Intuitive Astrology Forecast October 2021

october astrology 2021

October is a big month with lots of cosmic shifts and changes. At the start of the month, we will have six planets in retrograde, but by the end we will have only two, signifying a change of pace and a shift in the expression of energy that we are working with.

When many planets retrograde at the same time, as they have been for the last few months, we are encouraged to slow down, reflect, and look back over the past before proceeding ahead.

As a planet shifts out of retrograde however, we get a build-up of forward-moving energy. Things can feel intense as we do away with the past and fully step into the new energies that are waiting for us.

October not only brings a line up of four planets stationing direct but we also experience the annual conjunction of the Sun and Mars.

Mars will travel along with the Sun for most of the month, shining down its high energy influence. Mars is considered the fearless warrior and its energy can bring momentum, motivation, and the desire to act.

As Mars is the planet of energy, we may have to watch our energy levels this month. We may find ourselves feeling burnt out and overwhelmed if we push too hard or use this Mars energy to do just a little too much.

Mars energy can sometimes trigger underlying anger, restlessness, and frustration, so that’s something else to keep in mind all through the month. Be sure you give yourself some healthy outlets if you find yourself starting to feel this way.

The Aries Full Moon on October 20, is also going to offer an intense stream of energy, as it activates a T-Square configuration between the Sun and Mars, the Moon, and the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto.

This is bound to be a highly transformative Full Moon and perhaps one that stirs a big wave of energy in our lives. It seems that things are intensifying and perhaps reaching a breaking point of some kind.

Even though this sounds a little overwhelming, October appears to be a time where we are forced to take action, step up, and make changes.

Think of this energy like the Universe giving you a little push, forcing you to act on something that has most likely needed your attention for some time.

October ends with Halloween, which gets its roots from the pagan festival of Samhain. This is a time where the veil between worlds is believed to be thin, and we can access higher realms with greater ease.

The Pleiades constellation, which is also synonymous with death and rebirth, is also high in the sky at this time of year, which is also said to signify and amplify these Samhain energies.

Let’s take a deeper look into the main cosmic events for October with your October 2021 Astrology Forecast-

October 6- Libra New Moon + Pluto Direct

We have a line up of four cosmic bodies in Libra at the time of this New Moon including the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury. This cluster of planets is known as a stellium and activates strong Libra energy, allowing us to create balance and harmony in our lives with greater ease. We are supported to find the middle ground, especially if we are navigating any conflicts. In fact, due to some harmonious energy surrounding this New Moon, if you are dealing with a tense situation, you may find that everyone is more agreeable and willing to see eye to eye under this energy.

On this day, Pluto also shifts direct after being retrograde since April 27. This is the first in a line up of planets to shift direct over the coming weeks. Pluto Retrograde is a time to reflect on the rebirths in your life. What has been burned away so something new can sprout? You may find that any fertile soil in your life is now ripe and ready to grow. You can read more on this here.

October 7- Sun Conjunct Mars

As the Sun aligns with Mars we receive a boost of energy and motivation. This is a high-energy day where we may feel extra motivated and ready to tackle even the most challenging of projects. As Mars rules over our general energy levels, we may have to be mindful of burning ourselves out or taking on more than we can handle. Mars and the Sun will be in close alignment for most of the month, so even though the energies are strongest on this day, this is really something we are working with for the coming weeks. You can read more on this here.

October 9- Inferior Conjunction of Sun and Mercury Rx

This is an important part of the Mercury Retrograde cycle. At this time, the Sun and Mercury Retrograde align, and we may find ourselves getting some insights into the messages that Mercury has for us. As Mercury travels retrograde, it enters the underworld, delivering messages to us from hidden realms. Pay attention to any signs and clues that Mercury may drop on your path today. Also, this is a good reminder to check in with your intuition – if something feels off, listen.

