The Energy of the Lionsgate Portal 2016

lionsgate portal 2016
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Every year around August 8th-12th, the Lionsgate portal opens. This portal is said to bring a wave of higher consciousness to earth thanks to the energy of the superstar, Sirius.

Sirius represents a higher state of being and awareness. Sirius energy is extremely advanced and rules over all things relating to the higher mind, technological advancements, psychic development and awakening.

When the Lionsgate portal opens, often we are reminded of these other states of being. We may also be encouraged to venture out of this third dimensional world and into something deeper and more profound.

The opening of the Lionsgate portal essentially helps to remind us that we are more than just our body and more than just our mind.

For those who tune into the energy of Sirius, it is likely they will experience huge shifts in consciousness and a deeper awareness of who they really are.

As the portal closes however, energy tends to peak even higher and leaves behind a trail of energy. A trail of energy that is so perfect and so necessary to the development of humans on Earth.

Many believe that Sirius is home to higher intelligent beings that are extremely technologically advanced and have access to skills such as telepathy, psychic abilities and more.

In fact, those who resonate with being a Starseed could very well have descended from Sirius.

Whatever energy is now left behind by the portal closing is expected to stay with Earth till the portal opens again.

The energy that has been left behind for 2016, seems to be aligned with our ability to embrace, accept, connect and to love one another.

Being able to accept others starts with being able to accept ourselves. How can we possibly embrace others if we haven’t learnt how to embrace ourselves?

The Lionsgate portal for 2016 is heavily centred around being able to connect with the truth of who we are, so we can express that effectively to the world.

When you align with your truth and understand who you are at your deepest level, it then allows you to walk your highest path and align with your highest purpose.

There has been a lot of hate, angst and agony in the world in recent months, however underneath all of this pain, there are great shifts happening.

The old, outdated thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving society are being brought to full awareness so they can be cleared and healed.

This clearing and healing may take several years, but the more hate rises to the surface, the easier it can be swept away.

The ultimate message of Sirius will always come back to connection. We are all connected and we are all in each other and from each other.

When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves and when we hurt ourselves we hurt others. There is no me and you, there is just “we”.

Sirius energy is always going to help us to realise this.

By tuning into the depth of who we are, it helps us to connect better with others, understand one another and love one another.

There are no strangers here on this planet. There are no differences. We are all one, and the more we can embrace and connect with each other, the stronger and more peaceful society will become.

As the Lionsgate portal closes on August 12th, a chain reaction of events are going to occur. These events are going to lead us into the start of a new cycle.

Like anything in life, before a new cycle can be started an old one has to be finished. Through August we are going to be able to feel the effects of all the hard work we have accomplished so far.

We will also be guided to release the final bits and pieces that we no longer need in order to step into the new cycle.

This is a very potent time that will be kicked off by the closing of the Lionsgate portal. To tune into this energy, get creative.

By expressing your creative vision and bringing your creative ideas into the world, it can help to connect you to your own voice, your own truth and the vibrations of the Universe.

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