Intuitive Astrology Forecast for December 2020

december astrology 2020

December is a magical month filled with so many energies, some of which we are already familiar with and others that are shiny, revolutionary, and new!

2020 was always destined to be a year of ascension, awakening, and change. All through the year, we have seen so many historically defining alignments taking place and December is no exception.

Throughout this month we have a Solar Eclipse, the Solstice, a special Full Moon, and the fated alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, which is known as the Great Conjunction. 

The Great Conjunction is going to steal the show this month due to its rare and potent energy.

While the Great Conjunction happens every 20 years or so, for the last 200 years, it has predominantly taken place in earth signs. But this year, the Great Conjunction unfolds in the air sign of Aquarius.

As Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius for the first time in centuries, kickstarting a new 200 year cycle, it is also believed to usher in the Age of Aquarius and bring galactic activations, which will help our planet ascend into higher frequencies. 

To guide you through these energies, try my December 2020 Cosmic Guided Meditation.

There is no doubt that December is a big, bold, and busy month. But it’s important to keep in mind that this is just the beginning.

While there are so many activations and energy unfolding for us this month, it is likely that we won’t fully understand them until we are deeper down the rabbit hole.

Here are the major events for December 2020-

December 7- Moon Wobble

When the Moon is in a square alignment (90 degrees) to the Lunar Nodes we have what’s known as a Moon Wobble. The Moon Wobble typically takes place during an Eclipse Gateway, which is the time between two Eclipses. This can bring heightened energy that makes us feel caught off-balance or a little “wobbly.” Moon Wobbles do bring uncertainty, but it is through trekking through the unknown that we are able to grow.

December 10- Pluto Square Eris

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, whereas Eris is the planet of strife and discord. These two energies may trigger some volatile energy. It is important to keep in mind however, that these two planets only stir volatility when there is growth and change to be had. If things feel chaotic or unsettled in your life around this time, ask yourself- How am I being called to step up and grow through this? 

December 12- 12/12

1212 is a powerful angel number that indicates wholeness and completion. It is also a number code to help activate our light body. When our light body is activated, we can gain a new understanding of the dimension of time, and traveling to higher realms, whether astrally or in dreams is easier. 1212 is also connected to the Merkaba. You can read more about this here.

December 14/15- Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

This Total Solar Eclipse brings a burst of fresh energy, indicating new beginnings but also great change. The full extent of these new beginnings or changes may not be realized straight away. There is a certain element of things being hidden or not fully exposed, but whatever seeds are planted on this day will eventually rise, strong and tall. Use this energy to open to new ideas, dreams, and intentions. This Eclipse is also making strong alignments to the astrological chart of the USA, so there may be something significant happening at this time. 

December 15- Chiron Direct

Chiron, the asteroid associated with healing turns direct after being retrograde since July. As Chiron was traveling retrograde, wounds from our past may have resurfaced to be revisited once again. Now with Chiron traveling direct, we can take away new wisdom and strength from all we have been through. You can read more on Chiron’s Retrogade here.

December 17- Saturn enters Aquarius

Saturn briefly entered Aquarius earlier this year from March to June, but now it is back in Aquarius where it will remain for the next 2.5 years. On a personal level, this signifies the end of a karmic cycle and the starting of a new one. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, and as it shifts from sign to sign, it brings a new set of lessons, challenges, and growth. Look back on how you have matured over these last few years. Celebrate the work you have done and know that Saturn tends to leave bright rewards wherever we have shown up and done the work. On a global level, movements of Saturn this year seem to have coincided with the lockdowns. Saturn will be returning to the same position it was in on March 21, 2020, so we may see repeated themes unfolding at this time. 

December 18- Sun on Galactic Center

The center of our galaxy is believed to sit at about 27 degrees of Sagittarius. As the Sun aligns on this position of the zodiac, we experience galactic, high-frequency energy beaming down to Earth. This high vibrational energy can be used for manifestation work, alchemy, ritual work, and more! Feel the heightened energies of this day and use them to supercharge your life! Read More on this here.

December 19- Black Moon Lilith Conjunct Uranus

As Uranus aligns with Black Moon Lilith, it brings revolutionary energy. Whatever has been suppressed has the power to rise to the surface for release. This is liberating energy that can help us to push forward if we have been holding ourselves back. On a global level, this alignment could bring news about the environment. You can read the full forecast for this here.

December 20- Jupiter enters Aquarius

Jupiter spends 12 months in each sign of the zodiac, so its placement indicates the themes for the coming 12 months. Jupiter moving into the sign of Aquarius indicates a focus on humanitarian efforts, community building, healing, and focusing on our collective consciousness. Jupiter is the bringer of expansion and abundance, and will shine a spotlight on a particular area of our life, helping us to harvest the rewards and gifts. Jupiter was last in Aquarius in 2009, so this may provide clues as to where your spotlight may be shining. 

December 21/22- Great Conjunction/ Solstice/ Capricorn Season

This is the showstopper of December and brings not only the Solstice and the start of Capricorn Season, but also the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius.

This alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, known as the Great Conjunction, is ushering us into a new era. There is so much to unpack about this magical date and why it is extra significant this year. You can read the full forecast here.

Along with the Great Conjunction, December 21 is also believed to be a day where the planet undergoes an ascension process into higher bands of frequency. With the frequency of the planet expanding, we too can expand our own frequency and unlock new gifts, abilities, and skills of manifestation. You can read more on this here

December 23- Mars Square Pluto

This is the final Mars Square Pluto alignment in a series of three. Mars Square Pluto is typically a volatile energy that indicates increased agitation, frustration, and even anger. Throughout the year, these alignments coincided with protests that were seen all around the world for various reasons. As this is the final of these alignments, hopefully we will receive a sense of deeper understanding that then allows us to move forward feeling heard and seen. 

December 29/30- Full Moon in Cancer

This Full Moon is a little special because not only does it fall on my birthday 🙂 it is also the second Cancer Full Moon we have experienced this year. The first Cancer Full Moon was an Eclipse, which occurred back at the start of January. The energy of this Full Moon is not as strong as the Eclipse, and indicates the turning of a new page. There is a strong energy of healing around this Full Moon due to the asteroid, Chiron being very active. As this is a Cancer Full Moon, we may also feel extra sensitive at this time. 

To guide you through these energies, try my December 2020 Cosmic Guided Meditation.

2020 has been a very challenging year and as we reach its end, it’s important to think about all we have to be grateful for, all the strength we have accumulated, and all the growing we have done. 

It is easy to look back on this year and see it as a write-off or as a year to be forgotten, but if we look at it with a different lens, we may just find some pearls of wisdom that are important for us to take forward on our journey into 2021. 

Wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy December and a great start to 2021!

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