October 10- Saturn Direct + 10/10 Numerology

Saturn stations direct today after being retrograde since May 23. This brings some more forward-moving energy in our cosmic skies. Saturn Retrograde is a time to revisit the lessons of the past to see what we are willing to stand for and where we may need to create some boundaries. Now that Saturn is Direct, we may find it easier to navigate these areas of our life. We may also find ourselves leveling up in regards to some of our soul lessons. You can read more on this here.

Today also unlocks the Numerology code of 1010, as it’s the 10th day of the 10th month. 1010 represents the power of creation, new beginnings, and infinite potential. It is also a time to focus on shifting out of duality and into a state of oneness. This requires us to let go of any beliefs of good vs. bad and instead approach everything from a place of neutrality. This allows us to keep an open, curious mind that is free from judgment. This energy reminds me of this poem from Rumi- “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” It implies that when we shift out of a black and white or judgemental mind, we can find a fullness to our life journey.

October 17- Jupiter Direct

Jupiter stations direct after being retrograde since June 20. Jupiter Retrograde is a time of expansion, wisdom, and growth. It can bring beliefs and attitudes up to the surface in order to challenge whether they still align with our highest truth. Think about what beliefs or attitudes you may have shed over the coming months, or pay attention to any outdated thoughts or inner dialogue that is no longer serving you. To guide you more in understanding the energies of Jupiter Retrograde, read your full forecast here.

October 17-19- Arcturus Gateway

The Sun aligns with the super star Arcturus, allowing high-frequency energy to beam down to the planet. Arcturus is a star associated with prosperity, abundance, and psychic energies. Arcturus is also believed to be home to an advanced alien race that leads with love and compassion. You can learn more about this magical gateway of energy here.

October 18- Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct after being retrograde since September 26. Mercury is the planet of communication. When it is in retrograde, Mercury guides us to go within, connect with our subconscious, and source information from hidden realms. Once it turns direct however, we can source information from our external world with greater ease, allowing us to feel clearer and more certain. Keep in mind however, that Mercury will still be a little sluggish until November 2. This period between now and early November is known as the shadow period, and is a time of heightened awareness and intuition. Whatever messages Mercury has needed to unearth for you during its retrograde cycle will now be delivered to you, so pay attention.

October 20- Aries Full Moon + T-Square

Both Mars and Pluto are extremely active under this Full Moon, adding a layer of intensity. Both Mars and Pluto can stir any underlying volatility, bringing it to the surface for clearing and transformation. Pluto’s presence here can also indicate that we may be guided to rebirth an area of our lives in some way. Keep in mind that for a rebirth to occur, something has to be cleared first. The fiery energy of Aries, plus the activity from Mars and Pluto also indicates a strong motivation and desire to act. Be mindful of what is driving your motivation to act- is it love or fear? Mars is the fearless warrior and this is also embodied by Aries energy, so use the vibrations of this Full Moon to conquer your fears and to ride with love in the driver’s seat. While this is an intense Full Moon, it may also bring some closure and endings to situations that have needed your attention for a while.

October 22/23- Scorpio Season

Today, we leave the air sign of Libra and enter into the water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio Season is considered a point of rebirth on the zodiac wheel. We are shedding our skin and allowing ourselves to be reborn as we make our way through the final seasons of the astrological wheel.

October 31- Halloween/Cross-Quarter Day

Halloween gets its roots from the Pagan festival of Samhain, a time of honoring death, rebirth, and our loved ones passed. Samhain is also observed as a cross-quarter day, which is the midway point between the Equinox and the Solstice. You can read more on the spiritual significance of Halloween here.

October 31- Venus and Juno Conjunct in Sagittarius

Venus, the Goddess of Love, and Juno, the Goddess Asteroid of Marriage and Soulmates come into alignment at the end of the month. This is beautiful energy for all matters of the heart. We may feel a stronger desire to connect to those around us, or we may even notice our hearts opening to a greater love. Both Venus and Juno traveling together in our cosmic skies may also shine a spotlight on our relationships and a deeper truth that radiates from deep within our hearts. What is your heart’s desire? If you listen, especially in the coming days, you may just come to realize a higher truth.

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