Sagittarius Season Horoscopes November-December 2022

sagittarius season horoscope november december 2022
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Scorpio Season gets us thinking about who we are on the deepest of levels. We may have found ourselves questioning our motivations and what drives what we choose to do. We may have uncovered unconscious behavior patterns or gained a deeper understanding of why we are the way we are.

All of this wisdom, all of this inner knowledge we have acquired during Scorpio Season, can now be put to use as the Sun moves into Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Season begins on November 22 and lasts all the way until the December 21 Solstice. Sagittarius is represented by the arrow of the archer. The archer lines up their bow and very meticulously aims it in the direction they want it to go. Once the arrow is released, it remains to be seen if it will hit its mark or land elsewhere.

Once the arrow has left the bow, the archer has no control over it. The arrow is free to fly, the rest is up to fate.

With the understanding we have garnered during Scorpio Season, we can better aim our arrows from a state of alignment, higher purpose, and greater wisdom. We can be better prepared, so our arrows have a greater chance of hitting the target.

Just one day after Sagittarius Season begins, we start a new lunar cycle with the Sagittarius New Moon. The start of this lunar cycle will move us further away from the Blood Moon Eclipse energy, which peaked on November 8.

Eclipses are powerful, and can be in operation for a month, but starting this new lunar cycle on November 23, will help to bring some distance to these energies.

Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is also active at this time, stationing direct on the same day as the New Moon. Jupiter has been retrograde since July, so we may notice themes from this time coming back into our awareness.

As we move into December, the Sun aligns with the Royal Star Antares, activating a high-frequency Star Gate that can help us balance our heart and mind connection.

Neptune also stations direct on December 3, in the heart of this Star Gate, bringing some illuminating energy. This illumination energy continues as we approach the Gemini Full Moon on December 7.

The Gemini Full Moon does carry some volatility and activates the Mars Retrograde energies we have been moving through. You can read more on Mars Retrograde here.

The rest of the Season is a bit calmer, with the Sun hitting the Galactic Center from December 18-20, and then quietly crossing into Capricorn, marking the December Solstice.

Now let’s take a look at what this means for your sign! Read for your Sun, and Rising sign if you know it.

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Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and golden opportunity, has been getting ready to enter your sign, where it will remain for the coming months. While you had a taste of this energy from May 10 to October 28, 2022, Jupiter won’t officially make your zodiac its home until December 20, 2022. The Universe is getting you ready for this once-in-12-year opportunity! When Jupiter is in your corner of the zodiac, you are receiving some of the best energies for expanding your life, creating opportunities for yourself, and receiving abundance! You must put this energy to good use, but while you are waiting for it to arrive, you need to focus on rest, self-care, and cleaning up the cobwebs. The Blood Moon Eclipse that passed on November 8, may have triggered where this clean-up needs to take place. You need to focus during Sagittarius Season on getting things in order, managing your affairs, and getting organized. Use this season to tie up any loose ends and bring closure to things that are in need. The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23, is a perfect opportunity to bring fresh new energy into your life, so use it to help with any clearing. This New Moon may also trigger the need to talk with a loved one about how you really feel. Before you can have this conversation, you need to come to terms with your own feelings. It is only once you are clear in your heart that you will be able to get your point across effectively. You have a very independent, warrior spirit, and while this is a fantastic trait, don’t let it be a mask or shield towards forming deeper and more intimate bonds with those around you. Alternatively, you may just find this New Moon triggering a creative flow of inspiration. Sagittarius is a fellow fire sign, so the inner fire that lives in you is going to be nicely activated! Use it to fuel your creative spirit, pursue your passions, and focus on what lights you up. The end of the year is always a busy time, so carve out time to focus on your creative expression- it will be beneficial for you! Mars, your ruling planet, has been retrograde since the end of October, and you may be feeling the effects of this more so than most. Mars Retrograde can create some sluggishness. For every step forward we take, we can feel like we have to take two steps back! Mars Retrograde is a time to reassess our motivations and actions. During this reassessment phase, we may find it difficult to make decisions or be clear about what actions we truly want to take. While Mars Retrograde will run until the new year, the December Full Moon may help to bring some illumination to the forefront. Mars is very active under this December 7 Gemini Full Moon, and it could be that some new insights or information comes your way that helps you make decisions or feel a greater sense of clarity. This is a bit of a volatile Full Moon, so tensions may also be running high around this time. You may have to keep your cool and really practice mindfulness. If you are feeling angry or frustrated, know that it’s okay! These are valid human emotions that are necessary and sometimes even justified to feel at times. Work through any anger you are feeling by allowing yourself to sit with and process the emotion. It is much healthier to do this than suppress or pretend you don’t feel the way you feel. From December 18-20, as we approach the end of Sagittarius Season, we have beautiful, expansive, galactic energies on offer as the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is the center of our Galaxy, so when the Sun moves here, we can feel more connected to the cosmos and our star origins. We also have nice Galactic energies from December 2-4, as the Sun aligns with one of the Royal stars, Antares. Antares is known as the resting place for souls once they depart from this Earth. As the Sun arrives here, it is said to thin the veil and remind us of our soul journey. Antares is also said to help us connect with our emotions, allowing us to find balance between our emotional state of being and our mental state of being. Galactic energies are always subtle, so we have to put a little effort into working with them. The good news is that just being aware of them and setting intentions to work with the energy can be enough. Under the Antares Star Gate, pay close attention to your emotions and how your emotions may be running your thoughts and vice versa. Under the Galactic Center energies, pay attention to what you wish to expand and what opportunities you wish to open to. Doing so will also help you to be ready for Jupiter, when it arrives in your corner of the zodiac. Big opportunities are on the horizon! So be patient, get organized, and be prepared for the new doors that are getting ready to open.


