Intuitive Astrology: Libra Season 2021

libra season 2021

The start of Libra Season coincides with the Equinox, making it a powerful point of transition in the year.

Libra is considered a cardinal sign, which gives it the energy of leadership, new beginnings, and setting forth in a new direction. It is a time where we may organically start thinking about where we have landed and what changes we may wish to make.

The start of Libra Season is also considered the midpoint of the astrological wheel. On our trip around the Sun, we have reached the halfway mark. We can’t go back, so we must keep moving forward, heading towards a new and hopefully brighter, chapter of our lives.

We may even see this shift taking place in the world around us as we transition into autumn or spring.

All of this energy combined makes the first few days of Libra Season especially magical, and a time where we can really connect, tune in and balance our energy centers using the rhythms of Mother Earth.

Libra is represented by the scales, which on a deeper level indicates this need to recognize that we are as much a part of life as it is a part of us. The two exist in a symbiotic relationship with no beginning and no end, and recognizing this allows us to create the ultimate balance between the energy of who we are and the energy of the Universe.

The scales also represent the need to balance both our inner and outer worlds. Sometimes in order to create this balance, we have to make some hard decisions about where we need to set boundaries or perhaps push past some fears.

We may notice this especially in our relationships, as during Libra Season our mind often shifts away from ourselves and onto the other.

Everyone we meet in this life can be a teacher for us, helping us to access deeper layers of ourselves and awaken our soul.

During Libra Season however, it is important for us to assess whether the relationships we are keeping are helping to create balance between the giving of receiving of energy, or if they are pushing us out of alignment.

Under the Libra Sun, think about the flow of giving and receiving in your life. Not just with the people around you, but in all the things that you do. Do you like what you are choosing to spend your energy on? Do you feel supported by the people around you? Do you feel like you are giving and receiving your fair share?

These deeper questions are perfect to ponder under this energy. So keep them close to your heart as we journey through the weeks ahead, perhaps journal on them, and use this beautiful Libra Season 2021 to merge with the life force that you are and that you bring to the world.

Here is a summary of the major astrological alignments for Libra Season 2021-

Libra Season Astrology 2021

September 22/23- Equinox and Libra Season Begins

The Sun moves out of the earth sign of Virgo into the air sign of Libra. The exact timing of this will depend on your timezone, but you should be able to feel the shift in energy. As we transition from an earth sign to an air sign, energy travels up our spine and out the top of our head. You can use this energy to connect with higher realms and to explore a higher wisdom, just be mindful of getting stuck in repetitive thinking or judgemental thoughts. Libra Season can also shine a light on our heart chakra and our partnerships, so you may notice this theme brewing over the coming days.

Try the September Equinox Ritual here.

September 26- Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury enters retrograde in the air sign of Libra. Mercury is ruled by the element of air, so it feels powerful and strong in this sign. This strength can increase the energetic effects of Mercury Retrograde, which can make us feel a little more scattered or perhaps mentally foggy. However, we can make this work for us by tuning in and connecting with our intuition.

Mercury Retrograde is actually a power time for connecting with our subconscious mind and uncovering messages from our past. Secrets tend to be revealed, or we may even come into a greater understanding of events that have occurred in our lives over the last three to four months. Any mental unclarity we feel during this time is also a strong sign that we should pause before moving ahead. If we remain patient and open to the messages Mercury is sending our way, we can utilize this energy in a productive and positive way.

To help you on this journey, check out my new course- Mercury Retrograde and Dreams which I created with Dream Oracle, Holly Emmerson. In this course, you will learn how to use the energies of Mercury Retrograde to uncover the hidden messages in your dreams. More here!

October 6 – Libra New Moon + Pluto Direct

The Libra New Moon activates a line up of planets in Libra known as a stellium. Stelliums can create a cluster of strong energy, which can shine a spotlight on an area of our lives. Be sure to pay attention to the signs the Universe is sending your way. You may feel the growing pressure building, forcing you to take action.

For guidance on the best action to take, think about how you can look at things differently or perhaps bring some fresh energy into your life. New Moons are a good time to take a new approach and to set intentions for the results that you wish to experience. There is a power here in focusing on what you wish to attract, rather than getting caught up in what you don’t wish to attract.

On the same day as this New Moon, Pluto also stations direct after being retrograde since April. This is a power day in the Pluto cycle. Pluto is the planet of transformation, so we may feel we have reached a powerful point on our journey of transformation. You can read more on this here.

October 7- Sun Conjunct Mars

The Sun and Mars will meet in our cosmic skies, merging their fiery energy. While we will feel this energy most strongly today, it is likely we have felt it brewing at least a week before this date. We may also continue to feel its effects over the coming weeks.

When Mars aligns with the Sun we can feel motivated, productive, and have a surge of energy that inspires us to take action. With all this fiery energy however, we do have to be mindful of pushing too hard and too fast, for burnout can also be a manifestation of this planetary union.

Mars energy can also trigger heated emotions like anger and frustration, so if you notice you are shorter on patience than usual, try to give yourself an outlet that involves physical activity or deep breathing.

October 9- Sun Conjunct Mercury Rx

While in retrograde, Mercury aligns with the Sun. This alignment is known as an inferior conjunction or Mercury Cazimi. This represents a crystallization moment where we may start to receive the messages of Mercury Retrograde with greater ease.

Mercury is considered the messenger planet and while in retrograde, it helps to uncover messages from our subconscious, or messages that we may have missed the first time around. It is at this point on its retrograde journey that we may begin to receive and process some of these messages, giving us greater clarity.

October 10- Saturn Direct

Saturn turns direct after being retrograde since May. This is a power day in the Saturn cycle where we may really feel the weight of its lessons and energy. To get a deeper understanding of what lessons Saturn may have for you, think about what themes were brewing for you around the end of May 2021. You may find that whatever lessons were present at this time may be revisited in some way or resolved once and for all.

Saturn’s movements have also been closely linked with information regarding the pandemic. We may receive some further news or experience developments at this time too.

To read more on this energy, check my Saturn Retrograde post here.

October 18- Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct, not to go retrograde again until next year. Any messages that Mercury wants you to know will now be uncovered in the coming days. Continue to be patient and to work with your intuition. As Mercury now begins moving direct, things will feel clearer and any mental fog will start to lift.

October 20- Aries Full Moon

This is an intense Full Moon! There is a lot of energy to unpack under this Aries Full Moon, but just know that leading up to this time, things may begin to feel extra heavy or heated.

This Full Moon indicates something coming to an end in our lives, perhaps in a harsh or even abrupt way. This ending may be something tangible but it could also be something intangible too. The focus of this Full Moon is likely to be on our relationships, so it could be that a relationship comes to an end or perhaps a relationship dynamic begins to crumble.

Emotions may be running extra high at this time, so just be gentle with yourself and with others. This combination of energy feels particularly fiery and a little combative, so be mindful of how you approach volatile situations.

On a global level, this Full Moon energy appears to be linked to protests, outrage, and growing hostility. It could manifest in people pushing back or resisting something. Some of the alignments under this Full Moon have also been linked to violence, volatility with governments/leadership, and extreme weather patterns.

October 22- Sun exits Libra for Scorpio

Libra Season comes to an end as the Sun moves into the watery, intuitive, and deeply transformational sign of Scorpio.

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