Intuitive Astrology: June Full Moon 2016

june full moon astrology

The Full Moon on June 20th falls in the sign of Sagittarius. Last month in May, the Full Moon also fell in Sagittarius, which is very rare and makes this Full Moon one of important significance.

In a way, this Full Moon will not be stirring any new energy, it will simply be magnifying the energy that occurred back in May.

Wherever you need to be touched in your life, this Full Moon will illuminating things like never before, and guide you to understanding the truth.

There will be no escape from the light of this Full Moon, and it is likely that we may start feeling vulnerable, raw and exposed as the Moon becomes brighter.

Being vulnerable sometimes helps to reveal to us who we really are. Being vulnerable helps us to step into our true potential.

There is no more hiding. No more can we live in the shadows, the June Full Moon is calling on us to step into our truest, highest selves.

It is likely that we will feel a calling to stand up for our beliefs and values surrounding this Full Moon.

Whatever our higher purpose is on this earth, whatever we have been sent here to change or instil into the world; whatever we have been sent here to heal, will be amplified in our hearts and in our minds.

June’s Full Moon will bring a force, a force of helping us to stand up for ourselves, stand up for our rights and stand up for what we believe in.

We may see this on a global scale, or we may simply see it manifesting in the depths of our soul.

That internal flame that we all carry, that flame that lives inside us all of us, will be ignited on this Full Moon and will call for us to go after our passions at full force.

We have to remember however, that Mars, the planet of action and energy will still be in retrograde.

This means that no matter how brightly our flame shines, no matter how passionate we feel, we are still going to have to take a slow and methodical approach to going after what it is that we desire.

While this may feel frustrating, especially seeing as the Moon will highlight our passions and deepest desires and encourage us to go for them, we have to trust in the process.

Whatever stirs for you on this Full Moon is likely to be the direction you will head once Mars goes direct at the end of the month. Whatever passion is lit in the soul of your belly, is likely to be the direction that you will head once Mars returns to its former pace and speed.

June’s Full Moon is all about setting us up for the next chapter of our journey. It will help us to realize who we are, and part of our purpose in this life.

We all have a higher purpose. A reason for being on planet Earth. Some of us are here to make radical change and bring new innovation into the world. Some of us are here to heal and care for the world. And others are here to deliver a message of importance into the world.

No matter what your destiny on this planet, this Full Moon is going to help reveal more of that journey to you.

Pay attention to any thoughts, feelings or desires that stir around this time. Pay attention to any fires or passions that are lit in your soul. Pay attention to where you feel called.

There is no doubt, that this Full Moon is going to call you in the direction of your higher purpose. There is no doubt that this Full Moon is going to help you to fulfil a part of your destiny.

If you allow it, this Full Moon is going to point you in the direction of your purpose by helping you to shed and let go of all that has been holding you back.

As we draw closer to eclipse season, there is going to be the final, grand shift of 2016 that we have all been building up to.

This shift is going to help us to step into who we truly are and is going to guide us to ultimately taking this planet into a new direction.

Think bigger than just yourself on this Full Moon. This Full Moon calls for a global vision, to think bigger, to think more expansively. This Full Moon is calling on us to take a stand for all that we believe in.

Like with all power, there is great responsibility that comes attached. In the midst of the tragedies in the world, it is our job to spread light and peace by being light and peace.

All of you reading this, it is your job to be the expression of light, so this planet can heal and rise in consciousness forevermore.

Don’t be shy on this Full Moon. Allow yourself to awaken, fully and wholeheartedly.

It is time to step out of the shadows and stand up for who you are. It is time to get real with yourself, and accept your position in the light.

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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.