Taurus, you have been hit hard by the cosmic energies. But maybe you already know this! Not only have you had Eclipses in your sign this year, but you have also had Uranus, the planet of awakening, change, and freedom in your home corner too. All of this energy combined may be contributing to feelings of instability, restlessness, and uncertainty. You may feel the desire to make big changes, or perhaps big changes have already graced your path- whether welcome or not! Uranus will be in Taurus until 2026, so this is somewhat of a slow-moving evolution for you. By the time Uranus has left, it would have guided you to find a greater freedom, awaken to a deeper truth, and help you to make the necessary changes. While this all sounds good, the process can definitely be unsettling. As a grounded earth sign, this may be tricky for you, but you will get there! The Eclipses will continue on your axis of the zodiac in 2023 too, but they will be a lot more gentle than the ones delivered in 2022. The Eclipses of 2023, are more about opportunity and new beginnings, so that is definitely something to look forward to! With all of this changing and influx energy in the air, it is important during Sagittarius Season to focus on how you can be as relaxed as possible. Change can always bring frantic energy, but you can channel this to be more grounded and manageable when you relax, accept, and allow it to be a part of your life. When all else fails, deep breathing and spending time in nature can also help. The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23, activates your ruling planet Venus. Venus has been very active in the cosmic skies, another reason your zodiac sign has been a fan favorite for the Universe lately! This Venus energy has been guiding you to focus on your self-worth and what you truly value. Under this New Moon, you may have to make some important decisions relating to your finances or a relationship. To help you make the best decision possible, come back to your values and what is truly important to you. Ask yourself- is my decision aligned with my values? This New Moon energy may also lift some of that Eclipse energy you have been working with, so it may bring some welcomed relief and the opportunity for a fresh perspective. I think you can definitely look forward to this New Moon! As we move into December, the Sun aligns with the Royal Star, Antares, activating a Star Gate. This energy will be present from December 2-4, and we can use it to connect with our emotions and to bring balance to our mental state. The connection between our emotions and thoughts will also be highlighted, helping us to make sense of and strengthen the heart-mind connection. Antares is also believed to be the resting place for souls after they depart Earth, so we may be feeling closer to our loved ones passed or more in tune with our Soul nature. Galactic energy continues in December as the Sun also aligns with the Galactic Center. This energy runs from December 18-20, and is a time of expansiveness and opportunity. While this is very exciting, you may need to use this Galactic energy to recharge your batteries. Be gentle with yourself, and don’t try to take on too much or fill your plate with too many opportunities. The Full Moon on December 7, is likely to be a volatile one and will stir some heated emotions in the world around us. The energy around this Full Moon may feel challenging, so focus on keeping the peace in your heart and not getting swept up in the world around you. Sagittarius Season is really a time to recharge, relax, and trust in the path you are heading.


