Intuitive Astrology: June Solstice 2021

june solstice astrology 2021

The June Solstice 2021 falls on the 20th-21st depending on your timezone. It represents a time where the “sun stands still” giving us either the shortest or longest day of the year, depending on which hemisphere of the world we live in. It is also the official start of Summer or Winter, and in tropical astrology, it is the start of Cancer Season.

This June 2021 Solstice also marks six months since the Great Conjunction, representing a continuation point on our journey to birthing a new earth. (You can read more on the Great Conjunction energies here.)

The Solstice has long been considered a magical time. On the Solstice, the veil between worlds is said to be thin, and it becomes easier to connect with nature spirits and the healing energies of the planet. It is also a time where we can feel our intrinsic connection to Mother Earth and all that inhabit it.

According to research led by geobiologist, Rory Duff, the day before the Solstice is also a time where the energetic grid of the planet or the ley lines of the Earth all align at the exact same frequency, creating waves of harmony, peace, and healing throughout the planet.

These harmonious frequencies linger for a few days, helping us to access higher dimensions and a higher consciousness. An easy way to tap into this energy is to spend time in nature.

Allow yourself to become one with the Earth. Allow yourself to align with the heartbeat of our great Mother planet.

While the Solstice brings magical, healing, and harmonious energies our way, there are cosmic events taking place this year that will also add to and energize what we feel.

Just before the Solstice, we have the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, entering retrograde.

When a planet enters retrograde it is said to enter the underworld, where it goes on a journey through the shadows in order to bring new awareness to light.

Jupiter rules over our beliefs, how we view the world, and our higher wisdom. As it travels retrograde right before the Solstice, we may find ourselves encouraged to check in with the thoughts we are telling ourselves and the lens we are looking at the world with.

How can we adjust our thoughts to be more open-minded and supportive? How can we lovingly challenge the lens we are choosing to see the world through?

Jupiter will not be the only planet in retrograde at the time of the June 2021 Solstice. We will also have Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto making this journey too.

This will add a slow-down effect to the cosmic energies, giving us a chance to get still and really deepen our connection to the frequencies.

This year’s Solstice energy may also feel more passive in the sense that we may need to surrender and allow ourselves to be shown the way.

When we surrender and allow ourselves to merge with the energy of nature, we can learn new things, expand our mind, and open our horizons.

This is your opportunity to allow yourself to be led, to become a listener, and to get still with wherever you find yourself.

Allow acceptance to wash over your being. Allow yourself to feel the compassion and love for you that radiates from this planet in each given moment.

At the time of the Solstice, Neptune and Venus will also be in a trine alignment, adding to the harmony, and also helping guide us to a deeper truth and spiritual understanding.

In astrology, a trine is when two planets are 120 degrees from each other, representing an easy and graceful flow of energy.

All of this energy combined can support and enhance spiritual awakenings, the seeking of new knowledge, and even spiritual downloads from our guides or higher self.

Neptune and Venus also resonate with vibrations of love. Venus is named after the Goddess of Love, and Neptune is considered the planet of unconditional love.

Welcome this energy and let love flow all around you. Know you are loved. Know you deserve to be loved, and know that the most powerful thing you can do for yourself in this life is to love, especially yourself!

If you are interested in diving deeper into these beautiful June Solstice energies, here are some rituals to try-

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Also, here are some crystals you can work with and charge up during the Solstice energies.

Solstice Blessings!

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