Intuitive Astrology Forecast January 2021

january astrology 2021

It’s the start of a new year! As we begin this new 12-month journey, take a moment to honor where you stand today. Perhaps even quietly say to yourself- “I am proud of who I am today.”

2020 brought so many rare and special alignments, including the Saturn Pluto conjunction, the Lunar Nodes changing signs, and the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction. We also had an unusual six Eclipses to work with. 

Having so many rare and special alignments all falling within the same year was destined to bring change, new beginnings, and shift our lives in a new direction, and there is no doubt that has happened in 2020 on levels both big and small.

2021 is thankfully, much quieter! However, we are still dealing with the energies that many of these 2020 alignments brought our way. Whenever we have so much new energy flowing in, it takes time to assimilate and integrate all the energies.

If you would like to know more about the energies of 2021 and the major cosmic alignments we will be working with, check out my Astrology Forecast for 2021.

January’s energy feels somewhat similar to what we have already been working with.

From mid-January onwards, there is a little more activity brewing in the cosmos with the New Moon.

As we reach the end of the month we also have a Full Moon in Leo, plus the first Mercury Retrograde of the year.

Any volatile energy we experience this month especially, can be viewed as the natural growing pains as we adjust to life in 2021. 

To guide you through the energies of the month, try my Chakra Reset Cosmic Guided Meditation for January. 

Here are the major cosmic events for January 2021- 

January 1 – Number 5 Year

Happy New Year! Today begins a new numerology code for the year. 2021 is a number 5 year, which indicates creativity, adventure, and freedom. It also connects to the 5 elements – earth, air, fire, wind, water, and spirit/ether. If you like setting new year resolutions, try to think of ways you can create balance through all of these elements. For example, fire is our passion and creative ideas, earth is the ability to build upon our creative endeavors, air is about our mental state, water is about our emotional state, and spirit is all four elements combined to create the whole. 

January 6 – Mars Enters TaurusĀ 

Mars has been touring Aries since June 2020, but it now enters the sign of Taurus. Mars normally moves through each sign of the zodiac with speed making its extra-long stay in Aries unusual. We have had a lot to learn while Mars has been in Aries, as Mars also went retrograde in this sign too, but now it’s time to move on. We may feel a shift of energy as Mars exits Aries for Taurus, we may also find that any delays or conflicts that were active in mid to late 2020 now come to a close. 

January 12/13 – Capricorn New Moon

This New Moon has some interesting energy. It falls at 23 degrees of Capricorn, which was around the same degree that the Saturn Pluto conjunction took place back in January of 2020. Some old wounds from this time may be triggered, we may even receive new information or insights in regards to the pandemic or government restrictions. While this New Moon may reactivate some of this energy, it may also refresh it too. We may start to see things in a new light, or perhaps some new information filters through that guides us to view things in a new way. This New Moon falls in the sign of Capricorn, making it highly ambitious and a good time to get some hard or challenging tasks out of the way. While it does carry some heavy energy, there is also the opportunity here to channel this into fuel for our own rebirth. After all, it’s the first New Moon of the year, making it a good time to get to work on those new year goals.

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January 13 – Mars Square Saturn

This is the final in a series we have been working with for the last few months. Mars Square Saturn can bring some heightened tensions and may trigger old wounds that we saw unfolding in mid-2020. This energy can also bring a clash between establishments and the people. While it is a tense alignment, it is also a good time to find any strength or motivation that is needed. As this is the final of three alignments, we may also receive some closure at this time.

January 14 – Uranus goes Direct

Uranus has been retrograde since August 2020, but it is now turning direct. This direct motion of Uranus gives us no major planets in retrograde. We haven’t experienced this for a long time! While this is great forward-moving energy, Mercury has also just entered its shadow period as it prepares to go retrograde at the end of the month. Things will start slowing down in the weeks to come so act sooner rather than later if it feels right.

January 17 – Jupiter Square Uranus

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and Uranus is the planet of change. This combination could bring some rebellious or combative energy. It can also bring some new information or insights to the surface that require swift change. On deeper levels, this energy is amazing for awakenings and choosing to see things from a new vantage point. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

January 19/20 – Sun Enters Aquarius

Welcome to Aquarius Season! There is some strong Aquarius energy kicking into gear over the coming weeks. Aquarius energy is known for its humanitarian efforts and its ability to look out for the collective. Aquarius energy is also very healing. It is an air sign that is represented by the water-bearer. The water-bearer has the ability to collect the water or heavy emotions of the planet in its vessel and transform them before pouring them back down to earth. It is a cleansing energy that we can all use as we journey through the coming weeks. 

January 28/29- Leo Full Moon 

There is some dazzling energy that comes with this Full Moon. The Sun will also be aligned with Jupiter at this Full Moon, which is considered a positive omen. Jupiter rules over abundance and expansion, so this is a powerful time to call in abundance and to allow yourself to shine! There really is some bright energy on this day. However, there is also some wildcard energy too. We really have to be mindful not to allow our ego to get in the way. There is also this sense of something catching us off guard or perhaps some new information that is revealed that challenges or changes things for us. While this energy is mixed, this is a great opportunity to find our confidence and to step into a leadership position in our own lives. 

January 30- Mercury Retrograde

Our spell of having zero planets in retrograde has now come to an end with Mercury entering its first retrograde of the year. Mercury will retrograde in Aquarius until February 20. This is a good time to take it slow and to focus on what is already on your plate rather than adding anything new.

To guide you through the energies of the month, try my Chakra Reset Cosmic Guided Meditation for January. 

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