Sagittarius sits opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac, so this Season is always going to be significant for you. This Season of the zodiac can highlight your relationships and the energy of giving and receiving in your life. There is also a Full Moon coming up in Gemini on December 7, which, even though carries some volatile energy, will be one of the main events of the Season for you. When the Full Moon falls in your Sun sign, it is said to act like a key, helping to unlock deeper wisdom from your pineal gland. Your pineal gland is believed to be the seat of your soul and the birthplace of consciousness and intuition. Having the Full Moon fall in your sign can stimulate awakenings, ah-ha moments, and messages from your Higher Self, intuition, and guides. If you are looking for guidance, set an intention under this Full Moon, as your intuition will be ready to answer. Mars entered retrograde in Gemini at the end of October, and will continue until January 12, 2023. Even then, Mars won’t be ready to leave your sign of Gemini until March 2023. This is a fabulously long time to have Mars in one sign of the zodiac, so use this energy to your advantage! While Mars is in Retrograde, it is a great time to reflect on your actions and motivations. Are they still aligned with who you want to be? Are your motivations fuelled by fear or ego, or your heart? Reflecting on these areas is powerful under this energy. Mars Retrograde can also be a good time to go back to projects and passions you have forgotten about. But, while it can be tempting to launch into something new, Mars Retrograde also cautions you to move slowly, to act with intention, and to be deliberate about your intentions. Rushing or taking on too much is not favored here and can quickly lead to health issues or burnout. Having Mars Retrograde in your sign can also bring focus to your health and your feelings of stamina. Reproductive or sexual issues can also come up under this energy too. Don’t be afraid of this energy, but rather, use it to empower you to make conscious and meaningful choices about your health and well-being. Remember, Mars is very connected to your motivations, so think about what is truly important to you, and align your life with that place. To help you with this, the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23, will be a guiding force. This New Moon is centered around our values, especially when it comes to love. This is not just the love we have for others, but the love we have for ourselves. Do you love yourself enough to say yes to what you truly desire? This type of questioning may come up for you around this New Moon, and you may feel that energy of giving and receiving playing out. This New Moon also signals a separation point between the Blood Moon Eclipse we had back in Scorpio Season, so if things were stirred for you under that Eclipse, this New Moon could bring a fresh perspective and a new way of looking at things. If you are dealing with relationship matters, this New Moon is a positive omen and represents a silver lining. As Sagittarius Season comes to a close, the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center. This happens from December 18-20, and carries some high-frequency energy that you can use to expand your soul energy. Spend time in meditation, focusing on expanding your being, your mind, your heart, and then your soul. This energy can help to unlock new parts of yourself and give you access to higher wisdom. Alternatively, you may find yourself facilitating this type of meditation for someone else in your life. Overall, it’s a busy season for you, and one where you are really challenged to come back to your center and focus on what is truly important.


Welcome to Sagittarius Season! This is a time to focus on joy, fun, and play. If you have been taking life too seriously, this season can be like a breath of fresh air, reminding you to lighten up and activate that inner spark. What gets you excited about life? Where have you been holding on too tightly? Or worrying unnecessarily? While it can be hard to release control and let go of worries, sometimes just bringing our attention to laughter, fun, and lightness can help to create the shift. Mars is moving deeper into retrograde, and this may have been zapping your energy levels, so it is completely understandable if you haven’t had the energy to focus on being light and fun. But see if you can make some room in your life under the Sagittarius Sun to make time for friends, watch a funny movie, or just do something that fills you with joy. The Universe will be on your side! The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23 will be the perfect time to set an intention around this or to plan an outing. If you are feeling even more adventurous, this is a good New Moon to plan a trip somewhere you haven’t been before or to even just try something you have never done before. Doing so can help open up new parts of your awareness and give you a new perspective on things. As we journey into December, the Sun aligns with the Royal Star, Antares, activating a Star Gate of high-frequency energy. Antares is said to be the resting place for souls once they depart from their body. You can also allow this idea that our soul goes on to bring some lightness into your being. Maybe the things that are stressing you out or causing tension are not really that important in the grand scheme of things? Our soul is a limitless, timeless being, and it comes to Earth for a very short period of time to experience, to feel, to understand. Once it’s done with its lessons, it goes back to its true home. To our soul, everything is just an experience. There is no good or bad; there just is a wave of experience that we can either ride or allow to consume us. Allow these thoughts to flow where they need to, feel free to adjust them to make them your own, and see if they can help to lighten the mood. Antares is also said to activate our emotional intelligence, helping us to connect to the deeper messages of our heart. While this energy is subtle, your naturally sensitive antennas will be sure to pick up these frequencies, so work with them if they appeal to you. Use them to get in connection with your emotions and to bring balance to your mental health too. The Gemini Full Moon on December 7, carries some volatile energy which may feel quite unsettling. As you are ruled by the Moon, you will always feel its comings and goings with greater intensity. Emotions may be running high under this Full Moon, so if you are feeling overwhelmed, make it a priority to take a few steps back, take a deep breath, and realign. You may have to withdraw from a situation or give things space before proceeding ahead. Don’t be quick to rush in and get involved either; allow things to settle and the resolution will come with ease.


