Pisces Solar Eclipse Ritual for Self Love and New Beginnings 2017

pisces solar eclipse ritual

The first Solar Eclipse of the year is a special time and signifies one of new beginnings and new opportunities.

Eclipses are so powerful that they often shape the journey for the months to come. In fact, this Pisces Solar Eclipse in February 2017, will linger energetically until the next Solar Eclipse in August, 2017.

This Solar Eclipse energy is definitely going to bring a welcome change and will be helping all of us to wrap up the cycle that we have been on since September 2016.

In order to use this amazing energy to your advantage, setting your intentions and thinking about what new things you want to manifest for the year ahead can be helpful.

In order to do this with a clear and heart-centered frame of mind however, you have to first focus on the all important art of self-love.

Here is a ritual idea to get you started-

You will need: 

  • Sage or your favorite smudging tool
  • Items for your bath/shower: essential oils, flowers, Himalayan salt, crystals, oils etc.
  • Paper and pen


Begin by smudging your aura, your entire home/room and all the items you are going to use for this ritual. For effecting cleansing, make sure you open up all the doors and at least one window in your house. Go slowly and ensure the smoke filters into every corner, you can also recite a mantra as you cleanse like- “I cleanse this space with light and loving energy.”

Next, prepare for your bath or shower.

If you are having a bath you can just place all your items into the bath water, but if you don’t have a bath and need to do this in a shower, place all of your items into a jug instead and fill with warm water.

Once your items are placed in the jug or bath, stand in front of the mirror (totally naked works best) and look into your eyes as you state this affirmation-

“I love you. Thank you so much for the support and nourishment you have given me. Heart, mind, body and soul, we have made it. I am preparing to start a new chapter. I want you to know that I love you and that by working together there is nothing we can’t achieve. I can do anything. All is well.”

Step into the shower or bath. If you are in the shower, start pouring your jug of magic ingredients over your body. You can keep reciting the mantra- “I love and accept myself” as you do this.

Enjoy your bath/shower and take the time to really honor, love and cherish every part of you. Try not to engage in nagging thoughts and instead just enjoy this sacred time.

Pisces energy is all about going within and allowing your heart and intuition to take the lead, so welcome this energy and allow it to guide you.

Once out of the shower, without putting too much thought and effort into it. Write down a few things you would like to manifest between now and August. The idea is that you want the inspiration to come from your heart, so try not to get too in your head as you do this.

Keep the piece of paper on your altar or sacred space till the next Eclipse period in August 2017.

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