sun. There is a prophecy that states as Sirius rises, it activates forgotten codes, messages, and wisdom left by the people of Atlantis. While Sirius rises from the end of July and through most of the month of August, the 8th day of the month is believed to be the strongest day of the portal, due to the numerology of 88. 8 is a number associated with infinity, higher consciousness, and wisdom. You can learn more about the Lionsgate 88 Portal and how to make the most of this energy here.

August 11- Super Full Moon in Aquarius

This is the final Super Moon in a line up of three. This Full Moon will serve as the final illumination to help us clear away things that we have been avoiding or suppressing in our lives. Saturn is very active under this Full Moon. Whenever Saturn energy is strong, we can feel a little stifiled or stuck in some area of our lives. If this energy rises up for you, know that stay grounded, setting boundaries, and taking small steps can be a way forward.

August 22-25- Sun conjunct Regulus

Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars and is considered the protector of the North sky. It rules over our crown chakra and is said to bring positive energy our way. You can read more on this here.

August 22- Sun in Virgo

We exit fiery Leo Season, into earthy, practical, organized Virgo Season! Virgo is represented by the Virgin Goddess, and she becomes our spirit guide for the month ahead. The Virgin Goddess is about independence, strength, and doing things not for others, but for ourselves. The Virgin Goddess was powerful in herself, she didn’t need a partner in life. She was confident and self-reliant. She could be with whom she wanted, when she wanted, and she didn’t need to answer to anybody. Through all this freedom however, she always honored herself and treated her body as her temple. That is the energy we can all connect with as the Sun tours Virgo.

August 24- Uranus Retrograde

Uranus enters retrograde until 2023. Uranus is the planet of change and awakening, as it enters retrograde, we are able to look back over the changes we have made over the last 7 months and assess where we have landed.

August 27- New Moon in Virgo

Mars is once again active under this New Moon, helping us to connect with our passions. Mars can also help us conquer our fears and take a leap of faith in a direction that we have been wanting to. Whenever Mars energy is strong, we do have to be mindful of acting impulsively or allowing our temper to get the better of us. Overall, this New Moon feels a little harsh, and may bring some funky energy. We can work our way through it, by trying to remember the message of the Virgin Goddess- trust ourselves, find our independence, and treat our body as a temple.

August Blessings to you!

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