It’s a busy Season for you, so it’s going to be important to focus your energy and set firm boundaries about what you wish to commit to. Sagittarius Season begins with the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23. This New Moon kickstarts a new lunar cycle, breaking us free from the Eclipse energies we have been working with since the end of October. If the Eclipses stirred something heavy for you, this New Moon may bring a sigh of relief, and perhaps even a fresh new perspective. If something has been cleared away from your life, this New Moon is also a good opportunity to begin thinking about the new seeds you wish to plant. Venus, the planet of love, relationships, money, and the things we value, is very active under this New Moon, so these areas may come into focus. You may be realigning what love means to you, or perhaps focusing on your values and what is truly important. This New Moon has the potential to bring an awakening or ah-ha moment, so keep questioning, keep exploring, as the right answers are sure to arise. From December 2-4, the Sun aligns with one of the Royal Stars, Antares. Antares is known as the heart of the Scorpion and is very connected to our emotions. If you were to draw a line from the arrow of Sagittarius, you would see that it points directly to Antares. As the Sun crosses this Royal Star, it activates a Star Gate, beaming high-frequency energy our way. This energy has the power to activate our heart center and get us in touch with our emotions. Being a very heart-driven sign, you are likely to feel this energy strongly. Use it to embrace your true feelings and to bring balance to the mind vs. heart connection. You may also find yourself clearing through some outdated beliefs or thought patterns, which then give rise to a new way of feeling. This is very powerful energy, so use it to your advantage. Schedule a healing or therapy session, have a deep and meaningful with those you love, or spend time journalling to make the most of this Star Gate. The Full Moon follows closely behind on December 7, falling in the sign of Gemini. This Full Moon carries very charged, heated energy, so there is a chance there could be some unsettling or volatile news circling at this time. We may feel uncertain about the future or uncomfortable with what has come up. The good news is that these emotions are likely to pass quickly. We may need to take affirmative action under this Full Moon, so if you can, wait until the emotions simmer down before proceeding ahead. The last thing you want to do is rush into something or look before leaping! Mars, the planet of action, is retrograde at this time, so we need to be extra careful to take our time and not move from a place of haste, ego, or fear. As we come to the end of Sagittarius Season, things quieten down, giving us a chance to catch our breath. Right before the Sun gets ready to leave Sagittarius, it will align with a highly charged point known as the Galactic Center. This energy runs from December 18-20, and can bring awakening or ah-ha moments that can expand our way of thinking. Use this expansive energy to change how you have been looking at things or to find greater freedom in your life. Try to reorient your focus to the idea that life is happening for you, not to you.


