Intuitive Astrology: Virgo Full Moon February 2021

virgo full moon astrology 2021

After all the intensity and the rare cosmic alignments that have taken place during the month of February, the Full Moon brings a soothing tonic.

Falling in the earthy sign of the virgin-goddess Virgo, the Full Moon peaks on February 27, and it seems to be a beautiful way to wrap up the month.

2021 is destined to be a transformative year and even though there is so much more to unfold, this Full Moon reminds us that we have arrived in the right place.

Its appearance in our night sky, brings balance, a sense of centering, and groundedness into our lives. It allows us to feel steady, that our feet and hearts are planted in the perfect soil for us.

February has been a pivotal month seeing as it brought the Aquarius Stellium– a line up of four planets in the air sign of Aquarius, and the first of three Saturn Uranus Squares, which is a major and defining feature for the rest of the year.

These energies combined may have led us to make some drastic changes in our lives. We may have felt called to find a new freedom, or perhaps, with all this air energy, we have felt very caught up in our minds and mental chatter.

We may have found ourselves deliberating between two options or feeling uncertain about so many things. We may have found our mind working in overdrive, assessing, questioning, and even ruminating on the past.

Under the power of this Virgo Full Moon however, there is a calm that can wash over us. There is a calm that can remind us that it is always in our power to make the best of wherever we have landed.

The February Full Moon reminds us to keep the faith, to restore our hope, and to know that change in any form, can always lead us to places we never dreamed of imagining for ourselves.

How can you make the best of any changes or shifts that have come your way? How can you embrace the current energies of your own life, and find a way to feel at peace with them?

Feeling at peace with change and with the current state of affairs is not always easy, but any effort taken to bring some acceptance, as small as it is, can make a huge difference to our inner wellbeing.

Full Moons are always a time of illumination, however due to the energies around this Full Moon, it seems that whatever needs to come to the surface may arrive before the Full Moon does.

Before the Full Moon, we may receive some surprising or even shocking information that charges our emotions or puts us into a state of questioning.

As the Full Moon peaks however, it seems that things may settle. While Full Moons tend to heighten emotions, it feels that February’s Full Moon is a little softer in its energy, and will perhaps allow us to see things from a new, and gentler vantage point.

It’s almost like whatever is revealed to us is seen in a new light, thanks to the power of this Full Moon.

Virgo is represented by the virgin-goddess, but “virgin” has taken on a new meaning since this sign was named. Virgin implies independence, inner strength, and the freedom to do as one pleases.

The Virgin Goddess, Virgo, did not need a partner, she was whole and complete in her own right. She carried the strength of all she needed to live a whole, happy, and hearty life. This strength was not born out of trauma or ego, but her connection to her true and higher self.

Virgo’s ability to connect with their higher self, listen to the needs of their body, and follow their heart while staying grounded, is the gift that is offered to us all under this February Full Moon.

Many different things block us from our connection with our higher self. But like the Virgin Goddess reminds us, we always have the strength within to clear those blocks and listen to the truth and wisdom of our higher self.

Think about what blocks you from accessing your higher self. Could it be a lifestyle choice, your own self-doubt, or perhaps just making the time to sit down and connect?

Allow the cleansing rays of this Full Moon to help you release and let go of any blocks that keep you from your higher self. Allow the power of this Full Moon to melt away all that stops you from connecting.

There is a tendency at times, for Virgo energy to be hyper-critical, or to overthink things, so be aware of this, and try to return to your heart if you notice yourself falling down this path.

When you are connected to your higher self, you are connected to your own inner divinity and are able to feel certain, sure, and confident about your journey forward.

Your higher self knows the way, so take some time under this sweet Full Moon to connect, drink the soothing tonic it is offering, and to remember your own true powers.

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