Intuitive Astrology: Mars Shifts Direct June 2016

mars direct

Since April 17th Mars, the planet of action and energy has been retrograde. For the last few months, Mars has been testing us, working us and challenging us to pull back in order to work out what is next.

This process has been helping us to discover whether we are moving forward in the right direction and if any changes need to be made.

During this phase you may have felt-

  • Unmotivated and undirected
  • A push-pull force: having to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back
  • Slow and sluggish
  • Anger or resentment from your past
  • Old wounds, both emotional and physical presenting themselves
  • Uncertain about a decision or making a decision
  • A resistance in moving forward

On June 29th, Mars is finally going to open his eyes and begin making his way direct. When a planet shifts out of retrograde and into a direct motion, we tend to feel the effects most strongly.

In many ways, when Mars starts waking up, he will deliver to us the last and most powerful message of his time in retrograde.

This message will be different for everyone, but seeing as Mars is all about taking action, feeling motivated and creating ambition, it is likely that we will feel things in moving in these areas.

With many other planets retrograde over the last few months, this period may have forced us to go within and clear and release anything from our past that has been holding us back from stepping into our true potential.

This release is important, and the amount of releasing that was done during this cycle is going to be an indication of how far forward we are going to spring when Mars returns to its regular speed.

When Mars shifts from retrograde to direct at the end of June, he will still be sluggish. While we will feel a desire to move forward, we will also feel slow picking up the pace.

This is a time to definitely exercise patience. You may feel the desire to move, but the road may not be quite ready for walking on just yet. Running ahead will get you stuck in wet cement, so during July we are all going to have to be patient and wait for things to start flowing again.

From July to August, Mars is going to move from Scorpio back into Sagittarius where he first started before the retrograde.

While transitioning through these signs, we are going to feel the energy slowly moving from an internal, emotional Scorpio state to an external, fiery Sagittarius state.

We are going to feel whatever energy we have been dealing with in our subconscious, finally come to the forefront of our consciousness.

This is a powerful moment and one that will truly help us to know whether we are on the right track. If a decision has to be made, you may finally get the answer as to which way to turn during this time.

Mars won’t officially return to his full speed until August 22nd but we are definitely going to feel the changing and shifting of energy between now and then.

Since the Sagittarius Full Moon of both May and June, we should have all received a glimmer as to where we are heading over the next few months.

Now we are going to be able to take that glimmer and start processing and understanding it more. Patience is needed in this phase, and while we will feel more forward moving energy, we are still going to have to tread slowly and methodically.

Come August, we are going to feel this energy building and we are all going to feel a huge push forward in the right direction.

If you allow it, if you surrender to it, this push is going to help you land exactly where you need to be.

Need help with the energy of Mars? It may help to nourish your root chakra. More on this here.

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