Sagittarius Season opens with a New Moon on November 23. This New Moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle and helps to bring some separation between the recent Eclipse energies. The Blood Moon Eclipse we had back on November 8 was quite intense, so this separation may be much welcomed. You may feel a flow of fresh energy coming into your life, leaving space for new inspiration and new ways of being. Ideas you have held close to you, ideas about the world and the way things should be, may be up for transformation under this New Moon. Keep an open mind and see where you can challenge yourself to learn new things, accept differences, and to hear or research the other side of the story. You may just surprise yourself! Jupiter is a strong planetary influence under this New Moon, not just because it is ruled by Sagittarius but also because it stations direct the same day as the New Moon. Jupiter has been traveling retrograde since July, but will now leave this phase to begin a new one. Jupiter is known as the great expander, it helps us to expand our field of vision and to think about the bigger picture. It is Jupiter’s energy you can connect with to help see things differently and to gain new beliefs. Jupiter began its retrograde in Aries, but has landed back in Pisces, where it will remain for a few short weeks before heading back into Aries. Jupiter spends about 12 months in each sign of the zodiac, so this final stint in Pisces will not happen again for another 12 years. Jupiter first entered Pisces back in May of 2021. Since then, it has been activating your creativity, spiritual beliefs, and increasing your sensitivity. Perhaps since this time, you have felt more connected, more in tune with yourself, and more aligned with your spiritual values. Reflect on these areas, and see how you have grown and evolved since Jupiter first entered Pisces. As Pisces sits opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac, you may have also noticed these areas highlighted when it comes to your relationships. Perhaps you were able to facilitate awakenings for those around you, or bring your intuitive gifts to others in some way. Perhaps a lot of your spiritual growth involved how you relate to and feel comfortable and connected around others. As Jupiter prepares to leave Pisces for good on December 20, 2022, it will leave a gift of awareness, insight, and inspiration, so be sure to look out for the gifts this planet leaves. As we journey further into Sagittarius Season, we have the Gemini Full Moon on December 7. This Full Moon carries a lot of volatile energy, it seems we could be dealing with a conflict of some kind. We may also see this manifest on a larger scale in the world around us. No matter what transpires under this Full Moon, you can tap into some of this fiery energy to recharge your batteries and to stand up for what you truly believe in. There is some empowering energy to be found here, so embrace that side of the Full Moon energy, and stand true in who you are. As Sagittarius Season comes to an end, the Sun will align with the Galactic Center, which is the center of our Galaxy. This sacred point will be active from December 18-20. Use this energy to raise your vibration. Tap into the center of your own inner galaxy, and know you are supported.


Do you have a story to share? Do you have wisdom or knowledge that would be helpful or perhaps inspirational to others? As Sagittarius Season begins, you may start thinking of ways to share your story or perhaps teach or educate others about a topic that you feel passionate about. It seems that self-expression is a theme for you, but perhaps before you can truly express how you feel, you must get in touch with the deeper parts of yourself. This is always an ongoing journey, but since the recent Eclipses, you may have felt the need to dig deep and uncover some unconscious patterns or shadow behaviors. Whatever has come to light is now ready to be transformed, thanks to the energy of the Sagittarius New Moon. Peaking on November 23, this New Moon has the power to bring some new insights, new inspirations, and a wiser and perhaps even more mature way of looking at things. You may feel at peace with something that has bothered you or just feel more accepting of anything you have found lurking in the shadows. This New Moon really does feel like a breath of fresh air, so welcome its energy into your life and see how this fresh energy inspires you to share a deeper part of who you are. You may even find that connecting to this deeper part of yourself allows you to create more meaningful relationships, especially with your family. As we move into December, the Sun will align with the Royal Star, Antares. There are four Royal Stars, and each is believed to unlock a Star Gate or portal of high-frequency energy. Antares is said to be the resting place for souls as they leave their earthly body and prepare to return home. It is also said to activate our emotions, helping us to achieve greater balance between the heart-mind connection. Use this energy to reconnect with your soul and to remember that is who you truly are. All your experiences, all your humanness is just a journey, just an adventure. So find a way to honor this for yourself. Just as this beautiful portal closes, we then begin feeling the effects of the Gemini Full Moon. Peaking on December 7, this Full Moon carries some volatile, erratic energy to it. We may be seeing this in the world around us or experiencing it within our own body. It is going to be crucial to set boundaries and preserve your energy under this Full Moon. As a Libra, you are often standing up for injustices and protesting what you truly believe, and while this is an important part of who you are, if you have been doing too much or not respecting the signals of your body, you may find yourself struggling with burnout and needing to recharge. Be gentle with yourself around this Full Moon, as it is a little angry. But don’t worry, as the Sun finishes its journey through Sagittarius Season, you have more sweet galactic energies to embrace. From December 18-20, the Sun will align with the Galactic Center, sending beams of abundant energy your way. You are worthy to receive all the abundance the Universe can offer, so stay open to that!


The Sun has just left your corner of the zodiac, and you may be feeling the need to come down from all the added energy that has been beamed your way. You have had a busy year, with many cosmic happenings affecting your sign, so if you didn’t get a chance to celebrate all you have been through during your birthday season, make it a point to do it in Sagittarius Season! Plan a gathering, get together with friends, take yourself on a date, or just order your favorite dessert and eat it while watching a movie. Find some way to honor and celebrate what you have journeyed through and all of your highs and lows. They have made you who you are today. The Sagittarius New Moon falls on November 23, shortly after the Sun has left your corner of the zodiac. This New Moon is activating your relationships, an area that has been supercharged in recent months. There has been a lot of strong relationship energy brewing in the cosmic skies, so if this theme has come up, know you are not alone! This New Moon is asking you to get clear on how you are really feeling so you can communicate that to those you care about. Once we are clear about how we really feel, it becomes easier to communicate and let others know what we need from them. Use the energy of this New Moon to do just that and to acknowledge what it is you need and desire moving forward. If a relationship has served its time, it is likely the Universe has made this pretty clear to you, so find the grace in moving on and letting go. The same day of the New Moon, Jupiter, the planet of expansion stations direct after being retrograde since July. Jupiter helps to expand things, allowing us to see the bigger picture. Whatever comes up under this New Moon, see if you can expand your view on things. See if you can zoom out and see what the bigger picture vision may be. You may just surprise yourself at what comes through! As we move into December, we have Neptune also stationing direct, which can help to sharpen our intuition. Stay open to the signs of the Universe and your Higher Self in early December, as they are sure to be leaving messages! The Full Moon peaks on December 7 in the sign of Gemini. This is a volatile Full Moon that carries some heated energy with it. Emotions may be running high, or you may just be feeling unsettled or uncomfortable about something. This Full Moon is supercharged, but it also offers the gift of being able to connect with our passions and what is truly motivating us. Are we being motivated by fear or love? As the Season comes to an end, the Sun will align with the Galactic Center, an annual event that can help us tap into the energies of expansion and abundance. Use this energy to expand your ideas, wisdom, and beliefs about yourself. Stretch your mind to new dimensions and find new ways of looking at things. This energy is most active from December 18-20, so make it work for you!


Happy Birthday! Welcome to your Season! It’s that time of year when the Sun is shining right in your corner. I hope no matter what the Season brings, you can feel the warm rays of the Sun right there with you, supporting and celebrating you through this journey of life! As Sagittarius Season begins, we have the New Moon peaking on November 23. This New Moon is your chance to plant a new seed in your life. If there is something you wish to manifest, something you wish to create for yourself, this is the New Moon to do it! Your ability to manifest and create will be high, so believe in yourself and your ability to attract a life that feels rewarding. If you need some inspiration, think about what fills you up, what excites you, and how you wish to be spending your time. Make a list of all the things you can do to create this that are currently in your power, and then use the energies of the New Moon as inspiration to begin. Any effort taken under the energies of the New Moon will be magnified, especially when it falls in your sign. If your birthday falls within 3-4 days of this New Moon, the energy will be even more magnified for you, not just for a few days, but for the whole year ahead! When your birthday falls close to a New Moon, it is also said that the year ahead will be filled with new opportunities and new beginnings! As we journey deeper into the Season, the Sun meets with the fixed star, Antares. Antares is one of the four Royal Stars and is believed to be home to a sacred Star Gate. It is said that Antares is a resting spot for souls as they leave their earthly body and travel to their true home. Antares can also activate our heart-mind connection, helping to bring the two into a greater sense of balance. Do we need to lead more with the heart or more with our mind? The Sun crossing Antares can be a high vibrational time that we can also use to work on our soul growth and journey to higher realms for guidance. Pay attention to the signs and clues your Higher Self and the Universe leaves you at this time. For reference, the portal will be most active between December 2-4. During this window of time, Neptune, the planet of illusion, spirituality, and unconditional love, stations direct after being retrograde for several months. This has the power to make the early days of December incredibly illuminating and highly sensitive. You may also find yourself receiving clarity around things that have felt foggy or confusing. If you have felt distracted or that life has pulled you in many different directions, Neptune stationing direct may also help you to bring your focus back to what really aligns with your soul. Your focus may also come back to what you truly love and how you have been offering your unconditional love. On December 7, we have the Gemini Full Moon, which carries some volatile energy thanks to the presence of Mars. Emotions may be heated, and you may find yourself feeling unsettled or frustrated about the way things are going. All emotions are valid, so give yourself space to feel all that wants to come up. Gemini is represented by the twins, which means that no matter what conflict arises, there are always two sides to the story and two ways of looking at things. If your birthday falls close to the Full Moon, know it is a sign that the year ahead will be filled with completion and culmination! As tensions reduce from this Full Moon, the Sun prepares to cross the Galactic Center, which as the name suggests, is the center of our Galaxy. The Galaxy Center is believed to trigger expansion, awakening, and abundance, so these energies are all on offer to you! Feel into them from December 18-20, as the Sun crosses this point. As the Season comes to an end, you will be well on your way as you journey around the Sun.


Capricorn, your season is up next! Right before the Sun is about to enter your sign, there tends to be a period of reflection, contemplation, and cleansing. You may also find yourself nearing the end of projects or completing tasks you have set for yourself. There may be a desire to wrap things up so you can rest before your zodiac season begins. Mars has been traveling retrograde since the end of October, and we have also been working with Eclipse energy. All of this combined may have zapped your energy levels and left you feeling lethargic or burnt out. If you resonate with this, it will be extra important to make time for rest under the Sagittarius Sun. The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23, is a good opportunity to start removing things from your to-do list and delegating tasks. Get your priorities in order by narrowing your focus and attending to only what is truly necessary. You may also want to check in with your mental health to see if your thoughts may be draining and depleting you. If you don’t already, carve out time for meditation or journaling practice, the more time you dedicate to this, the more focused, aligned, and productive you will become! As we journey into December, the Sun aligns with the Royal Star, Antares. Antares rules over the energy between our heart and mind. It helps to bring balance to these areas, guiding us to either activate and lead with our heart more or with our mind more. You will know instinctively which area needs to be balanced. You can also think of this channel between the heart and mind as a river of energy that needs to be nourished and looked after. Visualize a channel of white light moving between your heart and mind. See this channel becoming stronger, more balanced, and even throughout. This simple visualization along with some intention setting, can help you make the most of this beautiful Antares energy. For reference, the energy will be at its peak from December 2-4. Following this, we have the Gemini Full Moon which will rise high into the night sky on December 7. This Full Moon is not as heavy as the Full Moon Eclipse of last month, but it does carry some volatile, angry energy. Mars, is very active under this Full Moon, and seeing as Mars is in Retrograde, it is really going to be highlighting all of its features. With Mars highlighted under the Full Moon, we need to be careful to look before we leap and not rush ahead. We may also find ourselves feeling easily angered or irritable. Anger is a valid emotion, so don’t try to suppress it. Embrace what is trying to reveal to you, or if nothing else, allow yourself to at least feel it so it can pass. This volatile Full Moon energy may be something we feel internally but also something we see on the world stage too. There could be events or sudden information that comes through and rattles us but do your best to keep your cool and know like all things, it will pass. As a welcome relief, following this Full Moon, we have the Sun aligning with the Galactic Center, the midpoint of our Galaxy! The Galactic Center is home to expansive, abundant energy, which is beamed to Earth as our Sun moves here from December 18-20. Use this time to open yourself to receiving and to focus on what you would like to call into your life. This will be just in time for your birthday season to begin and a great opportunity to get ready for your next trip around the Sun!


Saturn has been moving through your sign since the end of 2020. Whenever Saturn comes for a visit, life can feel a little challenging. Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma, and there is no escaping our karma! Like a strict teacher, Saturn wants to make sure you have done your homework, taken responsibility for your life, and that you are moving in a direction that is truly aligned with your soul. Saturn’s lessons can be heavy, but also truly rewarding. Usually, when we are done working with whatever karmic lessons Saturn has in store for us, we reach a new level of success in our lives in some way. While it may be a bit early to tell what gifts and successes are on the horizon just yet, the good news is that Saturn is preparing to leave your sign. By March 2023, Saturn will be onto its next victim, never to return to your sign again for another 28 years! As you can see, Saturn stops by so rarely that he has to make an impression. Know that whatever has been coming up for you since the end of 2020, has been a huge opportunity to clear karmic wounds and get into stronger alignment with who you truly are. Once Saturn leaves in March, it will be easier to look back and admire the journey you have been on. The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23, brings a wave of fresh energy and may actually help you to reflect a little more fondly over the journey you have been on. This fresh energy may also help to release any feelings of stagnant energy that may be stuck in your body. If you are feeling a little weighted down and heavy, breathe in some of this New Moon energy. Feel it filling your belly and your body with a fresh perspective and fresh inspiration. This New Moon is also a wonderful time to think about what you want to focus on for the end of the year. You may need to get your priorities in order or let go of tasks that just seem too big to fulfill before the calendar year closes. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or reach out to your community if you need support. Community is very important to you as an Aquarius, so if you are in need of a stronger community, you can also make that your focus under this New Moon. Make it a point to join a group or reach out to a friend you haven’t connected with in a while. While virtual meetings still count, it really feels more important than ever to make those in-person connections too. As we move into December, we will be feeling some prickly energy from the Gemini Full Moon. Peaking on December 7, this Full Moon carries some volatile energy that may feel hard to navigate. We may find ourselves needing to put our guard up, set our boundaries, and protect ourselves. This Full Moon feels to be triggering world events too, so there could be some shocking or challenging news circling at this time. Try not to get sucked into the media cycle or doom scrolling, and instead see if you can focus on where you can be the most help. Or, if you can’t really be of any help in the situation, just focus on staying in your peace! The world can definitely use more of that energy. As we get to the end of the Season, the Sun aligns with the Galactic Center. This is believed to be the center of our Galaxy and a power point of abundant, expansive, and highly creative energy! Soak up these rays from December 18-20, by opening your heart to receive. Speaking of receiving, there is also wonderful heart energy on offer from December 2-4, when the Sun aligns with the Royal Star, Antares. You can also use this energy to activate your heart center, so you can feel more of the love that you are.


Right after Sagittarius Season begins, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and opportunity, stations direct in your sign. Jupiter has been touring through Pisces since May 2021, but it’s now getting ready to pack its bags and leave, not to return again for another 12 years. Having Jupiter in your sign of the zodiac is said to make you the lucky one! I hope you have been able to access some of this lucky energy! If not, know you have one last chance! Jupiter will remain in Pisces until December 20, 2022, so use these next few weeks to tap into this energy of abundance and expansion! Open yourself to receive the gifts of the Universe and know that you are worthy! When it comes to luck, there is a definition by Deepak Chopra that I think is quite fitting. He says that luck is simply opportunity meeting preparedness. When we are prepared and the right opportunity comes along, we become a magnet to receive that opportunity. While opportunities can be hard to come by sometimes, we can definitely focus on preparing ourselves! How can you prepare yourself for the life you want? Any action taken, especially with Jupiter in your corner, will be magnified, enhanced, and extra supported by the Universe. So make the most of this energy! If you have been doing the work, you may even find that Jupiter’s final stay in Pisces helps to bring a new opportunity or greater abundance your way. You may find your hard work finally pays off! Jupiter stations direct the same day as the Sagittarius New Moon. This is all on November 23, so this is really a supercharged day to set some intentions, meditate, and plant some seeds for the future. From December 2-4, the Sun aligns with the Royal Star, Antares, which unlocks a gateway of high-frequency energy. Antares is said to be the resting place for souls as they leave their human bodies and make the journey home. Antares is also connected to the heart, and can help us to access our emotions. As a sensitive and highly intuitive sign already, you may feel this musical Antares energy stronger than most! If you need to come to terms with some emotions, or you want to connect with more of the love that you are, this energy will be supporting you. Neptune, your ruling planet, also stations direct during this time on December 3, in your sign. Neptune is the planet of illusions, spirituality, and unconditional love. On this day, we may gain more clarity about something or feel more connected to our spiritual being. If you work in a creative field, this energy can be particularly beneficial, but it’s also good for manifestation work too. December 7 brings a volatile Full Moon in the sign of Gemini. While it won’t be as challenging as last month’s Blood Moon Eclipse, it may bring up some uncomfortable or heated situations or conflicts that need resolving. Full Moons tend to be times of release, so it’s probably safe to say that whatever comes needs to be let go of. If you are feeling heated emotions, don’t suppress them as a way of letting go, instead, allow yourself to really feel them, allow them to move through you, and then the letting go will happen more organically and naturally. Pretending they don’t exist doesn’t free you from them! As Sagittarius Season comes to a close, the Sun will align with the Galactic Center, giving us more abundant energies to work with! The Galactic Center is home to many mysteries of the Universe, so this energy can also inspire us to tackle the mysteries of our own lives or explore deeper parts of our psyche. The Galactic Center energy will be most active from December 18-20, so see what it inspires in you!

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